This Month On HHH….

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, & gorgeous at the end”

Robin Sharma

I am one thousand percent one of those people that absolutely despises everything, & anything to do with change in ALL of its entirety. Comfort zones & familiar routines are both circumstances in which I tend to thrive, so anything that challenges the intimate personal bubble in which I have carefully curated for myself over the years, appears to be somewhat intimidating or daunting… to say the least. So in an effort to rid myself of this ridiculous little phobia of mine, I have (somewhat hesitantly) decided to dedicate March to all things change & how to deal with it.

March in itself is a month bred on change, what with the transitioning of seasons/weather etc; top that off some some major personal changes that are going on in my life at the moment, & I’ve found myself in a smorgasbord of change that has peaked my anxiety far too often than I’d care to admit!! SO this month, I’m going to attempt to embrace change in a positive light – I’ll be touching on some of the lighter subjects (my personal favs), like how to deal with certain skincare or lifestyle habits during this change in season, while simultaneously delving into things with a bit more depth, ie. learning to say no (for all of my fellow people-pleasers!) & so much more!

Stay Tuned 😉



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