5 Winter Skincare Tips

“I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter”


Bomb cyclones & polar vortex’s getting you down? SAMESIES! I’m the first to admit that I love me some cold winters – heck, we’re even getting married in the winter – but I think it’s safe to say that this particular winter season has been a bit of a doozy in terms of freakishly low temperatures. Like seriously freakish. THIS kind of winter possesses the very real potential to wreak unprecedented havoc on our skin of the likes we have never seen before, & lets be real… a chapped face & crusty hands, a la the Night King, is most definitely not a cute look on anyone. So lets go over some basic winter skincare practices shall we?

Five Ways to Reclaim Your Skin this Winter

Invest in a Hydrating Skin Serum 

I’ve never really been a serum gal – I’ve always sort of stuck to the “tried-and-true” nighttime beauty regiment of cleanser, toner, moisturizer BUT I’ve recently been obsessing over Sibu’s Buckthorn Hydrating Serum! Dare I say that it is even my new favourite skincare product of all time? I DARE!

I cannot emphasize enough over how incredibly light this particular serum is. It is almost as if you’re just rubbing literal air all over your face, except that it’s not actually air, it’s this incredibly mindblowing beauty product that will forever change your outlook on the ever so integral, ritualistic procedure that is nighttime skincare. This non-GMO product is infused with all sorts of fabulous vitamins, Hyaluronic acid and Sea Berry (Sea Buckthorn) which penetrates your skin to help deeply hydrate your face and neck & eliminate flaky, dry skin. Not to mention, the serum’s properties allow for better abosorption of your nighttime moisturizer. Hashtag Yay.

SO…. if you don’t already incoporate a hydrating serum into your winter, nighttime skincare routine – I highly suggest that you start doing so!

Sweat it out in the Sauna 

I mean not to brag or anything… but I am rocking a killer glow atm. It is like the number one comment I have been receiving over the past few months, & whilst many are attributing this newfound glow or “colour” to our recent engagement – as romantic & idyllic & beautiful as that sounds, it’s most definitely NOT the case. My secret weapon? SAUNAS!

I’ve been indulging in 2-3 saunas on the weekly now for the past 2 months & have been reaping the benefits in a major way! It cleanses my pores, removes dead skin, improves capillary circulation (which gives me that gorgeous glow – which is GREAT for the winter), relaxes me & has improved my sleep IMMENSELY! If your gym, condo or home comes equip with a sauna I totally urge you to give it a go… & you can TOTALLY thank me later.

Look for Hand Creams with Shea Butter 

I don’t know why… but my hands tend to get the brunt of the impact when it comes to winter’s nasty little affects on the skin. Is this a universal affliction sort of deal – like does this happen to everyone or is it just me? ANYWHO – I have been searching & searching & SEARCHING for an effective nourishing hand cream & I THINK I have found two major contenders – Weleda’s Skin Food & Kariderm Moisturizing Protective Cream , both of which contain the highly nourishing Shea Butter.

I had been complaining endlessly about my chapped hands in the Ambrosia Offices when one of our Supplement Ladies recommended I try Kariderm because its properties have the ability to trap & seal in moisture. Guys… my hands were exponentially better after just ONE application of this product & what surprised me the most was just how incredibly LIGHT & airy the texture was. It’s been about one & a half weeks & I still have yet to re-apply this particular cream. #Winning.

Weleda’s Skin Food is also equally effective – the main difference between the creams is the texture! This one is a bit thicker & tends to make my hands just a tad bit greasy however I do enjoy the benefits of this particular cream as well!

Unscented Lip Balms

Ditch the tinted & scented lip balms in the wintertime – they have a nasty little habit of drying out your lips! Instead, start using unscented, basic lip balms when the weather starts to get a little bit colder – the less the chemicals… the more likley your lips won’t fall off in ze winter. I am a major fan of Green Beaver’s Boreal Lip Balm – it was literally developed solely for the purpose of application during the harsh, cold months.

This Certified Ecocert product contains organic shea butter & Canadian grown labrador tea to help prevent redness & drying of the lips.

Hydrating Night & Day Creams 

I have this thing with night/day creams. I honestly look forward to my nightly skincare routine on the daily, & while this doesn’t say much for the quality of my social life, I mean at LEAST I have soft, supple skin to compensate for my lacking in the whole social department. I’m currently using Andalou’s Coconut Milk Youth Firm Night & Day Creams & I truly have zero complaints thus far. Having used this product for a few months now, I can officially report that there have been noticeable differences in both the texture & overall evenness of my skin tone. This cream IS a little bit lighter in comparison to other hydrating night creams  – so if you do happen to have super dry skin in the winter it MAY not quite do the trick – however I am completely over the moon in love with this particular line from Andalou. Not to mention – the ingredient list IS pretty stellar; it’s vegan, cruelty-free & Non-GMO!

Anywho – my whole point of this particular tip was that during the winter you NEED to be completely DILIGENT with application of both your hydrating day & night creams! No skipsies allowed.

What are some of your favourite winter skincare tips?!



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