Holiday Gift Guide: Experience Gifts

“I searched & searched but you already have the perfect Christmas Gift… ME!”


Oh my goodness gracious I literally cannot believe that Christmas is just a few days away. This holiday season flew by WAY TOO FREAKING FAST & at THIS stage in the game I would normally be sweating profusely from every single crevice & orifice of my body because typically I would have barely made a dent in that ever so daunting “Christmas Gift List” of mine. However, the most rare & inconceivable of Christmas Miracles actually happened this year & I finished ALL of my shopping like two weeks ago… TWO WEEKS AGO! BUT for those of you that still have to battle those extraordinarily remorseless mall crowds, I have my very own Christmas Miracle that I am about to selflessly bestow upon all of you today. It is the gift of… “Experience Gifts.”

Why You Should Invest in Experience Gifts

Uhm… more like why should you NOT?! Quite simply – Experience Gifts are essentially the answer to practically all of your Christmas Conundrums. But like for serious. You never have to step foot inside of a single mall, you don’t have to anxiously check your UPS tracking number every .5 milliseconds because you’re convinced that your gifts have all been lost in the mail & – not to be disgustingly cheesy or anything – but an Experience Gift is honestly just the gift that keeps on giving! Experience gifts = life long memories that you will legit have forever! To be quite frank – that ridiculously expensive sweater or necklace you’ve had your eye on for that special someone will likely go out of style in like T-minus two years BUT those flying lessons or horseback excursions are SO special & will undoubtedly make a lasting impression. I am honestly OBSESSED with giving them & the people I have gifted them to are equally as obsessed & excited to receive them.

SO… I have decided to round up some of MY personal favourite top ten excursions that I have gifted my loved ones… ENJOY!

1. One Hour Flying Lesson 

Andrei once told me that he’d always wanted to learn how to fly a plane so I immediately did a little bit of research & stumbled upon these amazing 1 hour Introductory Flight Session right here in the GTA. Now before you go ahead & assume that this would cost an inordinate amount of money let me be the first to tell you that this is SO surprisingly reasonable! The experience lasts for one full hour & you get to fly the plane yourself (with an experienced co-pilot of course). He honestly had the best time & literally STILL talks about it to this day! Learn about these flights HERE!

2. Ice Climbing 

Andrei & I gifted this to each other for Christmas a couple of years back. We were headed to Mt. Tremblant right after New Years & we both wanted to try something a little bit new & exciting. Insert: scaling a literal ice cliff – I mean, talk about new & exciting…. It was INCREDIBLE! You can find our tour HERE & there are a few ice climbing excursions in Ontario which you can find HERE, HERE & HERE!

3. High Tea 

Call me old fashioned but I LOVE high tea! I took my mom to High Tea for her birthday last year & it was magical. Her birthday falls around Christmastime which quadruples the “cuteness & magic factor” of the situation, but High Tea is always a great & unique gift idea. I try to think of experiences that someone wouldn’t normally treat themselves to, & I feel like attending a traditional high tea is definitely one of those things!

4. Theatre Tickets 

I am a total sucker for the theatre; it just feels so special & luxurious! This is a classic gift that does NOT get old! I love attending the theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake or Stratford – the quaint, small town vibe really just adds to the whole wonderfulness of the situation! PS. Major tip alert – for those of you that are under the age of 30, Shaw Theatre offers a 50% discount on tickets!!!! YES PLEASE!

5. Dog Sledding 

I took Andrei dog sledding three or four years ago up in Haliburton with a company called Winterdance. This is totally a once in a lifetime experience & a legit bucket list moment. They offer different packages depending on how long you want to sled for! It gets insanely cold up in Haliburton & Andrei isn’t the BIGGEST of winter lovers so I opted for the two hour excursion & we both loved it nonetheless!

6. Spa Day

Okay so this may or may not be MY favourite experience gift to receive… I am an unapologetic spa lover & I literally ask for a spa day every single year for Christmas. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain & this is absolutely at the very tip top of MY list this year *** Andrei  I REALLY hope that you are reading this!!!!! WINK, WINK TIMES ONE THOUSAND.

7. Weekend Getaway 

Groupon will be your very best friend for this one! The amount of weekend getaways that Groupon offers is absolutely astounding… specifically to Niagara. I know that people knock Niagara a bit, but honestly – I whole heartedly believe that you’re just not doing it right! Take a trip to the spa, have dinner at the Skylon, hike beside the rapids, visit a few wineries & voila… a mini vacay just couple of hours from your home!

8. Snowshoe & Winery Tastings

Okay so I haven’t ACTUALLY gifted this to someone… yet! I discovered this particular experience whilst hunting for my Bachelorette Party activities (yep – I already went there) & it looks freakin’ unbelievable! Snowshoe through the forests & to some waterfalls & then at the end of the trip… curl up by the fire & enjoy a few wine pairings & tastings at the local winery – uhm BLISS! Also #BritsBachelorette2019 Click HERE for details on their snowshoe & wine tasting packages!

9. Staycation

Andrei actually gifted me with a Staycation during our very first Christmas! It is honestly one of my favourite moments together as a couple. He booked us a room at the King Edward in Toronto,  took me out to see The Nutcracker &… my most favourite part of this gift… asked me to be his girlfriend! It was on December 21st (first day of winter) & well… four years later… BAM we’re engaged – & having a winter wedding – because DUH!

10. Horseback Riding 

Another classic experience gift! Look into different horseback riding excursions available in your area! I personally love South Algonquin Trails up in Haliburton. It is the ONLY place where you can legally ride horses through Algonquin. So magical! Also – I’m SO freakin’ excited because my brother gifted me with a horse drawn sleigh ride THIS Christmas up in Haliburton! Yes folks- I will literally be dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh (bet you just sang that) this Christmas Eve in Haliburton!!! And I think this will literally be my most memorable Christmas Eve! Click HERE for details on this sleigh ride!


Have you ever gifted someone an experience?!



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