Murder at Mardi Gras Halloween Party

“My diet today: 99% Halloween Candy, 1% Real Food”


Another Hallo-weekend Party is in the books! As much as I LOVE hosting my annual three day spooky soirée up at the cottage, they are a TON of work & incredibly exhausting – by Saturday night I’m almost always jacked up on a steady stream of coffee to stay somewhat lucid for the remainder of the evening. SO although this is definitely NOT my last Halloween Party, I will be relocating my annual festivities to the city next year & celebrating just for ONE evening. I feel like this way I won’t be wandering through my own party in a dream-like state spewing out nonsensical words in an attempt to string together a cohesive sentence. Now having said that…. this years’ party was still a TOTAL blast & I’m super excited to share all of the details of my Murder at Mardi Gras Halloween Party with you today! ENJOY!

Mardi Gras Tablescape 

This tablesetting was actually SO easy & SO cheap! Recycling holiday decor & using them in unexpected, unique ways is my favourite way to create a setting that feels tailored to theme in a cost-effective way, & this setting was NO different! I already had the gold & green Christmas ornaments, gold chargers & green plates so I just needed to purchase the masks, beads & purple ornaments… hello Dollarstore! I think that the table decor cost a grand total of $15 MAYBE $20. Moral of the story: use what you have & get creative with it!

I love that the Christmas ornaments feel like oversized, exaggerated Mardi Gras beads! To amp up the “spook factor” I incorporated a black tablecloth – which acted as a GREAT contrast to the Mardi Gras colours – & my gold skeleton candle holders. This setting was also the PERFECT backdrop for our Murder at Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game which, btw was FANTASTIC! I purchased the game from Shot in the Dark Mysteries & have absolutely ZERO regrets or complaints! In fact I’m already looking into purchasing another game from them for my next Halloween Party! It was super easy to host, everyone got SO into it & it was a fantastic way to get people mingling!

The Swampy Bayou 

This actually might just be my FAVOURITE Halloween vignette that I have ever created! I was super worried about how this Bayou would turn out, but I absolutely LOVE IT! Again – almost all of the decor here are pieces that we already had! The wood stumps are actually our wedding centrepieces, we had the lanterns, the owl, rat etc. We only had to purchase the critters, the moss, fish skeleton & swamp grass – again all from the Dollarstore! The bones here are actually leftovers from chicken wings that we had in the summetime! I boiled the bones down & kept them in the freezer for the party.

I love these vials filled with “Snake Venom” aka Banana Liquour! I wanted them to look as though they were floating on a log in the middle of the swamp – which, hellooooooooo mission accomplished! I was so incredibly sad to take these particular decorations down – there was so much detail! I LOVED IT!

My Bayou Swamp Monster Costume

Finally… the costume! This makeup is WAY easier than it looks! I added gills to my neck using Special Effects makeup. It’s VERY easy to use – you can kinda think of it as moldable play-doh! Then applied green face paint (from the Dollarstore), added green gems, green sparkles, eyeliner, mascara & then FINALLY the gold flake eyebrows which I think really tied the whole look togther!

The gold flakes I purchased from the Dollarstore (duh, where else?) & then applied it around my brows using lash gel – TA DA!




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