Festive Fall Water Infusions

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall”

Oscar Wilde

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a cooking event for LARABARS with Ambrosia & they served the most amazing cinnamon & apple infused water! Like it was beyond, & totally inspired me to try out a few different fall flavoured variations of this quintessential summer refresher!

Twelve Festive Fall Water Infusions

Water infusions are a GREAT (& tasty) way to stay hydrated… I always feel like miss fancy pants when I’m sippin’ on a little infused goodness on a lazy Sunday afternoon – I think it’s because it reminds me of the spa! PLUS – a few of the spices used below are GREAT for boosting immunity during good ol’ cold & flu season.

For each of the recipes, be sure to steep the flavours over night in the fridge for the MAX amount of flavour! ENJOY!

1. Apple & Cinnamon

2. Lime & Cranberries

3. Orange, Pear & Cranberry

4. Oranges & Cloves

5. Pear, Ginger & Cinnamon

6. Apple & Rosemary

7. Pomegranate & Lime 

8. Rosemary & Orange

9. Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon

10. Thyme & Blackberries

11. Pomegranate, cranberries & Lime

12. Rosemary & Lemon

Will you be trying any of these out?!



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