Balancing Love

Post by: Jamie Fairbairn, Holistic Nutrition Student

Happy lust month! First off, let’s give mega kudos to Brit for showing us so many different styles and ways to love this February!! February doesn’t have to be about cheesy, corny romance all of the time! Although who doesn’t (secretly!) dig some classic cheesy romance ;)… cue the love story!

Some News 

Admittedly, I have been super overwhelmed by lust, love, and everything in between lately. And what a great way to be overwhelmed! As a gal who recently became a FIANCÉ (!!!!) my whole world – Instagram account, Pinterest board, texts and emojis from friends – is sparkles, flowers, dresses, diamonds, and cupcakes galore! Am I the luckiest girl to be crazy in love and about to marry the man of my dreams? Duh, but what comes next? I’m not talking about “after the Honeymoon next” I’m talking about the now, during the engagement and before the wedding. May I please have sparkles and cupcakes all of the time?!

The Excitement

Never once do I remember planning my wedding as a young girl, but tons of my friends remember every detail of their childhood imaginations. From my experience these past 2 months, after the PROPOSAL (!!!) it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a pre-set wedding plan, carefully practiced and planned in my head since I was 5, because my whole world suddenly turned wedding. I signed up for Pinterest, made wedding dress appointments, celebrated over mimosas with the girls, and sat cross-legged with my morning coffee immersing myself in piles of wedding magazines searching for inspiration for the big day. How totally FUN!

The Love

Then, something funny happened. I woke up after a crazy fun week of celebrating the proposal and realized I had already forgotten the fundamental point of our engagement. Sure, there was still plenty of love between us and “The Excitement” was due to my new fiancé, however, none of it directly involved him. Cue my gilt! ‘Is he happy?’ ‘Does he want to be a part of the wedding stuff anyways?’ ‘Should we go on more dates?’ ‘Do we really need that monogrammed entrance carpet?’ … I really got into my own head.

The Reality

I think truly, the point I’m trying to share more than anything is how easy it was for me – with weddings being as big a business as they are – to become lost in the hype of it all. It took some time for me to match the excitement of the planning to the real, deep love and connection of the moment. I’m still striving to plan a dream wedding but the focal point of this whole process is us, together forever; not the planning and the business of it all. The balance is not always easy!

Love and lust are powerful emotions and I hope to feel all the feels and cherish them forever as I enter this new chapter of my life, focusing on the most important aspects first.

What kind of love is in your life right now? Are you focusing on the important aspects of the love, or have you been caught up in the hype of it as I have been? Let’s fight to get our balance back!

Lots of love,

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