Nailing The Wedding Dress Appointment

“So for my dress I’m thinking vintage chic, you know, like vintage classic, but a little more modern or like urban chic with a rustic twist”


Holy crap I bought a freakin’ wedding dress. I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS! Things are officially, officially beginning to feel very real! I’m actually somewhat of a pessimist & honestly didn’t think that I would ever truly fall in love with a wedding dress, but the now tear-drenched sample currently housed within the depths of the Bella’s Brides’ chambers has proven me otherwise. YAY! I’m officially a convert guys, & will obviously now be unloading all of my ultra-amazing “one-time-wedding-dress-shopping-knowledge” unto you. ENJOY!

6 Tips to Nail your Wedding Dress Appointment

1. Know Your Budget

Ugh I feel like I have literally mentioned “budget” about a thousand times on like, every single wedding related blog post I’ve ever written, so I’m sorry if this feels a little bit redundant but it is SOOOOO important! There is NO point in trying on & falling in love with a dress if it does not fit into your budget. ALSO – you need to keep in mind that when you allocate a budget for a dress, be sure that you factor in taxes, alterations, veil, shoes, accessories (belts, added embellishments etc) because I did NOT & ended up going over by about $500 – honestly, I loved it so so so much that I was willing to bend & will just have to cut money elsewhere. Ie. my guests don’t need poutine at a late night service station… sorry “guests”, but honestly hardly anyone eats it anyways.

2. Do Research & Book the Appointment

Okay so now that you have your budget in mind, it’s time to start looking for & researching bridal boutiques! Want to know what I literally googled before making my dress appointments? “Budget Wedding Dresses Toronto”. I knew that I did not want to spend a small fortune on my dress so there was no point in me looking at salons in Yorkville/Downtown if the dress is GASP… not my main priority for the wedding. I stumbled upon a GREAT article which you can read HERE & I ended up going to Bella’s Brides & actually bought THE dress!

Note: If you’re planning on having a religious ceremony in a church, be sure that you do your research & reach out to your officiant & inquire if there are any dress requirements that you need to adhere to before going shopping (ie. minimum cleavage, shoulders covered etc.). Andrei & I are having a Roman Catholic ceremony, so we consulted with the priest first!

3. Select Your Viewing Party Wisely 

Honestly… I am of the firm belief that less is more when it comes to the wedding dress viewing entourage! Shopping for a dress can be a pretty overwhelming experience & when you top that off with an audience of about 10 excited guests it can amplify those feelings tenfold. I know that you may want to involve all of your friends in the wedding planning experience, but I am honestly not so sure that I would have said “yes to the dress” if I had an insanely large viewing party along with me. I just don’t think that I would have been as focused or as in tune with the details of each of the dresses because I feel like there would have been too many distractions.

I had booked a few wedding dress appointments, & had planned on bringing just two or three different people to each one…. that was until I actually bought the dress on the first go! WHOOPS!

4. Come Prepared with Style Numbers… But Be Open Minded

You know when Brides on Say Yes to the Dress come into the store & almost immediately declare that they do not want to look like a cupcake? Well I want to look like a freakin’ cupcake… with extra icing please & thanks. Bring on the tulle & bring it hard! A couple of weeks prior to my first Wedding Dress appointment, I scoured the boutiques’ website & wrote down the style numbers of wedding dresses I wanted to try on – that way, I didn’t have to waste time describing my potential dream dress upon arriving at the salon – you’ll likely only receive a one hour time slot for your appointment so timing is EVERYTHING! I arrived, gave her my style numbers & within less than five minutes was in my very first dress!

Note: I was really lucky in that I actually loved the style that I thought I was going to love. But how many times have you known a bride to go into a salon wanting one style & leaving with the exact opposite! Have an idea of what you love, but if you end up not loving it actually on you – allow the stylist to make recommendations & be open to them… they know what they’re doing! 

5. Book Appointments for the Morning 

Okay so this is honestly just purely for superficial reasons… I didn’t want to be bloated from lunch & trying on form fitting wedding dresses – sue me! I wanted to feel my best & I totally did! There’s honestly not much more to say about this point! Moving on…

6. Finish off the Day with a Celebration! 

Whether or not you’ve actually found & purchased the dress of your dreams, I am of the firm belief that après champagne or a celebration of sorts is always in order. Hello! The whole process of wedding dress shopping is kind of a big freakin’ deal & something that you will only do once in your life! Despite already finding my dream dress, I’m honestly a little bit sad that my wedding dress hunt has already come & gone so RELISH in the process & celebrate every little bit that you can! We went for brunch & mimosas after sealing the deal & it was a perfect way to debrief, & celebrate my very first real purchase of our wedding thus far!

So… Do you have any tips?!



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