Kitchen & Dining Room Inspirations for Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is an emotional time. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often”

Johnny Carson

You GUYS! I have been both mentally & physically prepping my body, mind & soul for the obscene glutinous journey it is about to embark on this Thanksgiving Weekend. All of my stretchiest of leggings & my flowiest of shirts have been laundered, pressed & packed for the cottage & I’m literally counting down the MILISECONDS until 3:01pm this coming Friday afternoon! The excitement is literally so real. Now… I wanted to do something a TAD bit different on the blog this year to commemorate the holiday, & because Thanksgiving IS heavily centred around food & that infamous big Turkey Dinner – AKA you’ll likely be spending a TON of time in the kitchen & dining room – I thought I’d share a few of my favourite kitchen & dining room inspirations, accompanied by some of my personal kitchen entertaining tips for Thanksgiving!!!

 Kitchen & Dining Room Inspo for Thanksgiving

Okay, so full disclosure: I’ve technically never ACTUALLY hosted a full-blown Thanksgiving Dinner. In fact, I’m nearly positive that the only “Thanksgiving Street Cred” I’ve earned over the years amounts to occasionally stirring the gravy for my mother whilst she frantically runs around the kitchen before our family arrives. HOWEVER, I have done my fair share of entertaining & I do host my annual Halloween Dinner Party for 15ish people – last year a turkey was even involved, so I feel like that alone makes me somewhat qualified, no?

Regardless of what Thanksgiving credibility I may, or may not have.. here we are friends! Below are five useful Thanksgiving tips & tricks… along with some of my favourite kitchens & dining rooms!

Okay, so PREFACE: essentially ALL of the kitchens I’m sharing today were designed by Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry! I do a lot of blogging & social media work with them, & have really grown to LOVE their style & design philosophy! Not to mention, they utilize sustainably forested products like Columbia Forest Products, the creators of PureBond products; a quality hardwood plywood that is formaldehyde-free & soy-based materials. YASSS.

Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip #1 – Designated Social Spaces

Photo by Bloomsbury

I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this kitchen! I am particularly obsessed with the use of so many different materials (from the stone, to the natural marble & wood furnishings) & textures in this totally unique design. To me, this kitchen doesn’t feel like a kitchen…. it feels like a warm, cozy living space – WHICH brings me to Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip #1 – create a designated “social space” in the kitchen for Thanksgiving.

Friends & family will likely be gathered in & around the kitchen area – I mean, I’m SURE you’ve heard the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home” – so it’s integral to create a space specifically for the social aspect of your Thanksgiving gathering. Pssssst a designated ” social space” also ensures that family members do not disrupt your cooking & prep space! Put out extra chairs, place self-serving appetizers & beverages (AKA so YOU don’t have to do extra leg work) on the kitchen table or a countertop that is not within the realm of your prep space.

This particular family took “kitchen living space” to a WHOLE new level! I can totally picture family members sitting by this crackling fire on Thanksgiving, while the dinner is being prepared!

Photo by Bloomsbury

Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 2 – Simple, Yet Impactful Table Settings

Okay so my aunt typically hosts our Thanksgiving dinners & I am continuously blown AWAY by her simple, yet totally elegant, table settings! I LOVE this dining room look for Thanksgiving – I mean, this rustic dining room table looks like it was practically MADE for this particular holiday! Not to mention, this dining room space is actually their screened in porch up north at the cottage – can you say stunning view?! I love the idea of outdoor dining for Thanksgiving; it really allows you to take in the gorgeousness that is the autumn leaves – if the weather warrants it of course!

My Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 2 obviously relates to the table setting. I love anything simple, yet impactful, & I think my Aunt MORE than achieved that with this setting! She went with more of a natural, organic vibe by using apples & rich, warm seasonal flowers along with the autumn leaves from around the property. I feel like this setting is a true celebration of everything synonymous with autumn & Thanksgiving, & I could not be more obsessed with it!

Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 3 – Warm Your Kitchen with Seasonal Flowers 

Photo by Bloomsbury

I think it’s no secret that I am positively obsessed with neutrals & whites (I guess what blogger ISN’T these days tbh), & what I LOVE about this white kitchen is that it feels so completely warm, cozy & inviting! Which is so NOT typical of white kitchens – can we also discuss these absolutely stunning light fixtures?! I NEED THESE STAT!

Bringing warmth & coziness into your kitchen for Thanksgiving is imperative – AKA we’ve now found ourselves at Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 3! Your kitchen should feel inviting & welcoming for your friends & family… I mean, this is what the holiday is all about right?! Inviting your loved ones & those that your most thankful for into your home! Often times, the kitchen gets a tad bit overlooked in favour of the dining room table when it comes to Thanksgiving Decor! However, I’m going to bet that most of you will actually spend a good majority of the holiday in the kitchen! One way to do this is by incorporating seasonal flowers, rich in those gorgeous autumn tones!

Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 4 – Let the Food Shine! 

I feel like white table settings really let the foods & Thanksgiving dinner shine! I mean, the actual meal itself is sort of like this fabulous decoration/centrepiece all on its own! Clean, white tables with minimal decorations help make the food stand out & makes the setting look less cluttered; you worked HARD on that dinner – might as well show it off a bit right?! I created this Thanksgiving table setting last year, & I could NOT be more obsessed with it! I love the greenery, the golds, the warm burlap… UGH love it all!

So Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 4 is a bit of a continuation from both tips #3 & #2! I love having whites & neutrals in my home, but I also LOVE creating a space & setting that oozes of warmth! Adding a bit of burlap, candles & these gorgeous apples help bring warmth to this otherwise “cool” table! Not to mention – this helps REALLY give the Thanksgiving dinner its “moment”!

Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 5 – ORGANIZE!

Photo by Bloomsbury

When I first started working with Bloomsbury THIS was the very first kitchen that caught my eye! I don’t know whether it was the Farmhouse Sink (I’m a sucker for them) or those adorable, custom Bread Drawers that got me… but I was immediately drawn to this incredible space! I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this kitchen & it is totally an entertainers DREAM! LOTS of usable counter space & storage makes it VERY easy to stay organized when hosting large gatherings for Thanksgiving!

Photo by Bloomsbury

Thanksgiving Entertainment Tip # 5 is ALL about the organization. It is SO imperative to organize & clean your kitchen before your guests arrive for Thanksgiving! Make sure the dishwasher is empty, take out the trash, & clean the kitchen from top to bottom before your guests arrive will ensure that your Thanksgiving dinner runs seamlessly! It can tend to get a tad messy during the prep work, so having trash bins & dishwashers that are already empty will make it super easy in terms of the clean up process! ALSO – be sure to organize or clear out your pantry so that your kitchen is easy to work with on the big day!

What are some of YOUR favourite Thanksgiving Entertainment Tips?!


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