Wedding Diaries: 12 Months Out

“Weekend Forecast: wedding planning, wine, sleep”


Hello ladies & gents! Welcome to what is undoubtedly your favourite day of the entire month – the day in which I recap our Wedding Planning Process! Now I know you’ve collectively all been sitting on the edges of your seats for the past 30 days or so awaiting this very post… so let’s just get right to it shall we? Here’s our 12th month recap! ENJOY!

1. I Bought a Wedding Dress

I said YES to the DRESS! Side Note: I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been staring at this computer screen, desperately attempting to come up with literally any phrase other than something as cliché & unoriginal as “I said yes to the dress”… alas, it’s currently a Monday morning & I have yet to indulge in my second cup of coffee, so you’ll all just have to deal with my sub-par writing efforts for now.

To be honest, I’m actually shocked that I found a wedding dress so early on! I literally stare at the photo of my dress like a hundred times in one hour, & then almost always go to send the photo to Andrei because that’s just what I would normally do when I get excited about something. Then I remember that showing him the dress is totally illegal, & the chances of our marriage not working out will likely increase tenfold as soon as I press send because #superstition.

Anyways… it was all a very magical experience – I cried, my mom cried, my grandmother cried & then I cried a little bit more when I found out the dress was slightly over budget, but YOLO… I’M GETTING MARRIED.

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2. Ceremony Snafu

So we ran into our very first wedding planning roadblock this past month, & it has to do with the actual ceremony itself… you know, the crux of our entire day. NBD. And I mean not to like, point fingers or anything but Andrei I’m looking directly at you. So here’s the deal. It was always our intention to have a Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony – I am not Roman Catholic, but Andrei is & this has always been something that is really important to him – & therefore important to me. At the very beginning of our venue search I asked Andrei if his Priest would perform the ceremony at the reception site OR if we were required to hold the ceremony in a Roman Catholic Church – because this would greatly affect venue selection, budget allocation, time of ceremony, flow of the day, whether we had to look into transportation etc. etc. etc.

His response? “My Priest is different, he is a cool Priest & we can have the ceremony anywhere”. I mean, obviously as soon as the words “...he is a cool Priest” were uttered I should have immediately questioned this logic but hindsight is 20/20 & at the time this answer was more than sufficient for me. I suppose this is the part where I should be taking a brunt of the responsibility too.

Fastforward three months & it turns out that God will not bend the rules for little ol’ Andrei & me, & his Priest said that we absolutely, without a doubt, must get married in a Roman Catholic Church after all. Now I know that this may not seem like such a massive deal, but it really does throw a little bit of a wrench into my our already perfectly laid out wedding plans. All of the venues we had looked at were based on holding both the ceremony & reception in one location – now we have to consider added costs like transportation for the wedding party & church fees, timing for photography (we’re already limited with daylight hours because it’s winter), distance between the church & reception space (I really don’t want to have to make our guests drive far) & the logistics/potential roadblocks we may face if we have to get married in a church that isn’t Andrei’s Priests’ “Home Church” – which, to be quite frank, is enough to make your head spin! Trust me, I’ve looked into it.

Moral of the story: before you step foot into a SINGLE venue… FIND OUT ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IF YOU HAVE TO GET MARRIED IN A CHURCH OR NOT!

3. We Solidified Our Colours

I honestly can’t decide how much I want to tell you guys about the specific details of our wedding. Part of me is like wanting to hold back & be private & let it all be a fun surprise for the actual day, & then the other part of me is like “be open, be authentic, be real.. share it all!” so for now I’m going to go ahead & put a little “TBA” check on the actual colours themselves. BUT, I will tell you that we have decided on a colour scheme; I know exactly how I want the stationary to look, our centrepieces, the bouquets, the decor, the wedding party attire etc. I’ve had the colour scheme in mind & brewing throughout the entire venue search process & seeing the different spaces has really solidified how I want the day to look. Tip: Base your wedding colours around the venue. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve cringed whilst looking at online wedding photos because the colours completely clash with the ceremony or reception space. Work with your venue space, & select colours that complement the already existing decor, paint colour etc. of the reception or ceremony room. This will help create a seamless, cohesive look for your big day & really add to the overall atmosphere.

4. Narrowed it Down to Two Wedding Venues

Admittedly, the venue search has been a little bit of a struggle! I wish that I could piece together elements of each venue & merge them into one ultra amazing super venue, alas property development is not my gig so we’re definitely going to have to compromise on the vision just a tad. The good news is that we ARE down to just two venues which is GREAT!

Both Andrei & I are absolutely head over heels with one particular venue! It’s honestly exactly what we were looking for; cozy roaring fireplaces, stone walls, exposed beams etc. It reminds me of the English Countryside – think Kate Winslet’s cottage in The Holiday (AKA legit my dream home), BUT there is one major issue & that is that the dance space would actually be in a seperate room from the dinner/reception! UGH! We’re both SO worried that this will totally break up the evening & people won’t actually go out to dance!! I want people to have a good time & honestly, if dancing were in the same room as the reception, we both agree that we would have signed the contract the minute we saw this space.

Now the other venue is also just absolutely stunning… there is no debating it. It is probably the most beautiful of venues that we have visited thus far (exposed beams, hanging lanterns, fireplace etc.), BUT they are also by far the least, least, least accomodating of venues we have visited throughout this entire process! No budging or wiggle on the wedding packages, we have to go with their entertainment group or pay an inordinate plug-in fee if we choose not to, we can’t bring in our own pastries, & we are responisble for the cleanup after the reception is over (just to name a few). Simply put, from our experience talking with other venues & wedding planners, a lot of the things this particular venue essentially forces upon you are complete & utter BS/not necessary, & simply designed to squeeze you for the most amount of money possible. It honestly oozes of price gouging, & feels like they’re trying to nickel & dime you on literally every single aspect of your Wedding. But yah know what… they’re the current “it” venue, & we’re STILL debating having our wedding there even though I know their methods are a little questionable. So obviously they completely win out in the end! Like I said, it’s gorgoues! No argument there. If we end up swallowing our pride & selecting this place in the end, it would be purely for aesthetic & superficial reasons TBH.

All in all… we have a bit of thinking to do. But we’re close… I can feel it! We’re heading back to venue option numero uno because I am desperate to come up with any creative ways to fix the dance floor issue because we both love, love, love that space!

Side Note: I have zero issues in naming both of these venues, because I think it will be helpful for all of you bride-to-be’s – I will be doing a Venue Check List on all the venues we have visited in an upcoming post after we’ve selected the space! So stay tuned!

5. Continued Upping My Workout Game

Nothing major to report here… just continuously gettin’ those wedding gainz. I’ve been incorporating more sprint training & HIIT into my workouts in addition to weight training, just to burn more fat but other than that I’m still super excited about all the progress within the fitness realm of things! Andrei & I go to the gym together about four times per week.

6. Only Use Natural Beauty Products

I have almost completely overhauled my beauty routine! I’m normally really great at using only organic or all-natural products, but there have been a few conventional product lingerers. I used the engagement as an excuse to finally rid myself of those lingerers & replace them with cleaner products! I’ve been experimenting with a few different lines, obviously you guys know of my OBSESSION with Andalou Naturals! Now, Nourishe Organics recently sent me a TON of products that I’ve been testing out & thus far I am LOVING them! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled from product reviews coming soon!!!

So… what are your wedding planning tips?!


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  1. Laura February 27, 2018 at 11:03 pm - Reply

    I am so curious as to which venues you’re looking at! I would say that if the bar isn’t by the dance floor, people don’t dance. That is the number one killer of a fun after party (seriously)

    I got my dress this weekend!!!! We’re 8 months out and I essentially had to beg them not to ask me if I was “saying yes to the dress”… but I say it constantly now.

    Good recap! Seriously keep me posted on your venue choice!
    Laura @

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