Wedding Diaries: 13 Months Out

“Lets decide who we’re inviting to our wedding & who will never speak to us again”


Well, we’re officially about one month deep into some serious, full-blown wedding planning & this whole bridal ordeal still doesn’t feel anymore “real” than it did on the very first day of our engagement. In fact, I’m nearly positive it won’t fully feel like we’re actually getting married ’til we’re up at the altar exchanging “I do’s” – & by exchanging “I do’s” I actually mean wailing uncontrollably whilst attempting to verbalize literally anything that resembles words or a vow… THIS I am sure of. It’s going to be an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. Now regardless of whether or not the wedding ITSELF actually feels “real”, we still have to plan the freakin’ thing – AND considering the elusive “wedding planning timeline” is one of the biggest qualms for any newly engaged couple – I thought I’d share a monthly recap of OUR timeline here. Not that it’s right or accurate anything – but use it as a guideline, OR learn from our mistakes!! So without further ado… welcome to our first monthly recap! ENJOY!

Our Wedding Timeline: 13 Months Out

Below is a quick overview of everything we’ve done for the wedding over the past month or so!

We Created a Working Guest List

This is one of the very first things we did when we got engaged. And by “we”, I mean I drafted our guest list on the “Notes” section of my iphone whilst stuck in traffic on the Go Bus a few weeks ago, & then had Andrei look it over for approval. Yay for productivity.

Regardless… drafting your guest list is essential & it’s something that should absolutely be done PRIOR to looking at venues! Many venues have a minimum & maximum head count for each of their venue spaces, so a working guest list is a MUST in terms of determining venue selection AND working with budget restrictions. It obviously doesn’t have to be EXACT, but you should definitely have a rough estimate!

Settled our Budget

Again… SUPER essential to determine at the beginning stages of your Wedding Planning extravaganza! What’s the point of visiting & falling in love with venues or vendors, if it turns out ya simply can’t afford them in the long run?

I sat down, wrote out our budget & allocated exact funds that would go toward each & every single aspect of our wedding. I thought I would hate this part, but I actually kind of love it! Also – it makes me feel grown.

Created a Mood Board 

Okay so one last thing before you start Venue Shopping!!! Create a Wedding Mood Board! This will help determine the vibe you want your wedding to emulate & will help make the venue & vendor selection process a whole lot easier. You can view my board, along with tips on how to make your very own, HERE! 

Went Venue Shopping!!!

Okay so THIS is the fun part! January was largely dedicated to Venue Shopping & February is shaping up to be pretty similar. Believe it or not, many wedding venues start booking up to ONE year in advance! Now because we’re doing a Winter Wedding, we definitely have a little bit more wiggle room – regardless, I still wanted to give ourselves ample time to venue shop to ensure we both got a space that we truly love on a date that we’re happy with.

We’ve looked at three venues so far, & have three more to look at this February!

Takeaway: give yourselves a good amount of time to venue shop leisurely & STRESS FREE! Start your Venue Shopping 12-13 Months Out! To give you a bit of an idea of just how insane this can be… Andrei & I are looking at Feb 2019 winter dates & a lot of the venue Open Houses we’ve been attending are filled with couples looking for 2019 SUMMER Venues!!!

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TIP: ALSO INVEST IN A WEDDING PLANNING BOOK! My mom bought me an incredible wedding planning book for Christmas & it is SO handy & keeps me incredibly organized! You’ll be getting a TON of pamphlets from vendors/venues etc. & a Wedding Planning Book is a great way to store this kind of information! Click HERE for the book my mom got me… it is GOLD!

Ps. I’m soooooo lucky that Andrei absolutely loves visiting these venues with me! He is SO into it & loves asking about a bajillion questions… I am actually convinced that he is way more into this than I am.

Booked Wedding Dress Appointments

So I have officially yet to try on a single wedding dress, but I HAVE booked a few dress appointments for both February & March. Similar to venues, depending on the dress & boutique – wedding dresses can at TIMES take up to a year to order. I know that this is all insane… but it is the reality!

It’s ALSO important to note that weekend appointments at bridal boutiques can can be booked solid for about 4 weeks out. Give yourself ample time to dress shop, & be sure to enjoy the dress hunting experience – AKA start booking bridal dress appointments about 13 Months Out from the wedding, so you have a full year to allow for alterations, fittings etc in a timely & stress free manor!

Upped my Fitness Game

Call me vain – but I want to look absolutely fire on my wedding day. Which I think is not out of the norm, & one hundred percent reasonable. Now by NO means am I saying that you should start upping your workout routine a whole 13 months out from your wedding day… this is more of me realizing that I am in NO way near the shape I used to be in kind of situation & simply making a lifestyle change for me & not necessarily JUST for the wedding – even though, lets be real, it IS playing somewhat of a role 😉

I recently downloaded The Doll Fitness complimentary 4 week beginner Weight Training Program to help kickstart my fitness goals & I am LOVING the results so far. I’m absolutely taking a moment to brag here to let all of you know that in ten days I have lost 1.5 inches on my arms! #YAAAS

My favourite, motivating & inspirational fitness accounts are Doll Fitness & Abi Roman! Both accounts offer wonderfully amazing, motivational tips on the daily!

Well.. that’s it folks! That’s everything we’ve done over the past month in terms of Wedding Planning! Stay tuned for next month’s recap.



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