2015 Interview Series: Blogging with Brit

“All that I’m after is a life full of laughter”

Chris Daughtry

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out exactly how we can get to know each other better. I LOVE this online community & I want to make this space as comfortable & inviting as possible for everyone! So for our very last interview of 2015, I thought it was appropriate for you guys to get to know ME a little bit better! Because despite the fact that I post on here a few times a week, I realized that you actually don’t know that much about me. Which is a MAJOR problem!!

Blogging with Brit 

1. What is your background in the natural health industry?

I’ve always had this passion for health & wellness! Growing up as a competitive synchronized swimmer, healthy living & being active was an integral part of my lifestyle. So it was natural that I enrolled in Kinesiology at Western University… originally with dreams of becoming either a physiotherapist or sport psychologist! 

HOWEVER something didn’t quite fit. As amazing as both of these professions are it didn’t feel like the right path for me. Needless to say, I entered my final year at Western feeling extremely lost when I eventually enrolled in an elective course titled “Complementary & Alternative Medicine“… I WAS HOOKED! I loved the principles behind holistic healthcare: taking an individual’s entire lifestyle into consideration.

So a year later, I enrolled at both the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine & the Edison Institute of Nutrition. The past few years have been absolutely incredible, from interning at the student clinic here in Toronto to studying at the Integrative Healthcare clinics in Mumbai, India… it’s been quite the experience to say the least!

2. Why did you start blogging?

Writing has also been something that I’ve always been really interested in. I developed this love affair with reading at a young age & I think that’s what initially sparked my interest in writing.

Throughout high-school I’d dabble in writing short stories & eventually took some courses in creative writing. Then in university I wrote a monthly celebrity & gossip column for the school paper… pretty deep stuff eh 😛

So blogging was a natural way for me to sort of blend my interests in writing as well as health & wellness.

3. Who are you inspired by in the blogging community?

There are a few people that I absolutely LOVE in the blogging community..

  • Jillian Harris: I just simply love everything about her. With a clothing line, successful design show & wildly popular lifestyle blog all under her belt, it’s easy to see why this incredibly motivating woman tops my list. Not only is she obviously an insanely hard worker, undertaking seemingly everything under the sun, but the way in which she connects with her fans & followers through social media is absolutely amazing… you can really tell that they mean the world to her! It seems as though Harris has absolutely mastered the social media game (I feel like she’s always one step ahead). Not to mention, her Instagram account might just be what dreams are made of. Plus she’s Canadian… EH!
  • Lauren Conrad: I’ve been a Conrad fan ever since the Laguna Beach days, however my admiration for her grew immensely when she launched her Lauren Conrad lifestyle blog. I love everything that her blog represents: living healthy, having fun, & most importantly supporting other women. Two years ago, Conrad helped launch The Little Market, an online marketplace designed to empower & employ women artisans around the world. Buyers can purchase beautifully handcrafted products made by these women from around the globe, thus enabling them to support their families in return.
  • Kim Kardashian West: [insert eye-roll here] YES I’m completely aware that most of you, if not all, are beyond disappointed that I’ve listed Miss Kardashian as one of my inspirations but it’s true. Like it or not, she is a marketing GENIUS! I recently watched an interview Kardashian gave at the Code Mobile conference where she spoke on the power & influence that social media has on business & marketing. I love that Kim explained how she uses Twitter as an online “focus group”; she’ll ask her fans which perfume bottle they would prefer for her new launch or which patterns they would rather purchase for an upcoming clothing line. I mean, seriously talk about knowing & understanding your market. She goes directly to the source & I love that. Kim goes even further with fans by scheduling weekly, one-on-one, video chats with subscribers to her website, often asking them what they would like to see on her blog & what she can improve on. Sorry friends, but you’ve got to respect this girl’s hustle & determination to please her market.

4. Aside from blogging & health, what do you do in your spare time?  

I LOVE getting up to the cottage literally any chance I can get. It’s so peaceful up there & I love being outdoors… even during the winter! I actually think that I might prefer the winter up there. My boyfriend, family & I often go snowshoeing or cross country skiing & it’s one of my absolute favourite times. The crisp, fresh air is amazing! That coupled with a hot fire, amazing book, & tea = my idea of heaven.

I also do love being in the city & spending time with friends & family. My ideal night with friends is probably a night in & catching up over dinner.

Last but certainly not least… I am a major, hardcore basketball fan!!! When I was little, my dad & I used to go to Raptors games about once a month! We had our routine down pat; same restaurant, same food, same seats & most importantly NEVER leave a game early! Cardinal rule. To this day, I still  love my Raptors!! Sorry to my fellow Canadians, but I’m not so much of a hockey fan!!

5. What does the future hold for Healthy, Happy & Hilarious?

I would love to continue to expand HHH & add more regular contributors. I want this to be a space with several different & unique voices that have a united passion for health & wellness. This is definitely something that I’m always thinking about!! Literally always.

I’m also continuously looking for new ways to add interesting content that’s more interactive & exciting for all of you guys… so please let me know what YOU would like to see more (or less) of! The priority is always you & I try my best to figure out what would be of most value to you as readers.

In terms of this specific “Interview Series”, for the 2016 year I’ll be focusing on showcasing women who have launched start-ups in the health & wellness industry. I think that it’s so incredibly important to support other women & this is something that you’ll start to see even more of on HHH… get excited!!!

Is there anything else you want to know about me?!




  1. Ash Dwight November 17, 2015 at 12:15 am - Reply

    Your blog looks great, Brit! It was so nice to read this interview and I think this is the perfect career path for you!

    • Brit Linton November 17, 2015 at 4:31 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much Ash!!!

      That means a lot! 🙂 Such good memories from the good ol’ synchro days! Hope that all is well with you!


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