2015 Interview Series: Essential Oils with Heather

“A #GirlBoss is in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it”

-Sophia Amorusa

Our September interviewee Heather Santo completely emulates the above quote! Heather should be a familiar face for those of you that frequent the HHH site… she’s our resident guru on all things essential oils! But what some of you may not know is that Heather is a bonafide social media QUEEN & techie virtual assistant, providing businesses with social media services & personalized packages. On TOP of all that, Heather manages two blogs & is an Essential Oils Educator! WHEW! I’m so excited for you guys to learn more about her today! ENJOY! 

1. There’s been a ton of hype surrounding essential oils lately! For those that don’t know, how would you define essential oils?

Have you ever rubbed your fingers on fresh rosemary and had that lovely scent on your hand? If you have, you were beginning to experience essential oils! Inside the glands and cells of some plants is volatile plant material that is aromatic and very highly concentrated. When this is extracted through a distillation process, the plant material is then called an essential oil!

2. How did you get involved with essential oils? 

I was gifted my first two essential oils about 20 years ago. After I had long since used them, I didn’t know where to find more! It wasn’t as easy to just get on your computer and order back then.

While I was in different business courses and classes, I met a woman who sold them as a business! I had no idea that such a thing existed so I watched her on social media for a while and realized that not only could I love the oils and receive a discount, I could build a business from it! From there, an addict was born.

Since that time about 2 years ago, I have taken courses, bought numerous books and spent lots of time learning how to use them safely and effectively to get the most enjoyment out of them.

3. What are three different ways that you use essential oils in your daily routine?

Only 3? Hehe! In the morning, oils are my pick-me-up. I love to put uplifting ones on the shower floor and enjoy the scent as the steam hits them. They are also in my homemade bath scrubs!

While I am at my desk, I keep inhalers. They are portable and I use them to help me during the day. The inhalers are great for when I am anxious or having a mental block! They also smell amazing. You can get them in all kinds of pretty colors and add your own labels. They hold about 15 drops of oil each and last for about 3 months when used daily. When the scent wears thin, just put a new wick in the center with fresh oils and it is good as new!

Ok, I swore I would only say 3 so I’ll put these together. I love making products from my oils. I use a homemade lip balm — once you have tried a homemade one you will never buy from the store again — as well as hand sanitizer and foaming hand soap! There are always oils somewhere near me in one form or another!

4. Aside from essential oils, you’ve developed quite the social media following! You run several social media platforms, multiple businesses, and two blogs! What advice can you give for people who are looking to establish themselves in this competitive online market?

Thank you so much for the compliment! My biggest advice is to be consistent. Many people don’t establish their presence firmly because they blog on and off or they forget to post on social media over the weekend or for days. Their newsletters go stale or only come out when they are trying to sell something. Your goal as a business owner is to provide value. Do that and rest comes naturally.

5. Lastly, just for fun… What’s your favourite social media platform & why?!

Ugh! This is so tough! It would have to be Twitter with Instagram as a very close runner up. Although Twitter is fast-paced, that is one of the best parts about it.

There is also no such thing as hijacking a conversation. You can tweet in on any conversation and meet new people and it is not considered rude, it is encouraged! It is very easy to communicate and now that it is connected to Periscope, that has taken it over the top!

Want more of Heather?! Click here for her wellness blog, “Santo Fit Life” & here for her social media strategies blog, “The VA Geek”!

Thanks Heather!


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