Healthy Bachelorette Swag Bags

“May your Bachelorette Party be so fun that you don’t notice how annoyed the rest of the bar is”


PSA: prior to delving into this weeks’ post, please be aware that I’m working off of a grand total of three hours sleep – thanks to a 5:30am boarding time -, a layover sans ANY coffee whatsoever – I knew that I had a window seat beside strangers, & my tender bladder simply cannot handle that kind of pressure – & a three hour drive back from the airport. AKA – If a mere 30% of this post is somewhat readable I will be EXTREMELY okay with that. So where was I travelling from exactly? Well if any of you follow me on Insta, you’ll know that I was just in New Orleans for one of my besties’ Bachelorette Parties; which I had the PLEASURE of planning because I just so happen to hold that exclusive title of MOH!!! Now seeing as this is my second consecutive year planning Bachelorette Parties, & am therefore now a self-proclaimed MOH GENIUS (bow down), I wanted to give the inside scoop on putting together the ultimate Bachelorette Party Swag Bag! Because these days it’s kind of a necessity – at least that’s what Instagram Photos are telling me!

5 Things You NEED to put in a Healthy Bachelorette Swag Bag

1. Coordinating Accessories/Apparel 

Your bride tribe is going to need some form of identifiable, unifying outterwear for a couple of reasons, namely:

A. So other club & bar patrons are therefore aware of your presence & can make an informed decision as to whether they would like to immediately vacate the premise.

B. It’s just kind or super fun.

Options to consider for said apparal/accessories? T-shirts, sunglasses, hats, bandannas etc. I’m personally a major fan of the t-shirt category only becuase it just makes such a bold statement & there are SO many fun designs & colours to play with! This time around, I went with something a bit more simple, but for my cousin’s Nashville Bachlorette last year I couldn’t resist with a cheesy little slogan – “Saddle Up… Jessica’s Nashville Bachelorette” – LOVES IT!

For BOTH occasions I’ve used THIS website – cost-effective, reliable, website is easy to navigate, & the t-shirts are also super easy to design! Win on all accounts.

2. Themed Paraphinalia 

Okay so whether you’re doing a destination party or want to stick to the more traditional, at home Bachelorette extravaganza, themed goodies are really going to give your swag bag a nice, cohesive & overall FUN feel! Because we ventured to New Orleans, I wanted to include a few quintessential NOLA items I felt the girls would LOVE – we’re going for an experience here, so be sure to do a little research into the Bachelorette party venues & select items your squad can utilize over the weekend or throughout the night! Ie. For New Orleans, I obviously had to include beads & masks, & made sure that bright colours & LOTS of gold were prominent features! We also threw in girly, lace hair elastics & fake ring tatoos just for fun & to add a little whimsical touch!!!

Other ideas to consider for destination Bachelorettes? Flip flops or bikinis for tropical locations, dice or a deck of cards for Vegas & considering that Nashville now seems to be THE place to go… why not include mini whisky bottles?!

Of COURSE…. you’re going to want to include some of those quintessential Bachelorette-esque items like Dare Cards, fun games like “how well do you know the bride & groom” etc. etc. etc.!

3. Itinerary 

An itinerary is one of the more simple, cost-effective items to include in a Bachelorette goodie bag, however it has the tendency to be the most impactful of the bunch! It’s ALL in the details, & a printed itinerary has “details” literally written all over it; plus it shows just how much thoughtful consideration went into planning the trip, & it’s actually so much fun to see the bride’s reaction as she reads it for the first time! Simply type out the itinerary for the weekend or evening, print it out on “fancy pants” paper (ie anything with a pretty boarder) & place it in your goodie bag! For the NOLA swag bags, I opted to glue it onto the front of theirs – only for aesthetic purposes… it looked so darn cute!

4. Travel size toiletries 

This little tidbit is especially important if air travel is a possibility during the trip! Your group is not looking to lug a thousand pounds of toiletries onto an airplane so it might be a fun idea to include sample or travel size toiletries within each bag!!! Below are a few goodies I included for the girls:

  • Sample size shampoos & conditioners from Nature’s Gate (Non-GMO) & Mineral Fusion (vegan, paraben free & biodegradable)
  • Sample size body lotions from Desert Essence (contain no artificial flavours or colours, & is a certified B-Corp)
  • Sample size cleansers from derma e (100% vegan, cruelty free, & GMO free)

Including travel or sample size toiletries will be a LIFESAVER & I am positive the squad will be more than thankful for these particular goodies!

*** You can typically find these at your local health food store!!!

5. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are ESSENTIAL… you’re going to need to fuel yourself through the whirlwind that is a Bachelorette Party!!! Miniature bars or energy boosters are therefore super key! Some of my personal favourites are LARABAR, Clif Bars (ESPECIALLY the nut butter filled variety, SO SO SO good) & Ener-C all natural energy & multivitamin drinks!

Throw a couple of these into your swag bags so your girls can have a little sustanence over the course of the events!!! Side Note: These snacks can ALL be found at Ambrosia Natural Foods!

What do YOU include in Bachelorette Goodie Bags?!



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