Elevated Santa’s Milk & Cookies

“Dear Santa: This year please give me a fat bank account & a slim body. And please don’t mix those two up like you did last year”

Famous Quotes Ever

First & foremost… UGH… I had all of these really wonderful intentions to bestow a plethora of really fun, & fantastical Christmas-themed posts upon all of you this year! However I have recently come to the conclusion that as a “grown-up” Christmas is actually quite stressful, & Andy Williams totally lied when he declared this to be the most “Wonderful Time of the Year” because NEWSFLASH friends… I have never been more swamped, like EVER! Please tell me that I’m not alone on this one! SO in an effort to embrace the craziness that is the holiday season, yet simultaneously recapture some of that whimsical Christmas magic I’m so desperately craving, I’m revamping a Holiday Classic utilizing pre-made, “ready to go” ingredients… zero stress + yummy foods = Christmas Party Hack amazingness! So without further adieu, I give you an elevated version of Santa’s Milk & Cookies! 

Adult’s Only: Santa’s Milk & Cookies 101

I’ve recently learned that in some instances, you simply cannot do it all, & that attempting to juggle about a ga-jillion things all at once is SO not okay. Balancing work, buying presents for friends & family, attending Christmas gatherings & preparing the Christmas dinner is just absolutely beyond. Like, I’m nearly positive that my left eyeball has been consistently twitching for the entire month of December solely because this holiday stress has been driving me absolutely mad. Sound familiar?

Well, take it EASY!!!

It’s okay to NOT cook an entire Christmas dinner from absolute scratch, while simultaneously curating an Architectural Digest-worthy Christmas tablescape.. I mean we’re not all “Martha’s” here! So pick up the pre-made, boxed recipes, or ready-to-go meals & give yourself a much needed break! It IS the holidays after all; RELAX!

This elevated Santa’s Milk & Cookies recipe is perfect for dessert over Christmas & consists of SUPER easy ingredients like already made So Delicious Vegan Eggnog & packaged chocolate chip cookie mix by Organics! Simply add in a few things here & there to give it some flare & you’re good to go… sans the stress!


For the Nog, AKA “Milk”

  • One carton of So Delicious Holiday Nog – Soy, Gluten & GMO-Free… but still FULL of all that holiday eggnog flavour we’ve all come to know & love! Not to mention, this ‘nog variety is astronomically better for you in terms of fat, sugar and calorie content!
  • Crushed Natural Candy Cane – I used TruJoy certified organic candy canes which are corn syrup free, & contain no artificial flavours or colours (plus they’re vegan & gluten-free)!!!
  • Clear Glasses – Go to the Dollarstore!!!! They have a HUGE selection for practically zero dollars… I am such a Dollarstore groupie! These beauitful glasses are actually purchased from the Dollarstore & they’re so very chic & perfect for the holidays!

For the Cookies

  • One box of prepackaged chocolate chip cookie mix – for this specific recipe, I used Organics cookie mix! There’s a HUGE variety of gluten-free or vegan cookie mixes at health food stores so go with whatever variety works best, & is easier for you!
  • Two crushed natural candy canes


For the Nog, AKA “Milk”

  1. Rim your glass with the crushed natural candy canes (you can use maple syrup along the rim to help it stick!)
  2. Pour the ‘nog into the glasses
  3. Garnish with cinnamon sticks (optional)

For the Cookies

  1. Simply follow the directions on your box, and add in the crushed candy canes for a festive twist!
  2. Place a glass of eggnog along with two cookies at each place sitting for dessert during Christmas dinner & you’re good to go! SO super simple, yet whimsical & SO totally easy! Your guests will be so impressed, & they’ll never guess that it came from a box… fake it ’til ya make it folks!




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