Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

“Just wanted to thank you in advance for the flowers I’m going to send to myself, & pretend are from you”

“your ecards”

Well HELLO there my frantic little, last-minute lovebirds! We’re cutting it real close this year, aren’t we?! Honestly not to fret, I’m sitting here typing this post on my high & mighty horse, but in reality I have yet to even THINK about what I’d like to get Andrei this year for Valentine’s Day – which I promise, STILL qualifies me in the whole “gift guide” writing department because I totally have lots of ideas for the ladies out there! So men, if there are any men that happen to read my blogs, please take note. 😉 Side Note: Also, ladies you can take note too because these are PERFECT gifts to give to your BFF’s for Galentines Day, or seriously just pamper yourselves & grab a few trinkets, because snaps for self-love right? 

10 Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts 

I’m seriously obsessed with every single item on this list, & they could NOT be more tailored to the sweet holiday that is Valentine’s Day! Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!!! 

1. Andalou Naturals – 1,000 Roses Skincare Line (Can be purchased from Ambrosia Natural Foods)

2. Girlfriends Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses – Photo & Product from Linen Chest

3. Weleda – Wild Rose Body Oil (Can be purchased at Ambrosia Natural Foods)

4. Two of a Kind Collection by Kate Spade Linen Chest

5. Garden Drive Jewelry Boxes – Linen Chest

6. French Lilac PerfumePacifica (can be purchased at Ambrosia Natural Foods)

7. LipsticksSaint Cosmetics

8. Konjac Original SpongeTrade Secrets

9. Life Candy Sleep Masks – can be purchased at Ambrosia Natural Foods


10. Pineapple Gold Crown CanisterLinen Chest

What are YOU getting your loved one from Valentine’s Day?!



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