CycleBar’s Canadian Grand Opening

“You’re only one spin class away from a good mood”

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I am a bona fide “fitness class” connoisseur. Working out to a perfectly curated, 80’s rich playlist whilst executing various movements in complete synchronicity with a group of total & utter sweaty strangers is just my absolute jam. Side Note: I say this without any ounce of sarcasm whatsoever; I am one hundred & ten percent serious. So I’m sure that you can only imagine JUST how entirely excited I was when I was asked to attend the Canadian Grand Opening of CycleBar in Leaside a couple of weeks ago! BEST INVITE EVER!

#BTS: A Look Inside CycleBar’s Canadian Grand Opening

CycleBar is a unique spin class experience that combines strength (think hand weights!), endurance, drills & endurance… did I mention endurance? What was even more noteworthy of this particular ride was their utilization of CycleStats which measures both your daily & historical performance at the studio in terms of calories burned, heart rate, power, & RPM. Fun Fact: Your power levels are actually displayed on tv screens at the front of the studio during the last few moments of your spin class to encourage a little friendly competition amongst fellow riders. AKA. An obnoxiously competitive person’s – not unlike myself – absolute DREAM.

Our results/rankings were displayed on the above screens *** my apologies for this insanely blurry/grainy photo but to be honest, I was gasping for breath whilst shakily trying to snag a good snap. Not my finest multitasking moment.

Below is our class averages!

I LOVED this feature because I felt as though I really pushed myself in those last moments, where I would have otherwise totally cut myself a little bit of slack. To be COMPLETELY honest here, I cheat during spinning classes ALL THE TIME (don’t lie… you don’t always reach for that gear/knobby thingy either), whereas CycleStats completely kept me accountable & there was simply just no WAY, I was going to let myself come in last… not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉

Once the class is finished, your CycleStats results are sent directly to your inbox so that you’re able to track your progress! How cool is that?! It felt ultra futuristic – #LoveIt!

Anywho… below are a few snaps from this fabulous event!

Here are a couple of snaps of the studio itself! I was obsessed with the amphitheater feel of this space, & the lighting was incredible to say the least; the entire class is almost like a light show.

Note the hand bars below; weights & strength training were incorporated into this ride which was also a major bonus. I believe the saying goes… two birds, one stone?

Below is a group shot, post-ride! As I’m sure you can tell by my flushed cheeks & matted hair… I thought the ride was a TOTAL breeze 😉

On Q Communications & Cycle Bar Leaside hosted an incredible after-party to say the LEAST, with some absolutely amazing sponsors!

Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge just how ecstatic both Heather & I look to be receiving our alcoholic beverages, post-workout? But to be honest, they made us WERK for it!

This PARTICULAR beverage is a “ready-to-drink” sparkling vodka cocktail that contains no artificial flavours, no sweetener & no sugar! It is DELICIOUS & a fabulous alternative to those super sugary coolers! I loved it!

Some of the AMAZING swag from the night’s sponsors! I’m beyond excited to try some of these bad boys out! Particularly the Raw Foodz vegan salad dressings because I’ve only heard the absolute BEST things about them – so be sure to stay tuned for an update!

Also, special mention to Tonica Kombucha because this just so happens to be my honest to goodness, favourite kombucha on the face of the planet! I find that a lot of kombucha can carry quite a strong/pungent taste, however I die for this brand because it has a lovely light, yet incredibly flavourful, taste! Love everything about it!

Will YOU be trying out CycleBar Leaside?! They’re holding FREE spin classes ’til March 26th so be sure to try it out before then!!!



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