What I Put in my Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

“I don’t understand how some women have 20 plus bridesmaids. I don’t even like that many people.”

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Okay, I’m just throwing it out there… picking your bridal party is honestly awkward AF. I literally scoured every single website for weeks on end in a desperate attempt to find some form of magical, perfect formula or guidebook that would somehow make the archaic ritual of literally ranking & scoring your friends somewhat feasible. The results? I got a big fat nada. I therefore decided to take the “less is more” route so that the bulk of my friends could just relax, enjoy the wedding day, & take five too many tequila shots without having to worry about adequately fulfilling their bridesmaid duties. In other words… get your drink on my friends. To my dear three bridesmaids? Enjoy being at my beck and call for the day! Muahahaha. But in all seriousness, the three lovely ladies that do culminate my bridal party are very special women to me & I wanted to give them a bribe gift to express my undying gratitude for having to cave to what will undoubtedly be outrageous demands over the next year or so. Read on to see what I put in my Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!

The Four Things I Put in my Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

A Hand Written Note

Asking someone to be in your bridal party is a pretty big & special deal!! It’s a commitment, albeit a fun one, for those involved in your wedding so I wanted to write a personal note unique & specific to each lady that expressed just how much it would mean to me if they were to accept my “bridesmaid proposal”. Spoiler Alert: They all accepted.

I wrote each of their notes on this gorgeous, decorative paper that I bought from Michaels! The design was a wood slice splashed with a little glamorous gold for good measure – this is very much on theme for the vision of our winter wedding! Lots of wood & gold! EEK.

Candles & Canadian Maple Soap

This candle & Canadian Maple soap are two of some of my favourite products! I wanted to include a little something that I loved, that I knew they would love & that still felt very in line with the overall feel & theme of our wedding! The burlap roses I threw in for a little decor situation is also a bit of a nod to our vibe. My goal was to give my bridesmaids a little peek into what our wedding day will be like… while simultaneously spoiling them with a few of my most beloved products!

Monogrammed Champagne Flutes

Weddings are all about celebration… duh! I wanted to include a little something that felt celebratory, so I had their names inscribed in gold onto champagne flutes. I got these ones from Auntie Andy’s Vinyl & they couldn’t have turned out more perfect! It was exactly how I envisioned they would turn out. Auntie Andy’s Vinyl literally can create pretty much anything & her work is absolutely adorable – I think my entire family received monogrammed mugs for Christmas this year & we’re all obsessed with them! You can contact her at: info@auntieandysvinyl.com!

My hope is that us girls can use these on the morning of the wedding or at the Bachelorette Party… or both!

What did you put into your Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes?!



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