Bachelorette Guide: New Orleans

“There’s certain things in life that I love. One is architecture. And music, culture, food, people. New Orleans has all of that.”

Lenny Kravitz

Ditch the kale smoothies & perhaps a small portion of your dignity (mandatory for Bachelorette’s & double mandatory for Bourbon Street; but like… in a postive way), because I’m talking Big Easy Bachelorette vibes on the blog today!!! If you do plan on venturing down to our friends in the South anytime soon – Side Note: MAJOR emphasis on friendly, you’ll meet some of THE nicest people there – you NEED to read my tips & tricks on visiting the Jazz Capital of the good ol’ U S of A! Enjoy!

Tips & Tricks: NOLA Bachelorete Guide

What to Eat: 

For Beignets:

Image Source: Cafe Beignet

Cafe Beignet: Ever since we booked the NOLA trip, I’d basically been salivating nonstop over the thought of eating beignets at Cafe du Monde – for no other reason besides the sole fact that Kim Kardashian once went there on KUWTK, & therefore I also needed to go there (duh, obviously).

Little did I know that Cafe du Monde is quite possibly THE most popular establishment on the entire East Coast, with lineups comparable to those involving overly-excitable, sugar-ridden children at Magic Kingdom. I can’t seem to remember Kim K standing in any line on KUWTK, but whatever, I guess she’s kind of a big deal… Alas, my utter disdain for lines far outweighs my love for Kimberly K (which is saying A LOT), so I therefore abandoned all hopes & dreams of Cafe du Monde & opted for beignets down the street at a quaint little spot, aptly titled: Cafe Beignet.

Image Source: Cafe Beignet

I mean, I’m no beignet connoisseur… but my GOODNESS those things were good! Each order comes with three (so I suggest you split) of donut-esque, powdered sugar amazingness! Also, would highly recommend washing those bad boys down with their iced coffee!! Seriously best iced coffee I’ve EVER HAD!

Snaps for no lines, & even more snaps for Cafe Beignet!!!!

For Breakfast: 

Toast: one of the girls got this reco from our Uber Driver.. honestly, bless this man & his taste in breakfast food items. OMG if you go to NOLA you one hundred percent NEED to go to Toast & order absolutely everything on their menu; & to be honest, it’s so well priced, it wouldn’t even cost you THAT much, & your tummy would be the happiest of organs… I’m not even lying!!! Biscuits, breads & custards are all made in house daily; it’s some of the freshest, tastiest bread you’ll ever try. I got the breakfast sandwich (egg, bacon, & cheese on a cheddar biscuit), but our whole group ordered a variety of things & we all shared; highly recommend doing this!

I think this might have actually been our favourite spot to eat throughout the whole trip!

For Lunch: 

Image Source: The Official New Orleans Travel Site

Johnny’s Po-boys: Cheap, fast, fresh, delicious. I’ve been wanting to try this Southern style equivalent of a submarine sandwich since forever ago, & I’m very happy to report that my very FIRST experience was in an old-school, 60 year plus New Orleans establishment. There’s no frills & it’s a cash only type of place…. but that kind of adds to the whole charm of the po-boy experience! I got pastrami (amazing), but I kind of wish I opted for the shrimp just because that is SO classic!

Image Source: The Official New Orleans Travel Site

For Dinner:

Hire A Private Chef: This will likely be the best decision you ever make during your trip. When I was looking into dinner reservations for Saturday night, I was essentially SOL due to our trip coinciding with NOLA college graduation dates. Turns out this was a total blessing in disguise because I opted to hire a private chef for the evening to come to our Airbnb & prepare a traditional southern meal!! It was freakin’ AMAZING.

Here’s the menu that Chef Amy from the Vegabond Chef prepared for us; using all local New Orleans ingredients…. brace yourselves:

  • pulled pork tacos with apple slaw, cornbread with honey butter, fried chicken and waffles with a spicy maple syrup sauce, sweet potato hash with chorizo sausage, collard greens, and five bottles of wine.


The best part? This was totally, totally, totally cost effective (we absolutely would have spent more going out to a nice restaurant) AND we got to pick Chef Amy’s brain about how she prepared the foods, what else to see in Nola etc etc etc.

Not to mention, this was also our first night in New Orleans, so it was a great way to settle into our new diggs too!! Plus it gave the bridesmaids & I an opportunity to decorate the little dining area of our Airbnb & made it SUPER “Bachelorette“, so that was really so much fun also!

I mean, can we all just kind of collectively agree that I’m the best? My MOH services are officially up for purchase. [no sarcasm].

La Petite Grocery: I’m honestly going to say one thing about this place, & one thing only… get the freakin macaroni & cheese – it’s cheesy, it’s delicious, it’s topped with cornbread & it’s been living in my dreams ever since I’ve returned home.

Image Source: La Petite Grocery

What to Do: 

Bar Hop Bourbon Street: I’m sure that locals are absolutely cringing at this suggestion because Bourbon Street is tourist central (we were told that all of the cool, hip locals opt for Frenchman Street). However I feel like for your NOLA experience to be truly, one hundred percent authentic… you must, must, must bar hop along Bourbon Street for one night at LEAST! PSA: if you’re a family of four looking to visit NOLA, please for the sake of your child’s innocence disregard this suggestion. Let’s just say that apparently the whole “bead tradition” isnt just a Mardi Gras isolated thing…. like I saw ALL of the body parts that night.

Sorry for the “blurriness” of these photos – they’re screen grabs of my Insta Story!! I just wanted to show you guys how PACKED & crazy Bourbon Street is! So much fun!

Regardless, it’s so fun & it’s so wild, it just has to be experienced once!

Walk the French Quarter: I DIE for the balconies & galleries lining the streets of the French Quarter! They’re just absolutely beyond stunning. Not only is this entire neighbourhood of NOLA super aesthetically pleasing, it’s practically drenched in rich culture & history so a walking tour is a MUST! Because we went down for a Bachelorette Party, I booked us on an Aphrodisiac Tour where we delved into the romantic history of the French Quarter & got to taste different aphrodisiacs at each stop of the tour. I kind of sort of wish it was a bit more scandalous – simply because we were a Bachelorette – but it was fun regardless & I’m honestly 98.9% sure this tour is being discontinued anyways so I’m not even sure why I’m sharing this. Regardless – you DO need to do SOME form of walking tour of the French Quarter! It will be worth it!

Visit a Voodoo Shop: For me, one of the more appealing things about New Orleans is that it has this sort of fantastical, dark & mysterious undertone that is sort of always just lingering. Now this may not be for everyone, & I totally get that, but for me I really wanted to visit a voodoo shop & get that whole experience of a different side of New Orleans.

Each of these shops has shrines with candles where you have the opportunity to leave offerings or write messages to those in your life that have passed on – it’s really actually kind of beautiful. Some of the girls even got their cards read, & they each said it was a really amazing experience! I purchased a voodoo doll, whom I now affectionately carry around with me everywhere in my purse, for power & protection!

Cruise the Mississippi River: I mean, can you think of anything MORE charming?! Methinks not. There was no other time throughout this whole entire trip that I felt more “Southern Belle” than when we were aboard the Creole Queen steamship sipping on bottomless mimosas & gazing out on the Mississippi River. Yes… bottomless mimosasfor only 10 dollars. I think it’s safe to say that our group absolutely took advantage of that situation. This boat cruise will take you down the Mississippi history to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & the historic Chalmette Battlefield.

Tour a Cemetery: If I had one big regret of visiting the Big Easy, it would be that we didn’t tour a cemetery. I just felt like it wasn’t very “Bachelorette” but having now seen a couple of the cemeteries after driving through the city, it should definitely be at the very top of your NOLA bucket list! Because New Orleans is built on a swamp, the deceased must be buried above ground in these majestic, ornate tombs & mausoleums – it really is quite the site! I’m definitely happy that we got to view these ornate, decorative cemeteries from afar, but if you DO go to New Orleans, be sure to schedule a guided tour!

What’s on your New Orleans Bucket List?!



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