Christmas Decorations From Amazon

“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, but if it runs out I’ll drink the red”


It’s the most controversial time of the year! It’s 2019 & the interweb is laced with Christmas controversies. Peace on Earth my ***. Carols, Rudolph, Starbuck’s holiday cups… you name it, someone’s likely taken issue with it. The latest digital debacle? Christmas decorating timelines. I mean, I’ve seen wars RAGED & friendships tested over this very topic. My two cents? Life is too short to get all grinchy over scrutinizing the amount of days it’s deemed socially acceptable to have a Christmas tree up in your freakin’ living room. So stop seething at your over zealous neighbor who’s hopped up on candy canes whilst stringing lights mid-November, & DON’T get all judgey on your minimalist friend who’s topping her tree on Christmas Eve. Capiche?

Okay so now that my incredibly long-winded intro is behind us, it’s time to get to the meat & potatoes of today’s blog: Christmas Décor from Amazon. Lolz – sorry, were you expecting something a tad deeper & less superficial based on how we got here? No tackling of Christmas injustices today, folks… just Santa figurines & garland a plenty. Happy Shopping!

My Favourite Christmas Decorations From Amazon

So I definitely lean more toward a rustic/alpine, traditional Christmas vibe & my Amazon storefront reflects that for sure. From the burlap to the buffalo plaid to the lodge-inspired ornaments, everything on this list is SUPER cozy. I swear our condo in the city feels like a rustic log cabin when it’s decked out for the season & it gives me ALL of the warm, holiday fuzzies. I’m particularly drawn to the Santa Mailboxes & Santa Sacks – my mom puts our gifts in these… Even though my brother & I are both full-grown adults LOL.

Other notable favourites from my Amazon list? Santa figurines! 30 years ago, my mom started collecting Santa figurines every Christmas & it’s become one of my absolute favourite traditions! So much so, that I’ve now started collecting them myself… I’ve even added a couple that I like to my storefront below!

Quick Condo Tip: If you live in a condo & are lacking on square footage, Christmas pillow covers & wreaths are going to be your very best friend! They don’t take away from space but make a BIG impact. I wrote a blog on tips for decorating a small condo for Thanksgiving, & a lot of the tips & tricks apply to the Christmas season! Give it a read if you’re living in a condo & are desperately craving Christmas cheer!


How We Decorate For Christmas

Below is how we typically decorate for the holidays! We unfortunately will NOT be decorating the condo for Christmas this year which is totally & utterly devastating, however it is for a VERY exciting reason… another day, another blog. I’ve put out the Christmas pillows, wreath & one Santa figurine so I don’t have a complete breakdown & I’ll just have to tide my eyeballs over with these photos in the meantime.

What are some of your go-to Christmas décor items?!



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