DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Nest

“Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself with $92 of craft supplies”


As some of you may know, Andrei & I recently moved into a condo together, & I have just been having the absolute BEST time in the world decorating & making it feel like our very own little home. BUT as a result of “said decorating activities“… I have undeniably broken the bank in every sense of the word (it was so worth it though)! And because Easter is just around the corner, & also because I have an obsession with all things holidays, I needed to get a little bit creative with the Easter decor situation this year & a recent trip to the cottage completely solved all of my pastel coloured conundrums. 

How To: Build Your Own Eco-Friendly Easter Egg Nest

Our condo has what I HOPE is a French Country sort of vibe, so I was looking for something a little more rustic in the decor department.  Side Note: I’m neither French, nor am I from the country, but I am really obsessed with that small town in Beauty & the Beast & I am nearly one hundred percent positive that qualifies an entire condo to be dedicated solely to French Country interior, no?!

Anywho – the point is that I wanted something that was in line with the current rustic decor (AKA something that didn’t SCREAM Easter as soon as you enter the space), yet still felt very festive & fun! Insert: A twig Easter Egg Nest!

This nest was super easy to create & took nearly zero time whatsoever – I think I spent a grand total of two hours working on this, including time spent collecting twigs around the cottage! Not to mention, it has the potential to be almost entirely Eco-friendly (with the exception of a few minor purchases here & there!). ENJOY!

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Twigs – roughly the same length (try collecting twigs of different colour and go for ones with interesting shapes!)
  • Shredded brown paper – you can either use shredded brown recycled paper (more environmentally friendly) or if you don’t have access – then simply purchase some! I purchased mine from Michaels!
  • Eggs – you can either dye your eggs naturally (last year I dyed my eggs utilizing different produce, ie. red cabbage & beets!) OR if you’re plant based, Michaels also has a great craftted egg selection!
  • Glue Gun


  1. The first thing you need to do is build your base! Do this by taking three twigs and creating a triangle. Once your satisfied with the shape of your triangle glue down the sticks.
  2. Repeat the above step about  four-five times, alternating the direction of the corners of your triangles for each layer. For example, if you have the corner of one triangle pointing North, the next layer of your triangle’s same corner should point North East – I really hope this makes sense! LOL – I am now realizing that I should have taken progress pics. Next time guys… sorry!!!!!! 
  3. Be sure to glue each layer down to the one previous
  4. Once you have about four-five layers of twig triangles, fill the centre with the brown shredded paper & place three eggs on top.
  5. Use any remaining twigs that you have to add more dimension & fill any empty spaces surrounding your nest!
  6. Let the nest sit while the glue dries!
  7. Place on a coffee table, kitchen counter or dining room table!

Will you be trying this out?!



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