Enchanted Forest Ice Cream Social

“Ice cream is not a word, ice cream is an emotion”


It has been a freakin’ MINUTE. To say that this past month has been busy would be a gross understatement. I’m literally squeezing this blog in at 11pm tonight (yesterday for you avid readers) & am simply hoping & praying to the Blog Gods that the below excuse for a post is somewhat decipherable. This Enchanted Forest Ice Cream Social was seriously supposed to go out WEEKS ago, but I got a tad busy chasing/realizing my dreams & I feel like that’s a pretty okay excuse to hold off on a post that hinges primarily on the intricacies of frozen treats & twinkling string lights. Side Note: OMG I HAVE SO MISSED THIS BLOGGING THING. Okay so without further ado (also, mostly because I’m actually just running out of time) below is my guide to an Enchanted Forest Ice Cream Social! 

What You Need to Host an Enchanted Forest Ice Cream Social

Vintage Parlour Signs

I’ve recently come to the realization that I’m very much a fan of anything & everything nostalgic (drive-ins & mini putt are my jam), so these vintage parlour signs were a no-brainer when putting together this post! Visit a nearby antique or thrift store to try your luck, or simply browse the internet for printable parlour signs & place those in frames throughout your ice cream display. I’m actually kind of obsessed with the idea of having the above image blown up & framed! You can find this exact image HEREit’s free for commercial use & no attribution is required!

Antique Ice Cream Cart

Okay but is this not the loveliest thing you have ever seen? I’M OBSESSED. There are SO many party & special event rentals in the city of Toronto that would be able to cater to this very specific need. Browse whats available in your surrounding area & get quotes! This cart is literally THE focal point of your Enchanted Forest Ice Cream Social so it’s integral that you find one that really pulls your theme together. I also love how unexpected & totally whimsical this cart feels in the middle of the forest! Upon doing a VERY quick internet search I discovered Mr. Wilson Mobile Ice Cream Co. & I feel as though this is super promising!

Image Credit – The Handmade Home

Twinkling String Lights

String lights evoke feelings of whimsy & enchantedness (I’m thinking that this is not a word, but YOLO), AKA they are a must at your Enchanted Forest Ice Cream Social.  I also love the idea of hanging lanterns on tree branches too! DREAMY!!!!!

Golds, Colour & a Dash of Bohemian

I love this vibrant, playful colour scheme for an ice cream social table setting. It feels very fun, whimsical & a little bit Bohemian too which I think is actually a wonderful contrast to the vintage ice cream cart & parlour signs! Can you not just envision this setting on a long picnic or harvest table in the middle of the woods?

Ice Cream… DUH

Obviously your ice cream social needs ice cream! This Cherry Gelato is seriously BOMB! It’s Andrei’s recipe & it is one of our absolute FAVOURITES! You can find the recipe HERE! Let me know if you give it a try!

What would you add to your ice cream social?!



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  1. Galit August 31, 2018 at 5:06 am - Reply

    So good! Just LOVE this theme. Thanks for sharing Brit!

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