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“Living on Earth is expensive. But it does provide a free trip around the sun”

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Greetings my fellow Earthlings & Happy Earth Day to you all! For the past few days now I’ve totally been racking my brain in a somewhat desperate attempt to drum up SOME form of content worthy of commemorating the place that we all get to call home… AKA EARTH AKA Kind of a big deal. Now while I could have mindlessly listed off various, pretty “nature places” in & around the GTA for all of you to frolic & – let’s be real – take millions of Insta-worthy photos, I thought that it would be much more conducive to the literal survival of our entire species to share a few ways we can go green every day of the year! Because snaps for mankind. Enjoy lovelies! 

5 Ways to Go Green This 2017

Green Your Beauty Routine

EEEP this is by far my most favourite tip of the bunch! A couple of years ago, I slowly began making the transition into natural & non-toxic cosmetics & I can honestly say that I have never looked back since! It is seriously life changing; my eyes used to become extremely irritated & raw whenever I would apply more conventional brands (specifically mascaras) & making the swap to Eco-conscious alternatives has literally abolished all of these issues. Below are a couple of my favourite brands:

  • Mineral Fusion Special shout out to their liquid foundation & concealer – to say that I’m obsessed would be an understatement. I feel like it’s really, really REALLY hard to find foundation with great coverage when it comes to natural cosmetics, but this brand makes my face look flawless (I’m fully aware that this is bragging, but seriously it makes me look Photoshopped in the best way possible). Eco-perks? They get the Envionmental Working Group seal of approval for sustainable & Earth healthy manufacturing practices.
  • Saint Cosmetics – I live for their lipsticks, I really truly do. Their pigments are out of this world gorgeous & rich with all kinds of vibrancy; I will never stray from Cardinal Sin Red, it’s seriously almost become somewhat of a “Brit Staple”. Not to mention, their products are plantbased, never tested on animals & are most importantly… made in Canada!
  • Pacifica – My favourite “go-to” in terms of natural perfume! If you’re a floral scent kinda gal, my recommendation would be the French Lilac variety, it’s simply lovely & super feminine – also GREAT for spring! I feel like I’m eternally surrounded by a plethora of lilacs in full bloom, & it is just literal bliss. Bottom line: I lurve this Earth conscious, sustainable brand!
  • Andalou – This is my body lotion, body butter, facial cleanser/toner/day & night creams line. I rotate between being utterly obsessed with the 1000 Roses Collection & their new Coconut Quenching line – both are equally amazing, but I primarily use the Roses for my toner & body lotions, & the Coconut Quenching line for my day & night creams. I don’t think I have ever touched my face more, it is so ridiculously smooth.

Clean Green

Okay so this arena is a little bit more new for me, so you’re going to have to bear with me! Having newly moved into the new condo, I desperately wanted to find cleaning supplies that were a little more on the natural & “green” side of things, but I had absolutely ZERO idea where to start! Luckily, we’re having a sale over at Ambrosia on Attitude’s natural cleaners & I therefore decided to YOLO & purchase nearly every single variety of cleaner available (from surface to bathroom to shower to glass) & am now officially stocked up for life. Thank GOODNESS for me that I’m actually really loving this brand! The Citrus Zest Shower Cleaner is my favourite thus far, but to be honest they’re all winners. There’s a bit of a misconception out there that natural cleaning products “just don’t do the trick” when it comes down to the nitty gritty, but I recently had a housewarming party & am extremely proud to report that each one of my guests could not stop commenting on the cleanliness factor of my home! Yay me!

What I love even more about this brand is their commitment to renewable energy & sustainable manufacturing. This brand has even partnered up with Earth Day to offset greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees.

Choose Organic When Possible

Look, I get it… organic produce is expensive. But there are definitely ways to help work it into your budget; ie. monthly grocery sales, purchasing in season, looking into apps like Flip etc. Why go organic? Purchasing organic almost always ensures that the farming practices utilized are sustainable, Earth conscious & environmentally sound. Not to mention, the soil is more nutrient dense & therefore the produce becomes richer in trace minerals, vitamins & antioxidants. Healthy for the environment & healthy for our bodies = win, win!

PS. Want to make the switch, but it’s just not in your budget? Head to the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list of the 12 most contaminated produce; try just purchasing these in organic as a starting base!!

Eco-Fashion Accessories


This is another arena that I’m just sort of delving into, but I’m super excited about it! To be quite frank, it’s a bit tricky to find environmentally sound brands that are trendy & wearable but if you do a bit of digging & attend enough markets & festivals on a trend hunting mission…. it totally can be done! I’m currently coveting Chic Made Consciously which is a sustainable & fair trade Eco-Fashion Accessories line; you may have seen a string choker sprinkled throughout my Insta Feed – it’s from Chic Made Consciously! All of their accessories are made entirely from recycled materials, ie friggin TIRES, which I think is just the coolest thing ever! The specific choker that I’m wearing is actually on sale, you can find it here! 

Introduce More Plantbased Foods into Your Diet

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always been a meat & potatoes kinda gal through & through, I mean it’s practically been bred into my DNA. HOWEVER, having gone to school for both health & nutrition I’ve actually turned the tide, & am slowly transitioning my diet into eating more & more plant based foods… both for my body & the health of the environment. The fact is that animal products produce a much larger carbon footprint than produce & crops… so scaling down on our animal proteins (whether this be reducing by one day a week to one meal a day) can be quite impactful in a positive way! I’m currently trying to cut back on my meat products by cutting them out of one meal each day!

What positive changes are you making this Earth Day?!



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