What You Need to Know About Attending & Hosting an Influencer Event

“Why Use Social Media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”

Seth Godin

Okay so as IF I actually needed to say this but Social Media is HUGE – I know, I know… I have developed quite the penchant for stating the obvious but it has literally spawned into this seemingly undying force of nature that shows absolutely zero signs of slowing down anytime soon! And thank actual GOODNESS because it just so happens to be, oh I don’t know, my whole entire life & career!! Now while most people automatically assume that a good 99.9% of my job consists of sitting on Twitter all day whilst carefully curating modertaly witty Tweets (ahem… I’ll have you know it’s actually 96%), there IS quite a lot of depth & responsibilties that go along with the title of being a Social Media Coordinator/Blogger – the most fun? Hosting &/or attending Social Media Influencer Events! SO having just recently hosted an Influencer Event at Ambrosia Natural Foods, I thought I’d give the low-down on tips for both hosting & attending an event such as this! ENJOY!

3 Tips You Need To Know About ATTENDING Influencer Events 

  1. Attend events that align with your brand: This tip is incredibly important! As a blogger or social media afficiando, you’re likely going to get invited to a couple of these events here & there, & although it may be tempting to attend every single one… be picky & make sure that you only attend events that align with your brand! Ensure that the event is the right fit for you & the image you’re trying to build for yourself & your online community. The end goal here is for people to look to you for trusted, quality information – these events present the PERFECT opporunity to relay this information to your followers (ie. a new product launch event for example), so be SURE that it’s information or products that you yourself believe in!
  2. Document the evening & the aftermath: Influencer events are a lot of work to put together! There’s a – pardon my squeemish Matilda reference – TON of blood, sweat & tears that go into successfully pulling an event like this off, so be sure that you document the evening  & show off all of their hard work on social media (tip: tag the brands too!)! I promise you that the brands involved will take note & APPRECIATE it – pssst, if the brand likes what they see, they may even reach out to you for collaborations in the future!! Live tweeting, snap chatting or taking Instagram Stories are all excellent options to consider as an Influencer attending one of these events! AND… if the situation warrants… why not do a behind the scenes blog post of the event a week or so later? The goal of an Influencer Event is brand awareness, so it’s your job as an attendee to help maximize this!
  3. Follow-up: Building loyal relationships with brands is important, so be sure to follow-up with the organizer & thank them! Not to mention, it’s just sort of a nice thing to do etiquette wise… You want to make a lasting, professional impression!

3 Tips You Need To Know About HOSTING Influencer Events

  1. Offer a “plus one”: You want your influencers to feel comfortable, so allowing them to bring a plus one to the event will help them feel a bit more at ease! It can be a bit intimidating to show up to an event all on your lonesome so offering “plus ones” to your guests is a great way to eliminate unwanted awkwardness at your event! Not to mention, a plus one offers YOU as the host/brand another potential client or customer that may not have been exposed to your brand had they not been invited as a plus one! Win, win situation for everyone involved!
  2. Make it a VIP experience: This event really is all about the influencers! They’re attending your event because they’re avid believers in your brand & the products that you sell… so you NEED to show them just how much their loyalty is appreciated!! Below are a couple of ways to ensure that you’re influencers are treated like royalty!
    • Swag Bags! I mean, who DOESN’T love swag bags! This is a great way to show your influencers a little bit of love! Reach out to vendors & brands that align with the values of your company to see if they’ll help sponsor your event through goodie bag donations! A good majority of the time, they’ll be more than willing to help out!
    • Entertainment Value: You want your attendees to gain something from this event, so try to create a memorable experience; whether that be a guest speaker, an interactive workshop or perhaps some form of activity (ie. fitness class)! Keep your influencers entertained & invested in your brand’s message & the story you’re trying to tell!
  3. Make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing settup: I can honestly say that the very first thing I myself look for when attending an influencer event, is an aesthetically pleasing situation or settup that I can Instagram. I know, sounds shallow… but honestly… it’s true! If I’m going to get your message across, it needs to be accompanied with a social media post that falls in line with the exact look & vibe of my feed; & I gaurantee that every other influencer at your event is thinking the exact same thing. Influencers invest a LOT of time into curating their Instagram feed (similarly to how you as a brand have carfully selected branding colours, logos etc), so the space of your venue should essentially look as though it was made for a blogger’s Instagram photo – my advice would be to go with neutrals (so that it will be compatible with a wide variety of social media feeds), mixed in with your brand’s signature colours.

Any bloggers or brands out there? What are some of your tips?!


P to the S…. Below are a few snap shots of the appy’s table from last week’s Ambrosia Influencer Event! I WISH I had more snaps for all of you… but truth be told, I was too busy socializing… which brings me to my last, & MUCH NEEDED FOURTH TIP… as the host, designate someone specifically for the purposes of photography/social media for the evening so that you can take full responsibility of hosting duties! LOL!


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