Canada Day Cottage Essentials

“If a Canadian falls in the forest & no one is around… does he/she still apologize?”


Ps. The answer is undoubtedly always yes. HAI there my fellow crazy Canucks! What are your plans to celebrate the big “150” this weekend? I personally plan on commemorating this special occasion by planting my pretty little keister in a Muskoka Chair lakeside, with a ceasar in one hand & a…. oh heck, who am I kidding – with a ceasar in the other one too… because obviously. Well, considering lakeside Northern escapes are kind of our jam here in the Great White North, I felt it apt to share a few of my favourite beach/dock/pool essentials – however I’ve tailored them slightly to accommodate Canada Day celebrations!!!! Enjoy, & have a happy Canada Day!!!! 

Cottage Canada Day Essentials

1. Red Bathing Suit – You’re obviously going to want to rock a little red this Canada Day! I am living for one pieces right now (honestly, never in a million years thought I would utter those words) & this red number from La Vie en Rose could NOT be a more perfect addition to a Canada Day, lake or pool-side wardrobe! Sadly the bathing suit pictured is no longer available, however I found a few seriously cute, comparable ones HERE, HERE & HERE!

2. Ginger Beer – Considering Moscow Mules are positively blowing up my Insta feed this year (ps. I’m also VERY guilty of this), I think it’s safe to assume this will likely be the drink of choice for many of you come Canada Day Long Weekend! I therefore thought I’d share a more natural ginger beer alternative for you to add to your cocktail concoction repertoire! Bottoms Up from The Ginger People is a GMO free ginger beer that doesn’t bother with any blending or filtering – they only use simple, REAL ingredients!! Oh & PS. They can be found at Ambrosia!

3. Mineral Fusion Beach Spray – One of my biggest pet peeves when I’m lounging lakeside happens to be messy, wet hair – kind of ironic I’m aware –  so I always have some form of hair spray at the ready to help combat tangles. I’m currently obsessing over Mineral Fusion’s Natural Beach Spray – I love the loose, disheveled (yet put together) look this spray gives my hair! Plus the scent is pretty fantabulous to boot!

4. Nautical Bracelet – I’m a bonafide accessories junkie, & am particularly obsessed with this elegant nautical bracelet from Leo Mazzotti! It practically has Canada Day at the lake or beach written all over it! The Milano knot bracelet oozes class, yet totally works with a more casual beach look!

5. Mineral Fusion Nail Polish – Pull the whole Canada Day look together with a bit of red nail polish! This may sound incredibly superficial, but my outfit never truly feels complete unless I’m sporting freshly polished nails! Honestly my skin crawls if they’re not done, it’s actually quite pathetic. This vibrant, red colour – called Crimson Clay –  from the natural beauty brand Mineral Fusion couldn’t be more Canada Day appropriate!

6. Kiss My Face Sunscreen – When it comes to sunscreen, I’m more of a “spray” over “cream” kinda gal, & the Kiss My Face 30SPF Spray totally fits the bill. Side Note: I mean, honestly the way our weather’s going this summer, you’ll likely be reaching for the umbrella over the sunscreen, but whatever, “positive sun vibes” & all that jazz I suppose. REGARDLESS, this broad-spectrum, natural sunscreen is one of my favs! Not to mention, it keeps fillers & additives at a total minimal. Check please!

What are some of your Canada Day essentials?!



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