Drive-In Essentials

“Cinema is entertainment, & people go to the movies because they want to feel good & forget about everything”

Vincent Cassel

My boyfriend & I try to get to the drive-in at LEAST two times each summer! It’s one of our absolute favourite things to do this season [aside from heading up North every possible chance we can get!!!!], & if you’ve never experienced the magic that is a drive-in… I seriously suggest that you give it a go! I’m obsessed with watching movies under the stars, I’m obsessed with the glorious scent of the vintage concession stand, & I’m obsessed with the 1960’s commercials of animated hot-dogs & bags of popcorn dancing frivolously about the screen; signifying the end of intermission! I’M OBSESSED WITH IT ALL. So in honour of “nostalgia month” here on HHH, I’m listing off my go-to, drive-in essentials!

My Favourite Drive-In Essentials


1. Kettle Chips or Stacked Veggie Chips

Stacked Veggie Chips? Sounds questionable at best. However, I just tried Stacked Veggie Chips for the first time yesterday & if you’re a fan of Pringles you will absolutely LOVE this all-natural counterpart. Dare I say that they actually taste better?! [GASP] Veggie Chips are gluten-free, cholesterol free, Non-GMO & contain no artificial flavours or preservatives! Snaps all around! Try the sour cream n’ onion flavour… it’s delicious!

Kettle Chips are another one of my favourites! Particularly the Maple Bacon flavour! This Non-GMO, all-natural brand is going to be a guaranteed crowd favourite wherever you bring ’em! I promise you! Ps. These little guys are ALSO gluten-free!

2. Zevia Pop or Frutsa Fruit Juices

This all-natural, stevia sweetened soda is a great alternative to conventional pops!! You’ll totally get your soda pop, movie theater fix with some of their amaaaaaaaazing flavours – I’m a total fan of the black cherry and gingerale varieties! Ps. You’ll also find no aspartame in this zero calorie beverage, my friends!!!

If you’re not a sody-pop fan, try out Frutsa! I love the mango carrot or hibicus & ginger flavours!

3. Hotel Gift Throw – Linen Chest

Most. Comfortable. Throw. EVER! This plush, cozy throw from Linen Chest is so key for drive-ins! Once the sun sets & the temperatures drop, you’re going to want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket & cuddle up! This one will more than do the trick. You can find this particular throw HERE.

 4. Lawn Chairs

Also a key drive-in movie staple. Sometimes it gets a little stuffy in the car, so it’s nice to bring a few lawn chairs along to set up camp in front of the trunk! This is a particularly great idea if you’re going with a larger group of people & taking multiple cars!! This way, everyone can socialize amongst each other & not feel so isolated.

5. Buddha Bowl Popcorn

Because seriously what’s a movie, without the popcorn?! If you’re going to try out this organic, vegan popcorn brand.. please get the classic cheddah flavour!! Made with organic coconut oil, pink himalayan salt & organic popcorn, this one is definitely a crowd pleaser!

6. Outdoor Spray

We live in Canada. You’ll need to invest in a little outdoor spray if you want to combat all that the elements have to offer. Ecoshield all-natural wilderness relief is made with 100% natural ingredients, including blended oils! Plus it has this wonderful woodsy scent!

7. Pillows

I literally sometimes like to sprawl myself out in the trunk of the car whilst watching any given flick! Be sure to bring a few spare pillows with you!! It will be bliss.

8. Natural hand sanitizers

So drive-in movie theatres are often quite “vintage”, particularity the bathrooms. AKA you may want to bring a little hand sanitzer along with you. My two favourite non-toxic hand sanitizers are:

Dr. Dronner’s Natural Hand Sanitizer in scented Lavender: Made using Non-GMO ingredients (including a blend of flower & essential oils) & it’s cruelty free!

– Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray: This Non-GMO, all natural spray is also made with blended oils! The peppermint & citrus variety is my favourite scent!

What are some of your favourite drive-in essentials?!


Ps. Please enjoy these two uber cute pictures of my boyfriend & I at the drive-in…

photo 1 (58)

photo 2 (59)


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