2018 Beach Reads

“My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt”


I’m very particular when it comes to my summer beach reads. I have absolutely zero tolerance for reading about things that are smart sounding, how to better myself as a person, further my career or lead a fulfilling, authentic life. Nope… that’s what my cold, dark winters are reserved for… & who am I kidding probably not even then to be honest. Regardless, when it comes to my summer reads I require all things rich, famous, scandalous, murderous & everything superficial. Why? Because they’re juicy, they’re amazing & summer simply wouldn’t be the same without ’em. 

7 Books You NEED to Read this Summer!

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In a Cottage in a Wood – by Cass Green

One word: eerie. I thought that Green did a fantastic job of peppering her first novel with these wonderfully subtle “occurrences” that became increasingly unsettling for the reader/observer – you’ll know exactly what I mean when you read this book! Essentially our main character Neve encounters a distressed woman named Isabelle late one night on Waterloo Bridge. Out of nowhere Isabelle forces a package into Neve’s hands before immediately jumping to her death in the icy Thames river. What was in the parcel? Isabelle left Neve her cottage in Cornwall BUT this seemingly charming cottage turns out to have a seriously sinister backstory. Some may feel like this book is a little bit slow – I personally enjoyed the build up & her writing style – but the ending is worth it!

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Bachelor Nation – by Amy Kaufman 

Dear Bachelor Nation fans: this is the book you never knew that you needed in your life. If you’re looking to completely turn your perspective of The Bachelor upside down then THIS is your answer. What goes on behind the scenes, former producer & contestant testimonials, how producers get girls to bring the drama – spoiler alert: they used to track their periods in order to garner more emotion – & so much more! There were a few chapters I considered to be on the slower/more boring side of things toward the beginning (I wanted to skip a chapter or two quite frankly) but overall I thoroughly enjoyed getting the inside scoop on my second favourite reality series. Kardashians are number one obviously.

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Murder House – by James Patterson & David Ellis

Every summer I strive to read at least one novel that is set in the Hamptons… mostly because DUH SUMMER, but also because novels centred around the Hamptons are practically guaranteed to be juicy & scandalous. I’ve only JUST started reading this James Patterson book but I can already tell that I’m going to be very much into it. The premise is essentially this: a multi-million dollar beach front property is home to a series of unsolved murders that go back YEARS; the house becomes abandoned, that is until a Hollywood couple decides to move in & is…. surprise, surprise… murdered. I mean the title pretty much speaks for itself.

What I love about Patterson novels is that his chapters are typically anywhere between 3-5 pages long MAX so it makes for easy, mindless reading that STILL manages to pack a powerful punch.

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Rich People Problems – by Kevin Kwan

I live for this series! Rich People Problems is the third (& final) instalment of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. If you haven’t read the first two books of this series I’m going to go ahead & suggest that you STOP reading this blog & immediately go to Amazon to purchase both Crazy Rich Asians & China Rich Girlfriend FIRST. You are then invited to revisit this post in a couple of weeks. I have YET to read Rich People Problems but it’s absolutely next on my list! This novel takes place two years after China Rich Girlfriend in New York City with the oh-so-happily married Nick & Rachel. They’re informed that Nick’s grandmother has recently had a heart attack so they travel back to Tyersoll Park so that Nick can make amends with his grandmother before she passes (& so that he can potentially inherit all of that MONEY that his family is fighting over!). Rich people drama obviously ensues.

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The Woman in the Window – by A.J. Finn 

So I’m told that this has a Gone Girl meets The Girl on the Train sort of vibe & this makes me VERY happy. I mean Stephen King himself said that this book is “unputdownable” & I’m not one to ever go against the word of the all mighty, literal “King” of Horror & Supernatural Fiction writing. I trust that it’s good. Quick synopsis: Anna has been confined to her home for the last 10 months; her only connection to the outer world is her window, where she sits all day & watches her neighbours. Anna is drawn to her new neighbours, the Russells, & views them as a  picture-perfect family of three. Here’s where it gets juicy… One evening, Anna hears a scream & she witnesses something no one was supposed to see.

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Single State of Mind – by Andi Dorfman 

I honestly prefer Dorfman’s Single State of Mind over It’s Not Okay; her writing definitely felt more grown up & confident in her latest read & each time I picked up the book it felt like I was conversing with a close girlfriend over cocktails. I thought that was a great accomplishment for Andi as a writer – I felt like this was the angle she was going for & she totally, totally nailed her audience! I loved following her escapades with men across the literal country & I can completely appreciate & admire her confidence & take no prisoners attitude. It was definitely a fun read! My only complaint (& I said this about the first one too) is that I feel like she is trying a bit too hard to sound Carrie Bradshaw-esque.

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The Perfect Stranger – by Megan Miranda 

I’m pretty darn excited to read The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda! The last book I read of hers – All The Missing Girls – was so fantastic & unique; she wrote it backwards (think Memento) so you actually start reading the story from the “ending” & work your way back to the “beginning”. SO COOL. Needless to say – I can’t wait to see what she does with The Perfect Stranger! Quick synopsis: recently fired from her job as a journalist at the Boston Paper, Leah Stevens is looking for a fresh start in a small town with her old roommate Emmy. No less than a week after their move, a woman resembling Leah is left for dead near by and Emmy goes missing. The police turn their attention toward Leah as the prime suspect & the only way for Leah to prove her innocence is to find Emmy. But here’s the catch… what if Emmy never existed at all? DUN DUN DUN!

What are you reading this summer?




  1. Laura May 14, 2018 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    oooh these look AMAZING!!!!
    I’m with you, my summer reads are much less about self growth and more about what goes best with my cold margarita on the deck at the cottage…
    1) Nora Roberts “Bride Quartet” – ESPECIALLY this year!
    2) Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
    3) Fionavar Tapestry
    4) As many Agatha Christies and Archie Comics as I can get my hands on!

    Laura @ successesandmesses.com

    • Brit Linton May 15, 2018 at 9:29 am - Reply

      YES! I completely agree haha – I am so excited for the Long Weekend simply because it gives me time to read by the lake!

      I will have to check out your recos! Thanks!

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