Ease Your Sunburn Naturally

“Gohan… is that sunburn or are you blushing?!”

– Akira Toriyama

This past weekend in Toronto was GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning… I couldn’t help but hum “Beautiful Day” by U2 wherever I frolicked (annoying for both my boyfriend & myself… one because I can’t carry a tune but ALSO because I have a strong dislike for U2… sorry fans!!!). Anyways… I couldn’t help but notice a few red faces speckled across the city on Monday – I feel like we all get so excited about the first “real” sunny weekend in what seems like a decade of winter, that everyone forgets how to properly apply sunscreen! SO, here’s how I try to ease my sunburn! 

Natural Alternatives: 

Before we get into the whole “soothe your skin” chit chat, it’s extremely important to first talk a little bit about prevention AKA; hopefully you won’t ever need to use these tips in the first place! Although the sun provides ample health benefits (vitamin D… duh), like anything else… too much is not so good. Be sure to protect your skin! Please click here for my past experiences with “Sun Safety”!

1. Organic Aloe Vera Gel 

I hate to state the obvious, but it’s true… Aloe Vera gel does wonders for a sunburn! When shopping for Aloe Vera Gel, make sure that you’re being aware of the ingredient list! Try to stay as natural as possible!  As I’ve mentioned time & time again, reading ingredient lists can be tiring & exhausting. Want something to make this easier? There’s a cosmetics database called “Skin Deep” that’s designed to provide the public with an online safety profile for personal care products & cosmetics! So when you’re searching for Aloe Vera Gel, enter the product name into the database, & it will provide you with a rank from 0-10 (low hazard to high hazard). Easy Peasy! Click here to access the database!

2. Lavender Essential Oils

Confession: I’ve recently become a bit of an essential oils junkieso when I had this post in mind I knew that I wanted to include one of these fabulous, aromatic Godsends. Because I’m a bit of a “newbie”, I enlisted the help of Essential Oils Educator, Heather Santo, who informed me that Lavender would be a good option to help soothe your sunburn! How can you apply Lavender Essential Oils? Click here for a quick DIY using Lavender & Aloe Vera Gel! If you don’t have Aloe Vera on hand, Heather said that you can  still use Lavender, but “dilute it with a carrier oil before applying to the skin. A carrier like coconut oil, avocado oil etc will work well“.  Hint: she also said that olive oil will work just as well too!

3. Coconut Oil  

A friend introduced me to the amazingness of all things coconut oil a few years back at the cottage! When I asked why on EARTH she was dousing her body in cooking oils, she explained that back home in St Lucia, coconut oil commonly doubles as both sunscreen & a sunburn remedy! I totally looked into it & turns out it’s TRUE! In a few tropical countries, coconut oil is used as sunscreen – However don’t try this at home folks, it’s SPF value probably sits at around a 5… maybe less… AKA NOT safe to use as everyday sun protection –. When using coconut oil to soothe sunburns, simply rub it onto your skin the day after a sunburn – if you apply the day of, the oil may trap heat & prevent further healing.

4. Keep Hydrated 

Keeping hydrated is essential not only to your skin but to your overall health in general. If you do happen to get a sunburn, be sure to stay hydrated!

5. Eating a Balanced Diet, Including Foods with Antioxidants & Natural SPF

Last year, Holistic Nutritionist Connie Linton did a post on Foods with Natural SPF, which you can find here! This one doesn’t ease a sunburn, but by incorporating some of these foods into your diet you can help boost overall health & well-being!


How do YOU ease a sunburn… & more importantly how do you prevent one?!



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