Create Time For Your Passions

“pas·sion /ˈpaSHən/ noun 1. strong and barely controllable emotion”

online dictionary

I’m so beyond excited to write this!!! Truthfully I’m not exactly sure where to even BEGIN with this post, but I’m sitting here writing this with the most happiest of hearts…. & perhaps a tear or two welled up in my tiny, little eyeballs. This past week has been an insane whirlwind filled to the brim with lots of really exciting, challenging & “pinch me” moments, of which I simply cannot wait to share with all of you! Because let’s be real, without you actually reading this… it would just be me, myself & this 10 [plus] year-old laptop, which tbh may or may not crash whilst I write this.

Choosing to Pursue My Passion

I’ve always said that this blog was a space for me to blend my passion for writing & holistic health together. I launched HHH while I was still in school, not entirely knowing where I wanted to go with it or what would become of this tiny, little online space that I had created for myself. All I knew was that writing was my passion & I wanted to explore it a bit more.

Each week, I’d strive for just one, simple article. I’d set aside a specific time that was dedicated solely to working on the blog & figuring out different ways to market myself ie: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, posting in online forums, Pinterest etc.

There were so many unexpected elements that came with whole “blogging” situation… namely photos! I’d literally JUST joined Instagram & knew absolutely NOTHING about taking photos, not to mention the whole world of “stock photos” was both confusing & scary to me at the time. Obviously I had to have some sort of visual component with each post so I had to figure out how to take a somewhat “professional looking” picture REAL quick…

However once I finally ploughed my way through all of the “blogging basics“, I was able to actually settle down & do what I love the most… write! Guys, I can honestly tell you that I have never felt more fulfilled in my entire life than when I’m writing those weekly posts! It seriously changed my entire sense of self! Despite writing for only a few hours a week, it was absolutely SO life-changing… I don’t know how to describe it other than simply being “happy”.

Flashforward two years & the blog is currently on the brink of something I never dreamed could be possible… well I DID dream it, I just assumed that’s what it would always be – a “dream”. I’m so very excited for all of you to see what we have in store over the next few months 🙂 Between collaborations, career changes & connecting with some pretty incredible people, there is truly so much to celebrate!

While I understand that there’s still a very long journey ahead, with many ups & downs I’m sure, I know that as long as I’m writing in some capacity or another I will always be happy.

Hold UP… Nothing Comes Easy

Now I also don’t want to give you the impression that this was an easy road sprinkled with pixie dust & filled with sunshine, unicorns & rainbows… because that is so far from the truth!

I’ve always felt like passion is a very complex emotion with varying depths & experiences, so when you want something soooooooo badly & it doesn’t quite come to fruition, there can also be a TON of anger. Over the last two years, there’s been so many tears, frustrations, doubts & questions which came up more than I’d like to admit!

There was one moment not too long ago that particularly stands out in my mind. I had just come home from an incredibly frustrating day, I felt like I had been working so hard & wasn’t making any progress with the blog… like I’d exhausted all efforts & there was nowhere for me to go. So I ultimately just cried.. for like an HOUR.. in my car. I called up my boyfriend – who side-note: seriously wins “best boyfriend of the year” award because he is the most supportive person & never lets me back down from anything I’m afraid of – & essentially vented for another hour!

Now this is where the flip side of passion comes into play again. I truly believe that it was my love for writing that pushed me to continue, despite feeling like a total & complete failure. Because whether or not I felt at a total loss, what made me feel better at the end of the day was writing… & there was no way that I was going to stop doing that! 

The Last Word

What I’m trying to convey here is simply to make time for your passion. Whether that be two hours every week to paint, or take ballet classes, or photography, or cooking lessons, or WRITE…. whatever makes you happy, go & DO IT! And while I realize that sometimes it’s simply not realistic to turn your passions into a career, I still believe that you should make time outside of your work-life to embrace what you love the most in some way, shape or form. Your heart will thank you for it.

What are your passions?



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