How To: Host a Secret Santa Party

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but if the white runs out I’ll drink the red”


I am very uncharacteristically excited for Christmas & the Holidays this year. Like it is almost out of control. Normally, at this point in the month of November I would still very much be in mourning over the loss of the amazingness that is Halloween. However my consumption of various eggnog flavoured confections & horrifyingly cheesy Christmas movies up to this point has proven otherwise… & is honestly quite concerning. I’m convinced that shacking up with Andrei has something to do with it – I feel like having our own space to decorate to my taste & getting to share the holiday months with him this year is totally at the root of this newfound obsession. Like I seriously want to celebrate ALWAYS, & I’ve been racking my BRAIN trying to think of ANY excuse to have anyone over to celebrate in some way, shape or form… & I think I’ve settled on throwing a Secret Santa Party!

5 Things You Need to Host a Secret Santa Party

Now I’ve never actually hosted a Secret Santa party per-say, but I feel like the basics or “skeleton” of this type of shindig are pretty on par with get-togethers I’ve hosted in the past! So… here is my very best “guess” as to what a Secret Santa party would & should entail!

1. Foods & Drinks 

Santa’s Milk & Cookies – I seriously cannot think of many things that rival eggnog when it comes to your quintessential holiday treats. It is no small feat to down an entire carton of one of these bad boys in a single sitting, & Im proud –yet somewhat ashamed– to admit that this is something I have accomplished on many of occasions… likely whilst binging The Holiday for probably the hundredth time no less. Needless to say, Egg Nog is a MUST at a Secret Santa extravaganza, & I literally have THE most perfect of desserts to quench that need for the nog! It’s an elevated “Santa’s Milk & Cookies“… which you can find HERE!

Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Moon Cookies – Now keeping in tune with the whole cookie situation, I thought I’d share these gluten free vanilla almond moon cookies! You’re likely going to have a few guests that have some dietary restrictions, so it’s always handy to keep a few alternatives on hand JUST in case! Click HERE for the recipe!

Tart Cherry & Peppermint Mocktail – Similarly, you should have a few non-alcoholoic beverages at your soiree as well! It’s all about the variation, my friends! The whole idea is to make your guests feel at home, & as though they have options to choose from! I LOVE how festive this particular mocktail is, & I’m a total sucker for anything that involves peppermint – click HERE for the recipe!

2. The Tablesetting

Creating a festive, cozy atmosphere is paramount to your Secret Santa Extravaganza! Christmas & the holidays are all about that certain, magical “feeling“, &  when executed appropriately, decor can TOTALLY help capture said feeling. The type of setting you decide on should all depend on the vibe you’re looking to achieve for your gift exchanging party; ie. casual, glam, rustic etc! I literally JUST wrote a post on these tablesettings, which you can find HERE!

3. The Gifts 

I am of the firm belief that Secret Santa Gifts should be UNDER $20! The holidays can become insanely & unnecessarily expensive, & opting for a Secret Santa gift exchange between friends is a really great way to stay cost-effective whilst still celebrating with them!

You can still totally get great gifts & I’m rounding up a few of my favourite “go-to’s” below… all for under $20!

  1. Pixie Mood – Alex Card Holder (made with cork & faux leather)
  2. Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments – I JUST  purchased mine from @backwoods.mama!!! We follow each other on Insta, & as  SOON as I saw that she handmade these I immediately put in an order & I can’t WAIT to recieve them! Snaps for shopping local & Canadian, & snaps for supporting friends! 
  3. Elore – Dead Sea Mud Mask – Available at Ambrosia 
  4. Honey Candles – Yule Tree  – Available at Ambrosia 
  5. Weleda Body Oil Starter Kit – Available at Ambrosia 

4. The Gift Wrapping

Well you’re going to need to wrap those Secret Santa gifts in SOMETHING!

I’m SURE you’ve likely seen the brown gift wrapping paper & twine combination floating around Instagram… I mean you can’t NOT – it’s practically shoved down our faces on the daily during holiday season! Well I, like thousands of others, freakin’ LOVE that trend… so last year I experimented with a few different Eco-friendly wrapping options & kind of LOVED IT. I’m particularly fond of this newspaper variety, you can read my blog on it HERE!

5. Make Homemade Ornaments

I always try to incorporate activities into my parties, & I feel like crafting ornaments during your Secret Santa Soiree could NOT be a more perfect activity! Apres gift exchange, DIY a few ornaments with your girlfriends over mulled wine or spiced egg nog! HERE are some of my favourite homemade ornaments!

Will you be throwing a Secret Santa Party this year?!



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