Host a Beer & Food Tasting Party for St. Patrick’s Day

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My sole claim to fame on St. Patrick’s Day is that I’m like, 25% Irish… if I’m recalling this correctly, I believe that it was my great grandmother on my dad’s side that immigrated here to Canada from Ireland a few decades ago. Now regardless of the legitimacy of these memories, I whole heartedly believe that my ** approximate ** quarter Irish heritage entitles me to don an obnoxious amount of shamrock necklaces & rock a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tee literally every time the 17th of March rolls around. Aside from Halloween, St. Patricks’ Day was legit one of my favourite holidays to celebrate as a student at Western University, & I’ve been desperately attempting to host a classy, “adult” variation of this particular celebration for years… one that doesn’t involve sloppy keg stands followed by mornings filled with regret, sorrow & copious amounts of Advil. Insert: a Beer & Food Tasting Party.

How to Host a Beer Tasting Party for St. Patricks Day

I first dreamt up a fabulously, classy beer tasting party when Andrei & I decided to make homemade soft pretzels a couple of weeks ago. As I was oh, so gracefully gorging on an obscene amount of buttery, salty, carby goodness ** I couldn’t help but wonder ** how these pretzels would pair with even more carbs! Perhaps of the liquid variety. And so… a Beer Tasting Event was born! 

Ever since that night I’ve been pinning up a storm & not to brag or anything but I have to admit that my vision is pretty spectacular! Here’s what you’ll need to host a Beer & Food Tasting Party of your very own for St. Patrick’s Day!

Colour Scheme

The first colour that comes to mind for St. Patrick’s Day is of course going to be green BUT I kind of, sort of feel like it’s just a bit “expected” & borderline tacky. I mean, of COURSE you should incorporate green into your party, however utilize it as more of an accent colour than anything else! I’m thinking that golds & whites/neutrals should be your two primary colours – splashed in with a little bit of green for good measure!

I LOVE a gold chargers, I got mine from the Dollarstore for a dollar each (not the one’s pictured here – but still pretty!!!) & it was honestly the best entertaining decision I think I’ve ever made! It instantly elevates your tablescape & creates a super expensive look – even if you happen to purchase them on a whim for a buck or two! 

Floral Arrangement 

I can’t think of a more perfect “floral” arrangement than succulents for a classy St. Patrick’s Day soiree! I honestly don’t even think succulents are categorized as florals but you get my drift… let’s just go with “greenery” to be safe! Purchase a few different varieties of succulents (for added depth & dimension) & arrange them in the centrepiece of your table! Then have your guests each take one home at the end of the evening as a little parting gift!


Eeeek! This is quite possibly the BEST part! The FOOD!!! Like I said, I was inspired to host a Food & Beer Tasting St. Patrick’s Day party when Andrei & I made those incredibly amazing soft pretzels! I swear they are life changing & soft pretzels are obviously an infamous pairing with beers… you can find the recipe WE used HERE! You’re welcome.

Now if you want something a little more classically Irish, you can try your hand at Irish Soda Bread! I recently shared a gluten free variation over on the Ambrosia website, & you can find that recipe HERE!

Beer & Scorecards 

Well a beer tasting party wouldn’t be much without the actual beer itself! Have each of your guests bring their own Irish Beer to the party with them for tasting purposes! Throughout the tasting process, encourage your guests to discuss what they like or dislike about the beer, the aroma, texture, what flavours they detect & have them write down all of their notes on a beer tasting score card which you can find HERE!

PS. Have a variety available cocktails or mocktails at the ready for your guests! Something besides beer. I whipped up this Green Pear mocktail for St. Patrick’s Day on the Ambrosia website last year… you can find the recipe HERE!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?! Will you be celebrating this year?!



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