Wedding Diaries: 8 Months Out

“We’re having an open bar!!!! Oh…. & a wedding”


OMG I seriously don’t know what to update you guys on!! We’ve finally reached a point in the wedding planning process where pretty much all of the major decisions have been made – Praised Be – so this month’s wedding recap is primarily going to be a nonsensical stream of bridal consciousness… ENJOY!

Finalized Floral Designs 

It’s all about the Haliburton Forests…

Going over flower arrangements & centrepieces has been my favourite part of this entire experience thus far!! Emily from Threads & Blooms recently sent over a vision board or look-book of sorts & I am seriously in love with everything that we have envisioned for the wedding. Being an OG & die-hard cottager the forest has been our primary inspiration for the centrepieces. Our goal with the flower arrangements is to bring in subtle elements of the cottage & Haliburton forests into the McMichael Art Gallerysplashed with elegance & glam of course because I’m very much a “girlie girl” & also because I’ve recently discovered that Andrei is v. fancy. 

McMichael is surrounded by GORGEOUS forests & hills so creating a woodsy wedding feel will be a piece of CAKE!

Picked a Bachelorette Location 

Okay so I’m literally SO excited for my Bachelorette Party! I have seriously been planning my Bachelorette Party since well before Andrei & I got engaged – like three years ago to be exact – & I decided to include it in THIS recap because as discussed I actually have nothing major to update you on… but I still very much wanted those sweet, sweet “clicks”. The inspiration behind my Bachelorette is courtesy of my IDOL Jillian Harris – she hosted a winter wonderland Bachelorette Party for one of her girlfriends & their snowshoe/wine adventure in the mountains is still absolute GOALS! Ever since that moment I’ve dreamt of a cozy, snowy & spa-filled Bachelorette in the mountains so it’s off to Collingwood we go!!! I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT!

Booked Catering Tastings

I’m equally as excited about tasting the food as I am about decor/floral decisions. I’m practically salivating over the thought of trying out different warm, stick-to-your bones, winter-esque foods. We’ve got a couple of catering tastings lined up over the next couple of weeks so hopefully during my next recap we’ll actually have a caterer!

Visited the Wedding Venue with Mom & Grandma

Grandma & I checking out the Wedding Reception room.

My mom & grandmother had yet to visit the McMichael Art Gallery so I KNEW that I had to get them out there ASAP. We visited a couple of days ago & I’m SO incredibly happy to report that it just confirmed how perfect this venue is for us!!! It is honestly as though this space was made for Andrei & I – I can’t EVEN.

Taking photos around the McMichael property.

ALSO – another reason why I wanted to visit the venue was to select our Wedding Invitations! What many McMichael Brides do is select a painting postcard from the McMichael gallery store & have it photocopied for wedding invites. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve picked. It is VERY on theme.

Some of the STUNNING Canadian Art pieces in the McMichael Gallery. I’m excited because guests get to wander the gallery during cocktail hour.

Drafted Out Email List For My Bridal Shower

I can’t believe that I’m already thinking about Bridal Showers! THIS IS GETTING SO REAL! My insanely generous & amazing friend is hosting a bridal shower for me this coming October (literally perfect because it is my favourite month EVER) so I wrote out a list of attendees! I’ve already been searching for one hundred million fall bridal shower dresses & I cannot WAIT.

Scouted out Venues for our Second Wedding Reception

Andrei’s Hometown – Timisoara, Romania

Wait this is actually SO major – who am I kidding there are LOTS of updates this month – & I don’t even think that I have mentioned this at ALL on the blog but Andrei & I are having a second wedding reception in Romania. For those of you that DON’T know, Andrei & his family moved here from Romania when he was 10 years old so pretty much all of his extended family still actually lives oversees. SOOOOO a couple of months after our wedding here in Canada Andrei & I will be flying to Romania to celebrate our wedding with all of his family before jetting off on our honeymoon! My future in-laws were in Romania just a couple of weeks ago & they were tasked with scouting out potential venues to hold our reception & it looks as though we found some winners! YAY! There won’t be a ceremony & I won’t be in a full-on wedding dress (there WILL be a white dress though) or anything along those lines but there will definitely be a celebration! I’m not going to be recapping that celebration because that would be NUTS but I’ll give you updates here & there within this recap series.

Image via:

Casa Del Sol! This is looking like it will be the location for our second wedding reception in Timisoara, Romania! We’re thinking late May so we can enjoy the patio with Andrei’s friends & family. 

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  1. Kirsten June 27, 2018 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    Two wedding receptions! So exciting! I am happy you found both of the venue spots! 🎉🎉 congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding fun!

    • Brit Linton July 3, 2018 at 3:52 pm - Reply

      Thank-you!!! Yes!!! I think that we MIGHT be a little bit in over our heads.. but stay updated lol!!!!! Ask me how I feel about all of this in a couple of months.

  2. Cherul June 28, 2018 at 6:36 am - Reply

    This sounds do wonderful! Congratulations on figuring out all the small details. Florals and food sounds liked I’d love figuring it out too. Hehe

    • Brit Linton July 3, 2018 at 3:53 pm - Reply

      Thank-you!! It feels pretty wonderful to be finished all of the details… thank goodness! And I seriously can’t wait to taste all of the foods!

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