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“She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, & you can see it in her eyes”


Although the past two “green beauty” posts have been all about the LIPS, I most certainly have not forgotten about those precious little peepers of yours!!! Eyes are often highly touted as the windows to our soul, so it makes perfect sense that we should pay special attention to them… I mean, that’s a SERIOUS responsibility to uphold!! So today, we’re talking how to accentuate those big, beautiful eyes!!  

Green Your Beauty RoutineSaint Cosmetics


As with the majority of our green beauty posts, we’re using all-natural & antioxidant cosmetic line Saint Cosmetics to achieve today’s looks! What makes Saint Cosmetics different? Using a blend of high-quality natural & organic ingredients, this cosmetic line is packed with beneficial skincare properties! Not to mention, 2% of all Saint Cosmetics’ profits support Interval House – a safe-haven for abused women with children. This is one cosmetics company with an incredible cause!

The Brows: 


Bolder = Better:

I love, love, LOVE bold brows & I’ve made that quite clear in past posts. Not that I necessarily have big, bold brows myself, but they’re always something that I most certainly aspire to attain (yes… I did just say that… #goals). I think that my undying obsession with bolder brows stems from a traumatizing “threading” experience I had in grade 8… they unfortunately turned out very “Ronald McDonald-esque”. For your reference, please click here. 

ANYWAYS, that’s all besides the point. These days, I try & sport a more “filled in” look using brow pencils or in certain circumstances… eye shadow! I personally think that bold brows can really help to give your face a good, solid structure & it makes for the most perfect statement (especially if you’re a less is more kinda gal in the makeup department). Saint Cosmetics carries 4 different eyebrow pencils in various shades which you can find HERE. 

Quick Tips: colour selection is KEY on this one!! Going too dark can look kind of awkward so be sure to inquire with a makeup artist prior to purchasing!

Use a Brow Brush with Hairspray:

Once I’ve successfully utilized my oh so trusty brow pencil, I like to tidy them up using brushes or combs! I typically spritz the brush/comb with a little bit of hairspray (to hold the brows in place) & lightly comb through each of them. This makes for a nice polished look.


Last step in the brow department is applying a smidgen of highlighter directly underneath the brow. I honestly have NO idea where I learned this from! If I had to guess, it would be from a makeup party I hosted for my birthday a while back! BUT I can say that I absolutely love this little trick… it totally helps to brighten the eyes! 

The Eyes: 


Natural Neutrals:

I tend to use neutral shadows on my lids because I feel like it helps to brighten up my eye! I typically dab my lids with a bit of concealer prior to applying the shadow – that helps to give it an even tone & makes the shadow last longer!

Using an eye-shadow brush, I apply evenly across the entire lid… using neutrals like this, this or THIS!  If I want something that’s a bit more dramatic for night, I use a slightly darker shade, like “Addicted to Love” by Saint Cosmetics in the crease!

Quick Tips: If using a couple of different shades on the lids, be sure to blend WELL for a cohesive, smooth look.

Bold, Slick Lines:

I am seriously SO obsessed with this liquid liner from Saint Cosmetics! The applicator is very thin which makes for slick, bold, even lines.

The ways in which you can line your eyes are positively endless & each style can dramatically change the shape of your eye (thin lines, thick lines, above the lash line, under the lower lash line etc). I personally apply liner so that it follows the natural shape of my eye, but there are so many different ways to do this so try & experiment with what works best on your own eyes!

Quick Tips: To make your your eyes really POP & appear larger, line your inner, lower rim with white liner pencil! Thanks to one of my Western roomies for hooking me up with this absolutely AMAZING tip!

Full Lashes:

I think that any girl could agree that mascara is simply life-changing. To me, it’s the single piece of makeup that I wouldn’t be able to live without… mascara finishes the entire look! To achieve full lashes, I typically use two-three coats of mascara; this makes my eyeballs look HUGE… & pretty 🙂 Saint Cosmetics carries mascara called, “Lucky Stiff“!

What are some of your favourite eye makeup tips?!


*** Disclaimer: This post contains discussion of products that were given to me by Saint Cosmetics. It is a sponsored post. I have previously tried products from Saint Cosmetics myself and can recommend based on personal experience.


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