Au Naturel Shower Favourite: Oneka

“Taking forever in the shower because you like to stand there… just thinkin’ about life”


Showering at the cottage is somewhat of a foreign concept, & a mundane task such as bathing will likely only be reserved for high emergency situations. So high, in fact, that I cannot even think of a situation so dire that would warrant having to pull myself from any given cottage activity just to carry out such a non-essential task. I mean, why shower when I have this perfectly good glass of pinot in one hand & great book in the other? It’s only been six days laying out in the sweltering heat…. I’m sure I can fester in my own filth for just one  day longer. Ask any cottager…. I can one hundred percent guarantee that this is a legitimate thought that goes through their head. HOWEVER, when I DO shower up North, I like to utilize products that work to protect our fragile environments.

Go GREEN at the Cottage! 

Cottaging/camping is honestly just what literal dreams are made of. Well perhaps not camping, I’m honestly way too much of a princess & that kind of unmerciful, harsh environment is just a bit too “rustic” for my liking. I like my bed soft, my toilets flushing & a steady stream of constant communication in the form of  Instagram Newsfeed Updates readily available at my fingertips at all times… what can I say? At least I’m aware right?! Plus I gave it a chance TWICE I swear. But, ironically enough, whilst lakeside & obviously scrolling the ‘gram, I noticed that a good majority of you quite like this activity so I thought I’d hop up on that good ol’ camping bandwagon & throw it into the mix as well. Because inclusion & also because yolo.

SO now that we’ve all collectively established that cottaging/camping (wink, wink) is just the actual best… what exactly is it that we love so much about it? Id wager that a good majority of us would say that we love to get in touch with nature & marvel at just how beautiful this great country of ours truly is! Which, not to be a major “negative nancy” or anything, is kind of ironic considering that both cottaging & camping can at times lend itself to some pretty environmentally damaging behaviours!

Now, seeing as how we are one hundred percent immersed in all things nature when cottaging/camping, it’s incredibly important to be extra mindful of the products we use while up in the Great White North…. specifically when dealing with cottages or campgrounds that only have outdoor showers!

Insert: Oneka Personal Care Products 

Oneka’s Personal Care Products

Oneka was born out of a desire to help protect our water ecosystems – in fact the name itself – Ohne:ka – literally translates to water! Their hair care products are made with certified organic ingredients & natural botanicals (harvested from their own organic & sustainable farm no less) that start Biodegrading within 48 hours! ** It’s important to note here that the term “biodegradable” means products have about a 6 month window to decompose – so compare this to the mere 48 hours it takes for Oneka products to do the same!

Not to mention…. their products are free from sulphates, phosphorus, synthetic fragrances & just about every chemical ingredient in the book. Yaaaas for Oneka.

MY personal favourite would have to be the Sage & Cedar variety!! I mean… I actually do not think you can even get a more “cottage” scent than that! It has this fantastic rustic smell – one that, before Oneka, I couldn’t even fathom being a scent I’d even WANT for my shampoos & conditioners! But it works as a scent & is amazing to boot! Andrei literally could NOT stop smelling my hair! LOL! AND more importantly – their products make my hair FEEL & LOOK great… in my oh so humble opinion 😛


So… what are some of your favourite biodegradable shampoos & conditioners?!



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