Spook-tacular Spirits… Literally

“Drink up witches”


The single best day of the whole entire year is a mere four days away… I seriously wish I could just press pause on this whole situation called life & soak up every single last ounce of this haunting time of the month. Alas, the powers of Click are regrettably reserved solely for Adam & the big screen, & I’m left attempting my very best to bask in all of Hallows Eve glory whilst it’s still socially acceptable to… because I literally celebrate Halloween all year round! SO, why not raise a glass to all things horrifying with these three Spook-tacular “Spirits”… do you see what I did there?

Halloween Cocktails

I’ve served the below cocktails at past Halloween dinner parties & they were a MAJOR hit! One is more sophisticated & generally fall appropriate/themed, while the other two are SUPER aesthetically displeasing & gory… yet SO yummy!

Let me know if you give these a go over the weekend, I would LOVE to hear how they all turned out!!

1. Human Blood ** This one is inspired by my absolute IDOL Jillian Harris!! LOVED the concept, but I wanted to re-vamp the recipe a bit & create a “better for you” option sans the ice cream… but you can check out the original recipe HERE.


  • 2 tablespoons of Crofter’s Organic Strawberry OR Raspberry Fruit Spread (in place of simple syrup) – I purchased mine from Ambrosia Natural Foods
  • Zevia Lemon Lime Twist – contains zero calories,  no artificial flavours & more importantly ZERO aspartame!! This soda is naturally sweetened with Stevia – it’s honestly SO good & more than does the trick when you have a soda craving!!
  • Ice
  • Desired Alcohol
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Red Edible Gel – mix honey with a splash of either PURE pomegranate juice, PURE beet juice OR beet powder
  • Straw


  1. Fill two separate cups with ice
  2. Add the fruit spread to the glass
  3. Add desired alcohol *** Note: This drink is JUST as good without the alcohol, it makes for the most perfect refresher!!!
  4. Fill the remainder of glass with the Zevia Lemon Lime Twist
  5. Place a straw through each set of vampire teeth & put them into your cocktail!
  6. Rim your glass with red edible gel
  7. Serve!

2. Apple Cider Mimosas


  • Sparkling white wine
  • Apple cider
  • Cinnamon sticks to garnish


  1. Add two parts sparkling white wine & one part apple cider to a champagne flute
  2. Garnish with cinnamon sticks
  3. Serve! This is such a great, SIMPLE, little festive twist on your standard mimosa with orange juice (not that mimosas are “standard” by any stretch, but you get what I’m saying!!!!)

3. Worm Juice


  • Surf Sweets Gummy Worms – These candies are made with organic fruit juices, fortified with your daily dose of vitamin C & FREE of corn syrup, artificial colours & the top ten allergens!PLUS, they’re on sale at Ambrosia until October 31st!
  • Zevia Lemon Lime Twist
  • Desired alcohol
  • Ice
  • A shot of all natural orange juice


  1. Pour all ingredients into a glass over ice
  2. Add a couple of worms for garnish each drink
  3. Serve!

Will you be sipping on these over Halloween Weekend?!



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