Campfire Essentials

“If only mosquitos sucked fat instead of blood”


During the months of May, June & sometimes early July – depending on the variable Northern weather temperaments – us Canucks suffer through immeasurable consequences of the insectoid variety just to sit & somewhat “enjoy” a campfire up at the cottage. In other words: it’s mosquito, horse fly & black fly season my friends. Campfires during mosquito season are very much a grin & bear it type of situation which I think speaks to the resilience & strength of the Canadian epidermal structure as a whole. I mean, I could quite literally be mistaken for a Chickenpox Patient at the moment but that won’t stop me from enjoying an overabundance of s’mores & spider dogs by the bonfire, dammit! SO… to help you make the most out of campfire season – despite pesky critters – I thought that I would share a few of my favourite campfire essentials with all of you today!

Here’s What You Need 

1. Kindness Matters Apparel – Mathew Madlyn

Cute, cottage fashion with a cause! I love the Kindness Matters apparel by Haliburton-based clothing brand Mathew Madlyn. Proceeds from apparel sales are donated back to anti bullying groups, initiatives and youth drop in centres. This particular hoodie is not available just YET but be sure to browse their online store HERE!

2. SmashMallow Marshmallows

You NEED to try SmashMallows like yesterday. I don’t even know how to accurately convey just how delicious these all natural marshmallows are – they come in so many fun & unique flavours like strawberries & cream, mint chocolate chip & root beer float. DROOL. Buy these bad boys & try out some of these fun fire pit desserts!

3. Printing Life “Oh Deer” Pillow & Gwenyth Throw

Despite the fact that it’s summertime, it can get quite cool around the campfire… so it’s important to bring along layers! I’m currently loving chunky knit throws & I think the Gwenyth Throw from Wayfair is simultaneously chic, yet very cottage & rustic! I also LOVE the “Oh Deer” pillows from Printing Life Canada & I feel like they would be the perfect addition to Muskoka Chairs!

4. Marshmallow Roasting Skewer

Well you’re going to need SOMETHING to roast all of your delectable fire pit foods on! I love that the handles of each of these marshmallow roasting skewers from Wayfair Canada are a different colour. This way you can easily distinguish which skewer is yours around the campfire!

5. Rock Bottom Vessel

OMG this Rock Bottom Vessel is life changing. My parents gifted this to me & I literally use it ALL the time. What I love about this vessel is that it’s so incredibly versatile! I use mine as a wine decanter OR I like to create really fun cocktails using the rock base. For example, if you’d like to make boozy hot chocolate for your campfire simply heat up the rock base in the oven for about 30 minutes, pour the boozy hot chocolate into the glass portion & place this into the hot rock bottom base. It will keep your cockatil nice & warm! Alternatively… you can stick the rock bottom base into the freezer if you’re looking to make cold cocktails!

What are some of your favourite campfire essentials?!



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