Flannel and Fizz: My Bachelorette Party!

I am obviously quite bias, but my bridal party hosted literally THE best Bachelorette in the history of all Bachelorette Parties to have ever existed. They truly catered to ALL of my homebody, winter obsessed eccentricities & I really could not have been more pleased about it. Flannel PJ’s, comfort food, crackling fires, massages, snowshoeing, movies… these girls were very much in tune with the essence of “Brit Linton” – a glam monster couch potato. I’m also SO very grateful for my friend & her family who graciosuly opened up their chalet in beautiful, picturesque Collingwood for all of us! Between it all, I DID manage to snap a few photos of the weekend & I hope that they help capture how INCREDIBLE this weekend truly was… enjoy!

Day One

So in case it wasn’t abundantly apparent… the theme was flannel/plaid! This fabulous itinerary greeted us upon arrival… along with a delicious welcome cocktail made by my cousin Brigette!

Goodie Bags!! These were FILLED with all sorts of fun Bachelorette essentials from scrunchies to flannel PJs (OBSESSED) to alcohol, glow-up rings, coffee mugs & so much more! Essentially anything & everything you could ever want or need for a Bachelorette party.

I am particularly obsessed with these ADORABLE handmade socks by Think Chic! She oh so generously provided these for goodie bags & they were SUCH A HIT! I went with “Cold Feet” for all of the ladies because, One: it’s a winter bachelorette party & Two: because of “cold feet” pre-wedding jitters… I thought I was being pretty clever!

She ALSO went above & beyond & created “Bride” socks for me & “Groom” socks for Andrei. You need to take a peek at her Instagram Account – it is adorable!


My cousin HAND MADE this Bachelortte Jeopardy game… she is brilliant & also has a four month old infant – I truly don’t understand how she is such a Super Woman. I could barely muster up enough strength to write this blog for all of you.

We played this on the very first night & it was SO much fun & filled with all sorts of nonsensicle, cheesy Bachelorette goodness. If you are hosting a Bachelorette in the near future I highly suggest you google Bachelorette Jeopardy & play this game. SO MUCH FUN.

Bailys & Hot Chocolate… the perfect addition to any winter bachelorette party.

Ps. this hot cocoa bar included homemade bourbon salted caramel… made by the same cousin who has the same four month old infant. Super Woman I tell ya.

Not pictured: the DELICIOUS prime rib, creamy horseradish, mashed potato & yorkshire pudding dinner that the girls had catered for night one. This is literally my favourite meal on the ENTIRE planet – I always say that it would be my “last meal” on death row – so it melted my heart that they thought to include it!

I have been eating leftovers ever since Friday evening. Probably not safe to be eating at this point but I truly don’t care, & it still tastes fine to me.

Day Two

Day two started off with eggs benny (my all-time favourite breakfast) before a day at Scandinave Spa! A morning of massages, steam baths, saunas & hot baths was absolutely what the doctor ordered after a night of Bachelorette debauchery.

We took a little apres spa stroll through Blue Mountain Village to grab coffees before heading back to the chalet!

YUM! Charcuterie amazingness! Everyone was completely zonked after getting their massages so we chilled in front of the fire, ate ALL of the charcuterie, drank mimosas & watched My Best Friends Wedding. Name a better afternoon… I’ll wait.

We finally managed to get out of our flannels & act like functioning human beings for dinner at Azzurra that night! If you ever happen to find yourself in Collingwood I would highly recommend checking this place out. The sweet potato gnocchi with smoked bacon, crispy sage, apple, maple syrup & shaved parmesean is what DREAMS are made of! Also – their crispy brussel sprouts are out of this world & they have some AMAZING cocktails.

At some point during dinner I got a bit delusional & momentarily debated heading out to a bar because it’s my bachelorette party so I thought I should give the whole “night out” thing a go. Then I swiftly came to my senses & remembered that bars & nightclubs are two things that I despise with every ounce of my soul so we headed back to the chalet, threw on our flannels & proceeded to drink wine, chat & play games.

Day Three

Snowshoing through vineyards sounds like a really lovely & magical idea… until you’re hit with literally the COLDEST day of the entire season. At -46 we gave our snowshoe vineyard tour a valliant effort, but after 10 minutes we decided that frost bite was just not worth the pretty Instagram Photos.

I would LOVE to go on this tour one day because I think that it would be SO much fun. I just don’t want my body to shut down & die in the process.

We look SO miserable. LOL.

I told everyone to pretend like they were having fun.

After snowshoing, this tasting room was like a welcome oasis in a snowy, barren tundra. As soon as we arrived they gave us hot cider (which was magical) & several wines paired with several meats & cheeses.

Our last stop on the snowshoe & wine tasting tour was the Thornbury Village Cider House! They have VERY generous samples & some really awesome & unique flavours! My favourite? Chocolate Orange Cider. Surprisingly SO good!


Well… that’s all from my Bachelorette Party! I will think of it fondly ALWAYS! It was absolutely the best weekend EVER & I couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies to spend it with!



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  1. Norma Linton January 24, 2019 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    I can’t believe that weekend was not professionally arranged. What creative friends you have Britt, they are sure KEEPER’S.
    Looking forward to March 2nd.
    Love ya!!!! Grandma xxx0000

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