How to Incorporate Hygge into a Small Condo

“Hygge is taking the time to slow down, enjoy simple things & feel cozy everyday”


I already know what you’re thinking… what is hygge & why do I need to incorporate it into my condo? I know this because I thought the exact same thing when Wayfair Canada approached me to collaborate & encourage readers to embrace the hygge lifestyle & bring it into their homes! Well, one quick Google search & two cups of coffee later & it turns out, I’m unknowingly already ALL about that hygge life – which FYI is actually pronounced “hoo-ga”; yep –  I’m seriously just as puzzled about the phonetics as I’m assuming all of you are. SO…. what does it all mean? Simply put it’s the state of feeling “cozy” or “comfortable” & it’s NOT just limited to one’s home, it’s actually a Dutch concept & it’s applicable to your entire lifestyle. HOWEVER, for the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on how you can bring certain elements or pieces into your condo in order to help promote feelings of comfort & coziness… AKA – HYGGE!!

5 Tips to Promote Hygge into a Small Condo

If you’re like me & happen to make-up 99.9% of the millennial population that is forced into pint-sized condos best suited for ants *** said in Ben Stiller’s voice *** due to a disgustingly overpriced housing market then congratulations… this post is for you! YAY! One of my biggest concerns when Andrei & I leased our 550 sq. ft. condo was that we wouldn’t be able to make it feel like a place that truly felt like our “home”. I was therefore determined to make the space feel comfortable, cozy & a place that we actually wanted to live in! Insert: hygge…. even though I didn’t know what it was at the time! 

Below are a just a few ways that I tried to emulate those feelings of “coziness” into our home without sacrificing on space… along with  just a few products I selected from Wayfair Canada to help YOU accomplish it too!

candle holders
1. Glam Lantern
Mango Wood Candlestick
analogue wall clocks
2. Barnwood Wall Clock
wall clocks
Berlin Metal Wall Clock
area rugs
3. Rectangle Cream Area Rug
picture frames
4. Windsor Leaves Picture Frame
Blankets and Throws
5. Clairlea Knit Throw
Throw Pillows
Linen Throw Pillow

1. Candles

One thing I truly miss about living in a house? A fireplace. Reading a great book beside a roaring fire is just absolute pure bliss; like it is actually heaven on Earth… don’t debate me! 

I was desperate to reproduce a “fireplace” of sorts in our condo & came to quite possibly the most obvious of conclusions – candles… EVERYWHERE! Now by no means am I suggesting that a crap ton of candles does a legit fireplace justice but it certainly helps bring warmth to literally any space! We have this obstructive air conditioning & heating unit in the corner of our “living room” & I always sort of felt that it was wasted space, so I topped it with as many candles as I possibly could! I also placed them in different vessels, ie. vases, saucers, lanterns give the space a bit of eclectic dimension! I call this dedicated “candle space” our fireplace & it honestly does help do the trick!

2. Wall Clocks

Is it just me, or is there something that is so incredibly soothing & comforting about the ticking of a clock? I find it to be completely mesmerizing! My grandparents’ had this gorgeous, antique wood wall clock at their country home that I always admired so I’m not sure if I associate the sound of a clock with my childhood or I genuinely just find the sound emulates “comfort”. Regardless, all I can say is when I bought my very own wall clock it made my small condo feel a whole heck of a lot more “homey” to say the least!

3. Area Rugs

Whenever Andrei & I would visit our friends’ condos, I always felt like their spaces felt more like a home than our own condo did… which made me both sad & envious all at once. Andrei suggested that it was probably because they had area rugs & as SOON as he mentioned it I almost immediately started scouting websites for the perfect rug. I actually ended up purchasing the Forcalquier Rectangular Cream Rug I included in this post from Wayfair! I’m obsessed with its vintage, French Country feel & it really does pull the whole space together & create a finished, more comfortable atmosphere!

4. Picture Frames

I find that one of the best ways to make a space feel like a home is to personalize it, & framed pictures of you & your loved ones is a great way to do that! I mean why not mark your territory, so to speak? I find that framed, personal photos of family & friends really helps to give your space an identity & makes it feel like your very own. Sure, framed artwork is GREAT & adds a TON of character but be sure to include personal photos as well so that it actually feels like YOUR cozy, comfortable home!

5. Throw Blankets & Pillows

I’m a blanket girl through & through. If I’m sitting on a couch, I’m likely decked out in my cosiest pyjamas & covered in throw blankets & pillows! I enjoy being comfortable at all times & a plethora of throw blankets/pillows is just one of the many ways that I can achieve just that. Side Note: I’m nearly positive that the Clairlea Knit Throw I included in this post is actually THE real definition of hygge! I ALSO think that throws just look really great casually tossed on couches or chairs…. OR proudly displayed in a killer “throw blanket holder” like the one I found at an antique shop below! DROOL!

Have you ever heard of Hygge?! How do you emmulate cosiness in your own home?!


Pssssst…. I was NOT paid post, & I do not make any commission or money from links within this post! I simply wanted to collaborate with Wayfair & I LOVE their products! All opinions are my own. 


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