How To Throw A Grown-Up Slumber Party

“Keep calm, & put your jammies on”


To be completely honest here, I was never one to really love the whole slumber party situation. I’m typically more of a “comforts of home” type of gal, but I can TOTALLY appreciate the appeal that these candy-fueled, all-night bingers can have for a group of pre-tween girls! HOWEVER… now that I am a self-proclaimed “mature” adult, I’m so here for this sophisticated version of ladies night in; AKA: an adult slumber party!! I mean, hello… Bachelorette Party Inspo!!!! 

Your Foolproof Guide To Grown-Up Slumber Parties

Okay, first things first… how cute are THESE sleep mask invitations from Etsy?! There couldn’t be a more perfect way to formally invite your guests, or set the tone for a totally awesome sleep over 😛 GAH, I’m already loving this! Below are seven staples to include at your next slumber party! Enjoy!

Jam Based Cocktails 

photo (17)

These are a grown-up slumber party MUST HAVE – they are seriously beyond delicious – Jam cocktails are now my new, all time favourite beverage thanks to Crofter’s Organics!! The above strawberry jam mojitto was a total crowd pleaser in the Linton household & you can find the recipe HERE. PS. Alternative beverage; Zevia All Natural Soda (sweetened with stevia, no artificial colours & ZERO calories). I personally love the gingerale & orange flavours!

Slumber Party Appropriate Attire… Onesies 


No exceptions! Comfortable & cute to boot! I mean, could you just imagine how adorable those Instagram photos would be?! 😛 #JammiesOnJammies

Movie Night Popcorn Bar

photo (38)

Okay – Spoiler Alert: I may, or may not have consumed half of the above “props” while taking the popcorn bar photos!!! Whoops! I LOVE this idea.. I mean, what’s a movie night without popcorn?! Pick a few different treats (Nuts, Lilly’s gluten-free dark chocolate chips etc) & assemble them in bowls to create a bar that your guests can pick & choose from!

The popcorn cones were SUPER easy! I simply printed off a red & white pinstriped pattern to create these ones!

Hot Tip: Buddha Bowl Popcorn (organic & NON GMO) from Lesser Evil is particularly delicious!!

Paint Your Nails

photo 1 (8)

I’m a stickler for a good manicure! *** Chips on my nails seriously give me anxiety *** Check out my simple manicure steps HERE & add a little rest & relaxation to your slumber soirée.

Board Games

photo 1 (57)

Board games, particularly when paired with the above jam-infused cocktails, can be a total game changer! Taboo, Heads Up & Mindy Kaling’s Questions I Ask When I Want To Talk About Myself are all excellent options to consider for slumber party night!

Midnight Black-bean Brownies

photo (78)

No explanation required. These are delicious! Top with dairy-free So Delicious Ice Cream to make it especially life changing. I’m a fan of the cherry flavour! Find the recipe HERE.

Parfait Bar For Breakfast 

photo 2 (58)

Greek yogurt, granola, berries, Crofter’s Organics jam… BAM… you’ve got yourself a simple, hassle-free parfait bar for the morning after!

Would you ever attend/host a grown-up slumber party?!



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