Essentials: Scandinave Spa in Blue Mountain

“Great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment”


I did it. I finally realized my life long dream of receiving a rubdown at the Scandinave Spa last week. It was everything I imagined it would be & so much more! Andrei practically had to pull my nearly comatose body from the Eucalyptus Steam Room because there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was going to leave that place on my own free will. It was pure magic – everything from the massage to the saunas to the hot baths & EVEN the cold plunges (which yes I TOTALLY did… multiple times!) was absolute perfection. I would go back in a freakin’ heartbeat, but there are definitely some things that I would bring with me next time to enhance my Scandinave experience just that much more!

7 Things You NEED to Bring to the Scandinave Spa 

  • Your Own Robe –Fact: you can rent robes from the Scandinave Spa for $12 for the duration of your visit. Also Fact: there is a very high probability that this robe rental WILL get stolen by an unknowing fellow Spa Patron. All the robes look the EXACT same, so to avoid stewing in someone else’s sweaty, wet robe juices for the entirety of your otherwise extraordinarily whimsical spa day, bring your own distinguishable robe! And PS. This is by no means fault of the Spa… it’s mankind’s fault & our collective short term memory issues – or rather, should I say peoplekind? 
  • Water Bottle –we were told on numerous occasions by friends of ours to bring our own water bottles yet miraculously, we still managed to not bring a water bottle of any kind. BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE! You will sweat… lots! It’s important to stay hydrated & even though water fountains are littered throughout the grounds, it’s nice to have your very own supply just purely for convenience sake.
  • Flip Flops – Scandinave one hundred percent makes it very clear that you should absolutely bring flip flops for your visit! Welp… me being me – I completely just flat out forgot (starting to see a pattern here?) so I went sans flippy floppy’s for the entire day! Now to be completely honest here, I tend to sway a little more on the “gross, non-hygienic” side of things so this honestly did not bother me whatsoever, however I can see how this would affect the normalized general population. So be sure to bring flip flops because you will be walking outside & through change rooms LOTS!
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – Scandinave provides shampoo & conditioner in their showers – you know in those little pumpy, dispenser things – but I always like bringing my own toiletries just because I’m a devote adherent to stringent routines & that’s just how I roll. You will absolutely need to cleanse your body apres gettin’ your sweat on all day so you might as well use your favs!!! What NOT to bring? They have AMAZING naturally-derived body lotions in the change rooms for you to use & if you’re ALSO getting a massage they gift you with your own Lavender Body Wash which is just perfection. So to recap: BRING your own shampoo & conditioner; do NOT bring body wash & lotion!
  • Facial Serum – I didn’t want to muck up my pores with a heavy face cream after they had been wonderfully cleansed via multiple steam sessions, so I brought my favourite, lightweight, hydrating facial serum from Sibu along with me! If you have a great lightweight serum you should absolutely bring it & apply it to your face once your spa session ends!
  • A Separate Bag For Your Wet Bathing Suit – I did not bring a separate bag for my wet bathing suit & it was a serious dilemma (First World Problems)! I managed to pat dry it with my towel to a somewhat acceptable level BUT sadly it did dampen up the innards of my TNA bag… sadsies!!
  • Books or Magazines – Scandinave has these wonderful Quiet Rooms throughout the grounds where you can essentially go to nap, read, meditate etc. I am one hundred percent NOT a meditation kinda gal – I’m way too fidgety, which probably means I need it – but I really wished I had brought a book with me because it would have been lovely to take advantage of these spaces & read in between sweat, steam & tub sessions! If you do bring a book, be sure to keep it in a small bag that you can bring around with you throughout the day!

Have you been to the Scandinave Spa? What are some of your tips & tricks?!




  1. Candice February 16, 2018 at 3:29 am - Reply

    Great post! I’m heading to the Scandinave spa this weekend, so this list is quite helpful! Xo

    • Brit Linton February 16, 2018 at 2:25 pm - Reply

      Thank-you so much Candice! I hope that you have a great time and that these tips come in handy – I seriously did NOT want to leave haha – already planning my next trip there!!!

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