My Top 10 Memories of 2017

“I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I didn’t become a better person”


A brand New Year is upon us, filled with the promise of magical new beginnings & all sorts of opportunity to set brand new intentions & accomplish all of these wonderfully amazing new things. For many, the thought of a New Year is exciting. I, for one, could not be filled with more dread & anxiety.. like I could literally vomit all over my keyboard as I write this not going to lie. Why? The 31st of January always, always, always makes me question if I have done or accomplished enough over the past year. Every year I continuously & annoyingly seek out validation from both myself & others leading up to the big night – it is seriously like Clockwork & is honestly just the MOST gruelling of self-loathing practices that I continuously decide to put myself through on an annual basis. Essentially New Years Eve, for lack of a better word, sucks… in my oh so humble opinion 🙂 

My Ten Favourite Memories of 2017

Now before you go ahead & assume that I am quite possibly the most pessimistic of individuals to ever walk this planet, I do have a little something up my sleeve that helps warm that Grinchy little NYE soul of mine. Every year right before NYE I love to write out my top five memories that occurred over the past 365 days to help sort of ease my anxieties. I started this practice a few years ago & it honestly does work! I feel like the simple act of physically writing out my favourite memories to be super therapeutic & it really does help me put things into perspective… a little. SO if there is anyone out there that feels the same way, I whole heartedly suggest that you try & do this today or tomorrow because it is a fantastic exercise! At least I think so.

Now… onto the not-so-pessimistic side of this post. I am the most happy to report that THIS year was particularly great! So much so that when I sat down to write this years’ list… I couldn’t settle on just five memories – I decided to expand this list to TEN! Yay – go me!!

I’ve tried my very best to order them chronologically as they happened throughout the year – ENJOY!

10. Moving in with Andrei

I was somewhat hesitant to move in with Andrei – I’d always heard that moving in changes things between couples & you always hear the good ol’ classic “well ya don’t know someone until ya live with them“. However I can honestly say that living with Andrei has been nothing short of bliss. Pardon the ultra cheese & gag factor, but every single day I literally get butterflies when I know he is about to walk through our front door.

Not to mention… it’s been pretty fun decorating the condo & making it our own!

9. Freelance Work

This year has been SUCH a learning curve in terms of Freelance Work. In 2017, I officially began getting steady, reliable freelance blogging & social media work (KNOCK ON WOOD). This has been the most exhilarating, exciting, fulfilling, yet stressful & terrifying, thing I have EVER done! At times I’ve wanted to cry tears of joy, whilst at other times I’ve been up until 1am in the morning, pulling my hair out because I’m trying to make about a zillion deadlines simultaneously. Turns out that working 7 days a week, from 9am-12am is just simply not manageable… who knew right?! lol.

I’ve learnt a LOT in the past 365 days when it comes to Freelance. I’ve most definitely failed at times because I simply took on WAY TOO MUCH, but I’ve also never made myself more proud. By the end of 2017 I made the difficult decision to drop a few opportunities & I’ve now learned to only invest in the freelance work that I am truly passionate about.

8. Hosting & Attending Influencer Events

Oh this has been one of the MOST fun of things! I have absolutely LOVED putting together Influencer Events for Ambrosia Natural Foods. From reaching out to vendors, to planning the events’ activities, to arranging refreshments & sending out the invitations… planning & organizing Influencer Events has been SO MUCH FRIGGIN’ FUN! My favourite part has been meeting all of the wonderful Ambrosia Influencers  – they are all so incredible & sometimes it’s just nice to put a face to the “Instagram” – how weird is that statement btw?! LOL!

I’ve ALSO been really lucky to attend a lot of these amazing PR Influencer Events because of this Blog, which has been a TON of fun as well! It’s exposed me to a lot of really amazing things that I would have otherwise never tried.. the Grand Openings of CycleBar in Leaside, Bolo Inc. Kickboxing, LoveChild Social & the launch party of the new YOU by Skechers Line just to name a few. My FAVOURITE Influencer Event was of COURSE my three day Haliburton excursion with Ontario Highlands Tourism – it was honestly unforgettable & you can read about it HERE!

7. New Orleans

Bachelorette Party GOALS! We went here for my friend’s Bachelorette Weekend back in May & I can honestly say that the Big Easy is SO unique in the best way possible! I would seriously go back in a heartbeat. The food is just to DIE for & the vibe & feel of the whole place is a little bit indescribable. Not to mention, it’s so so so HARD to get my group of friends all in one place, all at the same time so it was amazing to be able to just spend a whole weekend together.


I mean… DUH! Obviously this one is on the list. There is one moment in particular from our trip to Paris that truly sticks out to me. It’s from our very first day, walking along the Rue Mouffetard – which is just the most amazing & incredible street market. It is essentially an endless market of fresh, Parisian foods, wines, cheeses, baguettes, fish, little trinckets… UGH the list goes on & on. I remember it being so quintessentially “Paris” & I thought I was going to cry right there on the street because I was so happy & blown away. Read about our trip HERE.

5. Canada Day Weekend

Canada 150!!!! This long weekend was perfection. I just remember feeling really overloaded in the freelance department & this four day weekend up at the cottage could NOT have been timed more appropriately. This weekend felt like a lifetime (in a good way) & was so relaxing & rejuvenating. I got to spend the whole weekend with my family, read a book, get outdoors & just do NOTHING! I think it was ALSO like the only weekend throughout the whole summer that actually had somewhat decent weather so there’s also THAT.

4. Being Maid of Honour

I had the absolute privilege of being the Maid of Honour at my friend’s wedding this year! The day before the wedding, all of the girls had a spa day together, hung out, went to dinner, helped with last minute decor etc etc etc. It was just perfect! I think I wailed like a baby throughout my ENTIRE MOH speech… but whatever, it’s only because I felt like the moment was just so special!

3. Annual Halloween Dinner Party – Happily Never After

Undeniably my favourite weekend of literally any year. I love this weekend for so many different reasons! I love celebrating my favourite holiday, I love the planning, I love the decorating, the DIY involved, spending time with friends.. I love it ALL! I think about this weekend literally almost every day of the year LOL. This particular theme & party just so happened to be my favourite thus far & I have a feeling that 2018’s will be even BETTER!

2. Christmas Eve Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

I mean this just might be my most magical Christmas Eve experience EVER! A sleigh ride through the forest up in Haliburton? Yes PLEASE. I love spending the holidays up North at the cottage… there is just something so special about it… & this sleigh ride amplified the magicalness of Christmas at the Cottage tenfold! My amazing little brother gifted this experience to me for Christmas & it was honestly just the most amazing thing EVER! It just might be a new Linton Tradition.


Okay so this one is out of chronological order… but I mean OBVIOUSLY!!!! I had to wrap up my memories of 2017 with this one!! Getting engaged was just the most special, incredible, amazing moment of this entire year. I seriously keep wishing that I could relive this moment over & over & over again – 1. because I cried throughout the entire thing & practically missed it & 2. because it just meant SO much. Andrei is one of those people that truly NEVER does anything unless he is one hundred percent ready & invested. This would never be something that he would have done on a whim, or last minute, or because he felt any outside pressure from others – so I KNOW our engagement was something that he would have put a lot of time, care, consideration & thought into… which just makes it all the more special.

I am so so so excited for a whole year of wedding planning – even though I may or may not have already planned the venue, decor, centrepieces, guest list, first dance song, dresses, colour scheme, invitations etc etc etc – but regardless it is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Okay folks… that’s all I got! And – as always – I do totally feel so much better!!!

Happy New Year!




  1. Jamie January 3, 2018 at 1:15 am - Reply

    Such an amazing way to ring in 2018! It’s way better than settling a resolution. Just think what may be in store for 2018’s list!!! Can we say WEDDING prep?! Eeep!!

  2. Connie January 3, 2018 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    What a great post. Here’s to having more and more blessings. I’m 2018

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