Wedding Diaries: Bridal Beauty Regimen

“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not”

Dr. Howard Murad

First comes love…. then comes several consecutive months of gruelling, tedious & downright agonizing beauty & fitness regimens in order to look straight fire on the Wedding Day. Pain is beauty right? If you’ve been keeping up with any of my Wedding Recaps then you’ll know that I am willing to commit unspeakable acts in order to both look & feel great when I awkwardly teeter in heels strut down the aisle. I mean I GET that beauty is skin deep & all, but sometimes a little facial serum or mud mask situation never hurt ANYONE. Thankfully I’ve recently partnered up with a skincare brand that is effortless to use, effective & one hundred percent pain-less…. I am seriously crushing on them atm! Insert: Nourishe Organics

Wedding Product Spotlight: Nourishe Organics 

One of the undeniable perks of being a lifestyle blogger is that I get sent beauty & skincare products on a regular basis for testing purposes. Now while this is absolutely & utterly AMAZING it also means that I jump from one skincare line to the next, so I’m not consistently utilizing any one particular product for my nighttime skincare routine ** insert collective eye roll from the peanut gallery ** I know… woe is me, I’m SO hard done by! 

But despite these little luxuries I’ve been wanting to nail down a consistent beauty regimen ever since we got engaged. Mostly because I don’t want to throw a new product into the mix right before my wedding & then come to find out that its totally screwed with my complexion!

Below are the steps that I took in order to solidify a skincare routine one year out from the wedding!

Bridal Beauty Regimen Timeline – One Year Out 

1. Visit the Pro’s 

Full Disclosure: Okay so I know that I literally JUST said that these are “the steps that I took in order to solidify a skincare routine” but I actually didn’t consult with a pro to determine what regimen would be best para moi, however it is a step that you should totally undergo. Our body’s largest organ is kind of complex, so making an appointment to visit a professional is definitely a great place to start prior to embarking on your wedding skincare journey! This will take a lot of the guess work out of your search for the perfect skincare regimen because a pro will know exactly how to devise the best strategy to helping you achieve flawless skin; do this about one year out from your wedding.

Why so far in advance? Because it can seriously take months for your skin cells to regenerate & for the effects of a skincare regimen to truly be noticeable!

Master alchemist Kristin Bauer, the founder of Nourishe Organics, is definitely a pro in the realm of organic skincare! After having gained interest in DNA mutation & skin cell regeneration in the treatment of patients in the hospital burn unit, she embarked on a journey to create specialized organic & natural treatments focused on the protection of long term skin rejuvenation.

In addition to her Nourishe Organics product line, Kristin offers a variety of services from skincare to massage to energetic modalities based out of Delray Beach & Tequesta, Florida!

Side Note: Prior to delving right into Kristin’s amazing products, I thought that this was a good time to go over key differences that you’ll notice in organic/natural skincare products in comparison to your stereotypical drugstore variety!

  • Texture – The texture of truly authentic natural & organic skincare is going to be different than the velvety smooth texture of your conventional products, period. This is not a bad thing! It just means that there is less filler, preservatives & chemicals in the natural counterpart. It WILL be different than what you’re used to – but the quality is so much better!
  • Scent – Same thing goes for the scent. Natural & organic skincare products are typically not going to be pumped with artificial fragrances, so again, the scent of authentically raw, organic products is NOT what you are going to be used to! But like I said, this is a good thing!!! You only want real, raw, organic active ingredients on your skin!

…moving on!

2. Indulge in Regular Skin Detox’s 

If you’ve ever taken one step outside in a busy city, then you’ll know that our skin is exposed to a pretty questionable array of floating particles & miscellaneous molecules on a daily basis. So it’s imperative that you give your skin a good ol’ fashion deep cleanse or detox every couple of weeks in the months leading up to your wedding just to clear out any unwanted gunk that’s been clogging up your pores.

I’ve been using the Nourishe Organics Detox Cream called Dragon’s Breath on a bi-weekly basis & it is really unlike any other “mask” that I have ever used… in the best way possible! Like the product name suggests, it’s really more of a cream than your everyday face mask – & I love that! It doesn’t dry like your typical mask normally would, instead it leaves your skin feeling super hydrated & replenished! I haven’t been using this product for that long in the grand scheme of things, but what I can tell you is that I’m noticing a lot more of an “evenness” in my overall skin tone – I’m way more comfortable stepping out in public sans concealer or foundation which I think is kind of major. 

This product is going to give you/your makeup artist a great blank canvas to work with on the wedding day!

3. Use Serums 

I’ve recently talked about not always being a serum kinda gal, but having recently changed my tune I can now say that I am officially OBSESSED with them! I literally feel like they are a fountain of youth of sorts I swear. To REALLY reap the benefits of facial serums, & if you currently don’t use them, then you should definitely think about incorporating them into your beauty regimen anywhere from 6 months – 1 year out from the wedding! You’ll likely be attending a TON of really fun events (ie. Bachelorette Party, Engagement Party, Engagement Photos, Showers etc.) in the months leading up to your wedding so it’s always a good idea to ensure that your skin is in tip top shape throughout the duration of these activities… serums are the way to do this!

The two that I have been using for the past couple of months have been Nourishe Organics Nectar of Life & Sun Love. These two products are enriched with all of these really wonderful organic & natural plants/botanicals & I find that I have this gorgeous, vibrant glow right now which I am LOVING. Side Note: Sun Love is best used during the summer months – it provides relief for sun damaged skin!

4. Cleanse in the Shower… AKA Multi-task! 

Deep in the throes of wedding planning, on top of holding down a full time job, working out, blogging & managing my freelance clients has proven to be a bit of a time thief to say the least… THANKFULLY I’ve managed to successfully master the art of multi-tasking & I’ve grown to literally take advantage of every single last millisecond, & if that means using face wash & brushing my teeth in the shower then so be it! Planning a wedding may leave you with so little time that you start forgoing seemingly small things like self-care or your skincare regimen… but make time for it! It’s SO important to take a minute & make time for yourself when you feel a little bit stressed.

Now I have to admit that when I first saw Nourishe Organics Songaa Organic Soap I had absolutely zero idea that it was meant to be used as a facial cleanser until I actually read the instructions – I was about to put it out by the sink for hand washing purposes! WHOOPS! Thank God I actually managed to figure it out because I would have totally missed out on all of that antioxidant amazingness for my skin! Side Note: the antioxidant capacity rating for this particular product is over 10,000,000 by the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) – wowza. 

And for what it’s worth my skin does feel & smell super clean & smooth – I wish I could give you all a better adjective than “clean“, but this is honestly the word that keeps popping up in my head!!! Fresh, clean, vibrant!

5. Don’t forget the neck! 

Ladies… I cannot stress this enough! The neck is always a dead giveaway when it comes to someone’s age! It is quite often forgotten altogether in the realm of skincare however it is SO incredibly important to ensure that you’re taking good care of this particularly sensitive area! Why? Because the skin is a little thinner (doesn’t have as much fat padding) & is therefore more susceptible to damage!

I use pretty much ALL of the above Nourishe Organics products on my face as well as my neck because hashtag PREVENTION!!!

Do you guys have any pre-wedding Beauty Tips?!


Thank-you to Nourishe Organics for sending me these products for Free! All thoughts & opinions are my own… duh!


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