4 Ways to Get Your “Winter Glow” On

“Dear winter, I’m breaking up with you. I think it’s time I start seeing other seasons”


So we technically haven’t even hit winter yet, but judging by the plethora of Facebook posts I know that a TON of you are already over this cold weather!! Although bathing suits, shorts & sandals may be a bit of a distant memory, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your summer glow has to fade as well. A couple of months ago I got a few requests to do a post on maintaining a “faux winter glow” using organic & natural products! So I’ve complied a short list of quick tips that you can use to get your glow on all winter long!

How to Achieve that Winter Glow – Green Your Beauty Routine 

For those of you that have been following along with me from the very beginning, you’ll know that I used to be a “fake n’ bake” queen (worst decision ever.. please never do this). Going to a tanning salon is most definitely NOT the answer when it comes to achieving a healthy winter glow, so today we’re talking about organic & natural sunless options to keep you feeling fabulous, even on the chilliest of days! Side Note: if you haven’t read my post on sun safety, please check it out here!  

1.Eating a Well-Balanced Diet, Staying Active & Getting Enough Sleep:

  • This my friends is by FAR the most crucial & important step if you want that glow… it’s also the most cost-effective step too :P! Laying the foundation for healthy, glowing skin through balanced living & sufficient sleep habits is absolutely KEY.
  • Which nutrients make your skin glow?! 
    • Vitamin A  (for dewy, even-toned skin) – sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli etc.
    • Vitamin E (helps combat dry, flaky skin) – nuts, asparagus, broccoli etc.
    • Flavanoids (for a glowing appearance) – citrus fruits, kale, berries etc.
  • In terms of the sleep department… here’s my three cardinal rules!
    • NEVER bring work or school into the bedroom! You’ll start to associate this space with stress, which is no bueno if you want to drift off into a soothing slumber.
    • Leave the T.V./computer in the family room. The light emitted off of these devices can affect the release of your sleep hormone, melatonin!
    • Spritz some lavender essential oils onto your pillow case… it’s heaven! 

 2.Organic or Natural Airbrush Tanning:

  • OrganicTan Canada – ever heard of an airbrush tanning party?! Me neither. BUT I think that it would actually be so much fun… I’m envisioning satin robes, champagne & strawberries! OrganicTan Canada is a mobile airbrush tanning company that specializes in customized packages for individual/personal maintenance, fitness models, weddings & spray tan parties!! Their products are hypoallergenic & paraben/alcohol/fragrance-free, while using organic ingredients & an anti-cellulite formula!

3.Organic or Natural Bronzers:

  • Saint Cosmetics – A couple of months ago, holistic beauty blogger & Naturopathic intern Erica Grenci raved about the Saint Cosmetics bronzer in our Eco-Friendly beauty toolkit series! Here’s what she said about this organic & completely chemical-free line:

“It was only when I tried the line though that I was completely blown away by the high quality of their products and gorgeous pigments. For one, their bronzer is simply perfection. It goes on like a velvety smooth glow, without looking cakey or clogging your pores.”

          Saint Cosmetics offers three different varieties of bronzer: glowing halo, heaven sent & on cloud 9.

  • RMS Beauty – an organic cosmetics line developed by Rose-Marie Swift after she experienced health issues related to toxic levels of heavy metals in her blood (accumulated over several years of working in the cosmetics industry). The RMS buriti bronzer is an ultra-sheer, glowing, cream product that vows to stay away from the traditional orange & pink varieties currently lining the shelves, instead opting for a natural, sun-kissed appearance.

4.Organic or Natural Self Tanners:

  • Arbonne Made in the Shade – I personally use this self tanner whenever I have an upcoming event or social gathering! My absolute favourite part about Arbonne’s self tanner is that I don’t look like a carrot!! It gives you a really nice, natural bronzed glow that I absolutely LOVE! I don’t use self tanner often (mostly just for the odd special occasion or weekend), so I actually STILL have the bottle I bought about two years ago!
  • True Natural – voted by Elle Magazine as “Best Green Beauty Products 2015”, this organic & natural self tanner offers another non-toxic way to achieve a winter glow! The result? A nice sun-kissed glow… sans the typical fake tanner smell.

How do YOU achieve a winter glow?!



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