Happily N’ever After – Halloween Party

“Into the forest dark & deep, I offer you eternal sleep”


Happy Halloween!!! This is always the most bittersweet time of the year para moi because I am literally SO freakin’ excited that it is Halloween, yet it also means that I have to wait a whole 365 days ’til the next Halloween! Le sigh. Anywho – I am going to try my very best to be super “present” & bask in all of the guts, ghasts & gore whilst it’s still both socially & morally acceptable to do so!! NOW if you follow me on social, you’ll know that I just hosted my third annual Hallo-weekend up in Haliburton! This year’s theme? Happily N’ever After; Fairytales Gone Wrong! Friends – it was fan-freakin-tastic! Like I think that this might just be my very favourite of Hallo-weekends thus far, & I am sharing all of the details on ze blog today. So…. ENJOY!!! 

Third Annual Hallo-weekend Party – Happily N’ever After

If you can believe it, I have literally been planning this party since before Halloween 2016… I’m sure you can only just imagine the torment my poor boyfriend endures & I think that it’s a true testament to our love that he is able to withstand countless nights fuelled by visions of paper mache severed heads & floating candles crafted out of used paper towel rolls – Pinterest FTW! I’m oh, so thankful that I have found a man that can humour & accept these sadistic little quirks of mine.

*** Did I just semi write our wedding vows? ***

The point being… I put my “blood, sweat & tears” into this annual party/baby of mine & I literally just get the MOST joy out of putting it all together & seeing a vision that I have been thinking about for over 365 days come to fruition! So without further ado, below is every little detail that went into curating my Happily N’ever After soiree!

Magic Mirror Front Entrance

I always have three or four designated, high-traffic areas that I like to decorate at the cottage for my Halloween Party! Trying to take on a whole house is just simply unrealistic – you’d have to spend a small fortune for an entire house to be fully decorated & to theme, & oftentimes when people attempt this I find that it just looks haphazard & totally incomplete. I typically choose  to decorate the front entrance, dining room table, the family room coffee table & a serving bar in our screened in porch – & REALLY load on some quality decorations in those specific places!

I thought I’d start off by going over the front entrance because well, DUH! It’s the first thing people see!

Now of COURSE I had to pay hommage to The Evil Queen in Snow White & what better way to do so than by incorporating the magic mirror? I was OBSESSESD with how this little vignette came togther & it was so incredibly easy to recreate! We already had a ton of the pieces seen in this particular display – ie. mirror, candles, lanterns, skulls, spiders etc –  in fact, I actually do not think I recently purchased one single item for this scene! I covered the wooden cabinets with grey linens, topped it with our vintage mirror (covered in cobwebs) from the condo as well as TONS of candles, a rat, spider, skull & a DIY wine bottle with a candle topper! I added the candelobra & lanterns to the bottom & side to create a bit more depth & dimension to the vignette & finished it all off by writing “Mirror, Mirror” in red lipstick &…. VOILA!!! Easy peasy!

The Table 

Omg… I LOOOOOOOVED how the table turned OUT this year! It is seriously my favourite table setting that I think I have ever done EVER!!! I wanted to pull in a few different fairytales here, & I think that I was able to successfully pull off a really cohesive look despite there being multiple different fables highlighted! I seriously cannot get enough of this look – I couldn’t even bring myself to take this setting apart until two days after the party! Quiet frankly it still pains me to think this setting is no longer on display!

I wanted a base that felt a bit more medievil because a lot of the fairytales were written about those specific times! I went with black linens, a red velvet table runner that I purchased from Fabricland for $8 & these gorgeous gold chargers that I got from… drum roll pleaseDollartree for $1 EACH!!!!! I seriously almost bought one thousand of them, & they will most definitely be utilized in Hallo-weekend parties for YEARS upon years to come!

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the entirety of 2017, I’m sure that you’ve now seen the live-action variation of Beauty & the Beast – I remember watching it in theatres & almost immediately knowing that I wanted that infamous rose to be the centrepiece of my table this year! I bought this single rose from a garden store for $1 & it fit PERFECTLY into a glass vase that Andrei’s mom already had… THANKS LUCIA!!! The ravens on either side of the rose are a nod to Maleficent’s pet raven, Diablo (I think $2 each from the Dollarstore) & those STUNNING candle holders which bear the apple are of COURSE representative of The Evil Queen & the Poisonous Apple in Snow White! FINALLY, I concocted a blue shot for each guest & served them in vials on each of their plates that were almost IDENTICAL to theDrink Me” glasses in Alice in Wonderland! I particularly LOVED how the blue vials really popped – I think it actually MADE the table setting!

Want the “Drink Me” cocktail recipe? Click HERE!

Do these golden candle holders not look EXACTLY like a witches hand?! My friend gifted these to me last year! Perfection!

The Brother’s Grimm Workshop or Study

I mean… these guys essentially WROTE a good majority of these fairytales, so I wanted a space dedicated to them as well! I thought I would do so by creating a literal “Brothers Grimm Study or Office” to show perhaps where they had written all of their twisted tales – seriously, have you guys heard the originals? They’re TERRIFYING! Disney most definitely modified our chilhood favourites… thank GOODNESS!

I covered the coffee table with white linens & littered it with burnt, old pages splattered with blood! The larger book that the skull is sitting on is actually a photo album I gifted Andrei with a couple of years ago! LOL! To fill dead space & create more dimension, I added lanterns, candles, spiders & wine bottles with candle toppers – can you not just envision them working into the wee hours of the night by candle stick?

The rolled up scrolls pictured above are actually a game that I put together! I love incorporating games into my party – I feel like it makes it a bit more inclusive, & brings the vignettes to life for my guests! This particular game was multiple choice – I researched all of the original endings of the fairytales & had my guests fill out a quiz to determine how well they knew them! Ie. Did you know that Ariel actually NEVER marries Prince Eric? He marries someone else, & SHE returns to the sea, shrivels up into sea foam & dies. Yep… goodbye childhood!!!

I ALSO taped different Disney or Fairytale Villains to the backs of each of my guests – they had to ask “yes” or “no” questions to figure out which villan they had been assigned!

Guys… Games are a MUST!!

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

OKAY, okay… I get it. Alice in Wonderland is NOT technically a fairytale, however it is within the realm of fables & Disney & childhood classics & I honestly just REALLY wanted to include it into the mix just because why the HECK not! It’s just such a whimsical & fun tale to work with, & when thinking about how I wanted my bar area to look, I kept coming back to the Mad Hatters’ Tea Party! I already had this really fun clock in our front entrance at the condo, & re-used the top hats Andrei & I incorporated into our Creepy Carnival costumes last year! So… Mad Hatter’s Tea Party it was!

The red table cloth is from the Dollarstore – I think for $3ish???? – same goes for the deck of cards, the top hats from last years’ costume, the spider table runner & the black mesh! I really wanted to incorporate the chesire cat, but didn’t want to spend money, so I found this incredibly creepy photo HERE, printed it off & stuck it in a frame – perfection! 

The cocktail… Tea. OF COURSE!!!! I made a chamomile tea cocktail for my guests! You can find the recipe HERE!

Our Costume

I always have my guests dress to theme, because I find that it really brings the room & theme to life! My guests ALWAYS do a FANTASTIC job on their costumes & this year was no different! Can you just imagine Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, Hansel, Gretel, The Three Blind Mice & Baby & Johnny all sitting down to dinner with one another?! Well THAT was our situation! I mean… dressing to theme really ties it all together & just makes it SO fun!

Okay folks, that’s all I got! Until next year… I’m coming for you Halloween 2018; Voodoo on the Bayou (yep – I’ve pretty much already got it all planned out)

Happy Halloween!




  1. Miranda October 31, 2017 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    Your party is absolutely GORGEOUS, Brit! Looks like a ton of fun to attend, and I love your attention to detail in all your decor. Happy Halloween!

    • Brit Linton October 31, 2017 at 4:20 pm - Reply

      Thanks SO much!!! It was a TON of fun to put together! I’m already brainstorming for next year!

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