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“Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away”

Frank Sinatra

Folks… I am Big Easy bound for the long weekend, & I could NOT be more excited about it! Truth be told, New Orleans has always been on my “wanderlust” radar so when on of my recently ring’ed up girlfriends suggested we go for her Bachelorette, I was MORE than on board! Now because I have this utterly relentless need to share/document almost every minute detail of every event in my life… I naturally felt it necessary to share some of my NOLA airport essentials with all of you today! Which I’m sure many of you (I hope) will find useful considering the May Long Weekend is a biggie in the travel department! 

My Travel & Airport Essentials!

1. Quality Running Shoes – YOU by Skechers

Considering the amount of time spent standing/walking whilst travelling, footware is arguably THE most integral of airport essentials! You’re going to need a pair of runners that are equal parts comfortable, breathable & stylish (#airportswag) which is why I’m more than obsessed with the new YOU by Skechers collection that literally JUST launched in Canada! Side Note: For those of you that follow me on Insta, you’ll know I had the absolute pleasure of attending this particular launch party a couple of weeks ago!

Why do I love these shoes for travel?


A. They’re light weight. When I say “light weight”, I’m talking LIGHT WEIGHT – I seriously don’t know how to emphasize this point enough, aside from obnoxiously spelling it out entirely in caps. I’m one hundred percent certain this shoe was made with the saying, “walking on Cloud 9” in mind…

B. Breathable. I think that my actual favourite part about this shoe is the fact that my feet don’t feel like they’re suffocating & gasping for air. Coming from somebody who suffers from chronic clammy limbs – TMI, I’m aware – this little perk is MAJOR for me. The soft woven mesh material is simply heaven & make my feet very, very, very happy! Not to mention, this look is super chic & very “of the moment” for sure!

C. Comfortable. I DIE for how comfortable these shoes are! The cushion insole is just… UGH… bliss! I’ve already coordinated all of my upcoming travel & excursion outfits for NOLA & Paris to match these runners, because I swear even the longest of walking tours is no match for these shoes!

2. Hydration Nation – Eska Water

I mean, I’m not too sure that I’m saying anything super groundbreaking here when I say that hydration is key during airport travel? Yes? No?

Anywho – Eska Water is definitely one of my favourite brands on the market. We carry it at Ambrosia, & I abolsutely LOVE it! Why? Honestly… I’m not too sure. To be completely honest it simply tastes like water, but has this sort of smooth, “clean” taste that I’m struggling to put into words! This particular water is sourced from a glacially formed esker in remote areas of Quebec, & is some of the cleanest, most natural water you’ll ever taste (HA! Just put it into words...)! Not to mention, Eska uses BPA-free packaging & sustainable manufacturing methods whenever possible.

Sounds like it costs at minimum one thousand dollars per bottle, right? WRONG! Eska is actually one of the more inexpensive bottles lining the shelves!

3. Ener-C

Okay so this little tidbit goes hand in hand with the hydration situation. Staying nourished & energized is also another super groundbreaking fact that, thankfully, I am here to bestowe upon all of you today ;). *** I’m hoping you can all hear the sarcasm oozing off of my lips ***.

One of my newer product obsessions is Ener-C; an effervescent multivitamin drink that is designed as a caffeine-free, low sugar replacement for sport drinks & energy drinks! I’m a major fan of the raspberry or pineapple & coconut varities! I simply add it to my little Eska water pre-flight & I’m good to go!

4. Comfortable, Stylish Clothing

A good majority of the time, I arrive at the airport looking like I’ve just barely survived a four day stint in the depths of the Amazon Jungle… odours & all (I seriously can’t with these 4am flights). However, because I’m travelling with a group of girlfriends, I felt it necessary to pull myself together a bit in the name of both civilization & good manners.

I therefore wanted something that was comfortable & cozy, yet still felt chic & put together! Insert: this Floral Shawl (pictured) from Winners!!!! They have a really, really great variety currently so if you’re looking for something along these lines I suggest you go ASAP because their stuff goes quickly! Pair this with a pair of leggings, black tee & YOU runners & you’ve got yourself one fabulous airport outfit!

5. Moisturizer 

Airplane conditions are not typically an ideal environment for your skin, & they’re quite notorious for leaving you feeling a little bit dry & flaky! So on TOP of keeping hydrated to help keep your skin nice & glowy, you’re going to want a good quality moisturizer as well!

I personally love using Andlaou Naturals Coconut Quenching Line on my face & Pacifica’s hand cream on my hands (obvs) prior to take off! The Indian Coconut Nectar hand cream in particular has a really lovely scent! This 100% vegan line is super lightweight, applies very easily & absorbs almost immediately! Plus, it’s free from all that conventional junk like parabens, SLS & phthalates!

OH EM GEE! This was a long one! I am le tired… If you stuck around ’til the end – MERCI! Let me know if you try any of these tips out! Happy Long Weekend!



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