Health Benefits of Your Holiday Favourites

“Eat, drink, & be merry”

What comes to mind when you think of the holidays? Spending quality time with family & friends typically rank at the top of the list, however a close second has to be the traditional holiday treats & feasts. Admittedly, the majority of  my holidays are spent eating a little too much & working out a lot less (leggings just so happen to be my very best friend during the holidays… well, any stretchy pant-like material really). Holiday food is the absolute BEST (I could practically drink cranberry sauce) & it’s even better because you get to enjoy it with your closest friends, family, & loved ones. The downside? Holiday feasts often contain a hefty amount of calories, so come New Years Eve I’m often struggling to squeeze into whatever outfit I have planned for the evening. Therefore I thought I’d list a few health benefits of some classic holiday favourites – so now you don’t have to feel so bad at the family dinner table!  😉

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A classic holiday cliche; Christmastime simply wouldn’t be the same without some chestnuts roasting on an open fire am I right?! ..hehe.. The good news is that chestnuts actually offer some surprisingly amazing health benefits! Packed with fiber & low in fat content, chestnuts are a great alternative to other nuts in terms of calorie intake (they contain the least amount of calories in the “nut” family). Also, if you’re looking for some added vitamin c in your diet, skip the whole roasting part & consume these bad boys raw!

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Pomegranate Seeds 

Like our nutty friends above, pomegranates are also filled with a ton of fiber content… along with a slew of antioxidants, minerals, & vitamins! So I think the real question might be what the heck pomegranates AREN’T packed with! Over the holidays, pomegranate seeds can be used in salads, punches, teas, & even stuffing or cranberry sauce, so think about incorporating them into your holiday feast!

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I load UP on cranberry sauce during turkey dinners because for me, they’re the absolute star of the show (I have this amazing recipe with clementines!). Cranberries & cranberry juice might be famous for treating UTI’s, but truth be told there’s so much MORE to this festive holiday fruit! They’re filled with nutrients!



 Tasty turkey.. om nom nom. Ever wonder why you feel so sleepy after Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey dinner? Turkey is an amazing source of many amino acids & according to Live Strong, just one serving of turkey will provide about 65% of your recommended daily intake of protein (Wowzers)!

Happy Eating & Happy Holidays!



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