Wedding Diaries: How to Create a Wedding Mood Board

“Every picture has a story to tell”


Okay so I’m  nearly positive that sharing our Wedding Mood Board publicly is likely breaking about a zillion Bridal superstitions & faux pas’… but YOLO… it’s our [wedding] party & I’ll overexpose it if I want to. I mean it’s not like I’m live-streaming the wedding dress for all of Instagram, Facebook & Twitterverse to see, right?! So I’m fairly certain that showing you a few of my favourite Wedding Pinterest Finds will not affect the future stability & longevity of our engagement/marriage. But I mean, stay tuned…

Creating a Wedding Mood Board 

After we got engaged in Florida, Andrei made me promise that there would be absolutely ZERO wedding talk for the duration of our vacation. Despite my initial dismay & annoyance it actually turned out to be a pretty excellent rule – we REALLY got to celebrate & enjoy the engagement bliss for an entire week sans any interruptions from literally ANYONE! It felt like a mini Honeymoon & it was honestly just so perfect to keep that little secret to ourselves for a whole, entire week. Snaps for my fiancé – he knows what he’s talking about a good majority of the time.

….But that was then.

As soon as our plane landed in Toronto, effectively terminating our verbal contract, I IMMEDIATELY delved right into everything & anything Wedding. I typed & Google’d & Pinterest’d so fast that I’m nearly positive I may have suffered from acute & temporary arthritis. Worth It.

In what I can only assume to be VERY naive on my part, I have literally envisioned & planned out our entire wedding in my mind. I have written out our guest list, chosen our First Dance, decided on how I want our centrepieces, the bouquets, the decor, the Bachelorette Party – the whole freakin’ SHEBANG! And in an effort to sort of streamline our vision all into one, cohesive space I created a Mood Board to help us sort of stay on track through all the madness that is undoubtedly about to ensue. This way, when we go visit venues, talk with different vendors etc etc etc, I can show them our board to ensure our Wedding Vision will come to fruition on the Big Day.

SO… without further ado, below is our Wedding Mood Board for our 2019 Winter Wedding – thrown in with a few tips so you can make your very own!

Our Cozy Winter Wedding Mood Board

Voila! We’re envisioning a cozy, rustic & elegant Winter Wedding! These aren’t necessarily exact details or arrangements that I want to go with… this is simply a combination of photos that I feel best represents the mood that I want our wedding to exude!

3 Tips to Keep in Mind For YOUR Wedding Mood Board 

1. Select Your Mood

Okay so the first thing you’re going to want to determine is the mood or feeling that you want your wedding to evoke for both you & your guests. Write down a list of words that describe the feeling you want for your wedding, and then start looking for photos  that emulate those feelings!

Below are a few of the words I wrote down:

  • Warm
  • Cozy
  • Intimate
  • Romantic
  • Cabin
  • Laid back
  • Casual
  • Rustic
  • Cottage

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Wedding Photos

Wedding photos can be a tad bit restricting when assembling your board so it’s important to expand your search & look for ANY image that you feel represents the mood of your wedding! Colours, textures, scenery, jewellery or even photos representative of a specific era are all good images and photos to start out with as a base!

3. Create Cohesiveness 

You want your board, & therefore future wedding, to feel cohesive! Look for images that compliment and enhance one another to ensure there is a common thread throughout your board. You may THINK your photos work well with one another, but when you start piecing it together and take a moment to look at the much larger picture… it may turn out they don’t ACTUALLY work with one another at all! Play around with your board, swap out images that don’t work & have fun with it! This way, it will better represent how you want your wedding day to feel!!!

Have you ever created a mood board? What are some of your tips?!


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