Best Horror Movies on Netflix Canada Right Now

“I love how in scary movies the person yells out ‘hello?’ as if the killer is going to be like ‘yeah I’m in the kitchen, want a sandwich?”


Some people prefer romcoms, others like action films… I enjoy watching movies where masked serial killers slice & dice their way through small town America. Ever since I first watched ghost face utter “what’s your favourite scary movie” to an ill-fated Drew Berrymore in Scream – which is now ironically my all time favourite scary movie – at the tender age of 12 I’ve been seriously hooked à la I Know What You Did Last Summer. I mean, I freakin’ LOVE  horror movies. Call me twisted all you want… but I’d rather seek an adrenaline rush from the comfort of my own couch over hurling myself out of a plane with nothing more than a flimsy parachute for a lifeline. ANYWHO with Halloween swiftly approaching, ’tis the season for all things “Horror” so I thought I’d share some of my favourite horror movies that are streaming on Netflix Canada right NOW!

Creep And Creep 2

These two movies have a horrendous rating on Netflix Canada, but I honestly just feel like whomever scored them simply has poor taste in horror movies. It has a 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes & I feel like that is a much better represntation of these films. I actually prefer Creep 2 over Creep, but in order to fully appreciate the second movie you really should watch its former! The story is told through found footage of a cash-strapped videographer who is invited to a remote cabin by a super questionable client. What I love about these films is that they’re highly entertaining and have a comedic undertone (especially the second one) – giving off a very Wes Craven sort of vibe (whom I love dearly)!

The Invitation 

Slow burn, with lots of character & story development… just how I like ‘em! Plus it has a very indie vibe & that makes me feel smart & super cultured. The plot? Friends are invited to a dinner party in Hollywood Hills after having not seen each other for 2 years. I guess you could say that the overcooked food was the least of their problems. They’re seems to be so many intricate layers to this very eerie & tense film. I love when something feels very off putting but you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly that “something” is. The Invitation captures that beautifully!


Calibre is definitely not a horror movie in the traditional sense, but it’s intense, gripping scenes earn this thriller a MUCH deserved spot on this list! Hey – horror legend Stephen King is a major fan & that’s saying something! All I’m going to say about this film is two old college buddies go hunting for a weekend & everything goes TERRIBLY wrong. I implore you to go into this not watching the trailer because it will definitely lessen the suspense factor in a MAJOR way. AKA It’s filled with spoilers… DON’T DO IT!

The Visit

What a fun little surprise by M. Night Shyamalan! Two children go to stay with their grandparents to meet them for the very first time, & things get weird… FAST. This movie will make your palms sweat, your stomach lurch & will even get a little giggle out of you – the brother is surprisingly so hilarious. I love horror that combines the comedy factor with the fear factor – it’s so hard to tackle but if done correctly it’s horror GOLD!


This movie actually terrifies me! In fact any home invasion horror movie truly sends shingles up & down my spine – probably because it’s more likely to happen over some ghost wreaking havoc in my condo. The protagonist, Maddie is a deaf author, living my legit dream life in a remote cabin in the woods… that is until she is stalked by a masked killer (the mask is truly horrifying). It’s very much cat & mouse game, & this movie is a little bit reminiscent of The Strangers in a GREAT way because I’m also such a huge fan of that movie! It’s a quick, to the point, fear-inducing film which is just the perfect blend of all things horror.

The Ritual 

The Ritual is a not-so-subtle reminder of why I positively despise camping. There are things that will kill you literally EVERYWHERE. Four dudes go hiking/camping in the Scandinavean Mountians to celebrate the life of their friend who had passed away one year earlier. All seems to be going swimmingly until they learn that some “thing” (emphasis on “thing”, you’ll see why later) is preying on them.

The Babadock

Widowed mother, Amelia is still devestated by the loss of her husband & continues to struggle with her ill-tempered, out of control 6 year old son who is plagued by nightmares of The Babadock… a storybook monster! Or IS it just a storybook? Muahahaha… it’s a great watch, with an even deeper meaning!

What are some of your favourite scary movies streaming on Netflix right now?!



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