Try Something New!

“You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward & uncomfortable when you try something new”

– Brian Tracy

Has there ever been that one new thing that you’ve always wanted to try, but never actually gotten around to doing it? An annual “Summer Bucket-list” that’s always left somewhat unfinished? Well newsflash friends, but summer is more than halfway over! How crazy right?! So if you haven’t already, it’s really time to get outdoors, get active, & most importantly…. try out that something new!

 Why I Wanted to Write this Article 

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation recently launched their #OneNewThing campaign designed to encourage women to break through their comfort zones, embrace a healthy lifestyle, & try out new things to help reduce their risk of breast cancer… I absolutely love, love, LOVE this campaign! The following video COMPLETELY inspired me to write this post & every-time I watch this, it gives me the CHILLS!

Okay how much did you love that video?! I’m obsessed. However, I think that the #OneNewThing lifestyle is really something that we should all learn to embrace, regardless of gender! Being active, stepping outside of our comfort zones, trying new things, & taking care of our bodies is really what life is all about! We should all try to stop living for tomorrow or the weekend & start to embrace the present moment.

Every single day we’re unknowingly presented with endless opportunities to try new things.. whether they be big or small! Always wanted to plant an herb or vegetable garden in your back yard? DO IT! Too intimidated to bust a move at your Zumba class? BUST THAT MOVE… everybody’s doing it, why not you?! Trying new things can at times be scary, but so is living your life without having experienced the amazing opportunities that are out there!

The “Year of Yes” 

After a bad breakup a couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to embrace new things & eventually had declared that year to be my “Year of Yes”… I had also just binge watched “The Tyra Banks Show” & was feeling very Strong Independent Women :P. This new motto meant saying yes to things that would typically make me uncomfortable or that I’d put off for another day, another month, or another year… but if you’re anything like me, we all know far too well that “it” (whatever that may be) is never actually going to happen! So I wanted to finally put an end to this silly, little trend of mine & start really living my life!

That year ended up being one of the BEST years of my life! I said “yes” to a lot of things; I signed up for trips to both Peru & India, spent more time with family, & eventually mustered up the strength to tell a friend that I had developed feelings for him! These moments all had an amazing impact on my life in SO many different ways!

1. Travel: At the time, the concept of “travelling” was fairly foreign to me, but a year after signing up for both of these trips I found myself exploring each of these beautiful & wonderfully unique countries… I’ve officially been bitten by the “travel bug”! Now I’m always planning my next trip, whether that be a thirty minute drive to explore my own country or a 7 hour flight across seas, there’s always a part of this world that I’m eager to discover!

What new place do you want to see? Try “travelling” within your own city… look for local parks, hikes, or bike trails around you & discover something new!

photo (59)

My family last week on a canopy tour up North! We’d never tried one like this before & it was SO fun! There are canopy tours offered in Haliburton, Stouffville, & in Collingwood!

photo (60)

Kayaking! Kayaking is offered at several locations across Ontario! Check out local lakes to see if kayak rentals are available near you!

photo (61)

My family always wanted to try paddle boarding so my dad rented a couple of them for the day last year & we loved them so much that we ended up buying some! You can actually take paddle boarding lessons right here in Toronto!

photo (63)

Hiking is a great way to learn more about where you live! You can find some of my favourite hiking spots in & around the Toronto area here!

2. Family: Family has & will always be incredibly important to me! But that year, I said “yes” to spending even more time with my family & got incredibly close with my cousins. I’m so grateful for their friendship & whenever we’re together, I always have the best of times! My entire family has always been such an incredible support system & they all mean the absolute world to me! I’m so happy to truly call them my friends.

Are there people in your life that you wish you could spend more time with?

3. The Friend-Crush: For those of you that don’t know, I’m actually a pretty shy person… new social situations = embarrassingly extreme “sweaty palm” situation. So I’m sure that you can imagine just how nervous I became when I began developing feelings for one of my friends! He was seriously everything that I wanted in a guy: hilarious, intelligent, outgoing, extremely kind, & handsome. So I finally decided to pull myself together & tell him that I liked him! YIKES. Now I know what most of you are thinking, MAJOR dating faux-paus, however this was my “Year of Yes” & I was on a roll people!! Plus the “friend” is now my current boyfriend of over two years & he continuously challenges me to be the best version of myself…. sorry if that sounds corny but it’s beyond true. He was the one that pushed me to write this blog & it is seriously one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever done.

What new thing makes you nervous or uncomfortable?

photo 1 (31)

My boyfriend trying “wake surfing” for the first time! He was initially nervous but ended up LOVING it!

Now I can almost guarantee that not every “new thing” is going to have this life-altering, amazing, Oprah-esque “Aha” moment… but I don’t think that’s the point! It’s about the experience & what you’ve gained from it no matter how insignificant it appears to be!

What #OneNewThing have YOU always wanted to try?!


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  1. Norma Linton July 30, 2015 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Wonderful blog Brittany, we as part of your family see a happier, successful, courageous young lady that we admire very much.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Brit Linton July 30, 2015 at 8:04 pm - Reply

      Thank-you so much! That means a lot to me 🙂

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