Four Rose Scented Natural Beauty Products

“Roses are red, violets are blue, wine is cheaper than dinner for two”


Roses are without a doubt a universally beloved scent. There is just something so classic & timeless, yet alluring, about roses that makes me want to literally smother them all over my entire body at all times. Like if I could fully immerse myself in rose-infused bath water, I would probably be more inclined to cleanse myself on more of a regular basis. A sentiment I can only assume Andrei would be very much on board with as well. NOW considering that Valentine’s Day is little more than one week away, I thought that I would share a few of my favourite, natural rose scented products with all of you today! Because who doesn’t want to smell like roses on Valentine’s Day?! Spoiler Alert: The answer is nobody. 

Four Natural Rose Scented Beauty Products

1000 Roses Collection – Andalou 

If you are to invest in any one thing from this particular Blog Post…it would HAVE to be the 1000 Roses Collection from Andalou. Like the WHOLE FREAKIN’ COLLECTION! I love literally every single product from Andalou’s 1000 Roses Skincare Line – it smells like an absolute DREAM (not overpowering – just the right amount) & does absolute wonders for the skin! Even the MAKEUP remover from this line is pure bliss. Not to mention, it’s Cruelty-Free & GMO-Free!

Special mention goes out to the Toner of this line! It leaves your skin feeling smooth, refreshed & happy!

Wild Rose Body Oil – Weleda 

Image via: Weleda

Rose scented massage oil for Valentine’s Day anyone? I mean I don’t think I can think of anything more cliche & I LOVE it. There are absolutely zero synthetic fragrances in this product & it leaves your skin feeling all moisturized & silky… plus the apres application glow is unreal.

Persian Rose Perfume – Pacifica 

Image Via: Pacifica

Okay so I obviously had to include a perfume on the list! Because everyone needs a little spritzeroo before date night – & if you can find one that is more on the natural side of things then all the better! Insert: Persian Rose Perfume by Pacifica! I found that this particular rose scented perfume had a few notes of citrus going on which I just kind of LOVED – it was the perfect combination of the two scents! Tip: the spray doesn’t hold on as long as the roll-ons… invest in the roll-ons if you purchase this perfume!!! Also, Side Note: Perfume Enthusiasts & Connoisseurs of the like… did I use the word “note” properly? I always see that word pop-up when people describe perfumes so I thought I’d YOLO a bit & go for it.

Rose Absolute Essential Oil – NOW Brands

Image Via: NOW Brands

The options for romantic Valentine’s Day Beauty Recipes using Rose Essential Oils are practically endless! Aromatic room sprays, perfumes, body scrubs, & homemade massage oils are all just a FEW DIY ideas that you can try taking on over the new week or so to prep for Valentine’s Day! Now’s Absolute Essential Oil is 100% Pure & Natural & is certified Non-GMO… Not to mention – the scent is perfection!

Do you have any favourite natural rose scented comments?! Let me know in the comments below!



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