Fabulous Face Masks

“People sometimes need to laugh, relax, and not take themselves so seriously”

– Jones Loflin

So as you know, this month we’re all about embracing vacation mode & everything that comes with it… particularly the whole relaxation side of things! Which in my opinion is the absolute MOST important part! I mean what’s a vacation without a little relaxation am I right?! Thus far we’ve covered some of our favourite vacation reads & relaxing bath products, so today we thought we’d go over another vacation essential… face masks! Holistic Nutritionist Connie Linton & I have put together a short list of some of our personal, favourite products/masks & have arranged them according to price (from highest to lowest). ENJOY!

1. Tata Harper Skincare

Connie’s Pick: 

Connie discovered Tata Harper Skincare through fellow Holistic Nutritionist, Tara Miller! Miller owns Muskoka & Toronto-based, natural lifestyle shop The Health Hut, which sells nearly every single “healthy essential” you could POSSIBLY imagine… truly a health nut’s DREAM! One of the products that The Health Hut happens to sell is Tata Haper Skincare! What Connie loved about the Tata Harper line, aside from being 100% natural & non-toxic, was that her “whole bathroom smelled like a spa” & that her skin “just wanted more & more“! Connie purchased the discovery kit & is a huge fan of the resurfacing mask!

For more on Tata Harper click here! ALSO, you have to take a peek at their certified organic, Harper Family Farm where they grow their own botanicals & ingredients for their skin care line! How amazing is that?!

2. Graydon Products – Clinical Luxury by Nature 

Connie’s Pick:

“I met Graydon about 4 years ago when I sold my home-made, organic & vegan granola! At the time, Graydon was selling a cool line of skincare products named after her; Graydon – Clinical Luxury by Nature…. such a fabulous name! I was especially drawn to the product called The Green Cream, Salad for your Skin. I LOVED the name & I definitely wasn’t disappointed by the product either; infused with broccoli, avocado, coconut, olive, aloe, & fresh herbs… it literally feels like a salad on your skin! Since meeting Graydon, her line has expanded & I couldn’t be more delighted!”

This amazing line has everything from face masks, to creams, to shampoos, to sprays! Click here to find out more about Graydon’s products!

3. Elóre Naturals, Dead Sea Mud Mask

Brit’s Pick: 

I LOVE this product! Elóre Naturals, Dead Sea Mud Mask was formulated by Homeopath & Natural Health Expert Ali Ramadan. Fun Fact of the day: Ali & I connected through Instagram only to discover that we both graduated from the same school… such a small world! His line of masks come in two blends, both of which are made from 100% pure dead sea mud:

  • Unscented – Dead Sea Mud Mask
  • Aloe Blend – Sensitive Blend

I’ve personally only tried the Aloe Blend, but I am absolutely obsessed with how it makes my skin feel! Soft, smooth, hydrated, CLEAN… I seriously made my parents touch my face at least 10 times I was so impressed with the texture! 

Want to know even more about what dead sea mud can do for your skin?! Click HERE!

4. DIY

Brit’s Pick: 

I’m a total DIY groupie so some of my personal favourite masks have to be the ones that I’ve tried at home… not to mention they’re totally fun to make too! Here’s a couple of my favourites that I’ve tried out in the past! I’ve always just sort of “guestimated” the proportions based on how I like the texture & consistency!

  • ground oatmeal mixed with honey & a splash of lemon juice or water – I find the ground oats are great for exfoliating! Be sure to really grind up the oats.. once or twice I’ve been lazy & the chunky, gooey oats on my face were NOT a good look!
  • mashed avocado – makes my skin feel smooth & hydrated.. this one’s also great as a hair mask! BONUS because you can eat the 1/2 avocado that you never used 😛 

Another major plus about DIY face masks are the minimal cost & ingredients! You literally know everything that goes into your own DIY!

What are some of YOUR favourite face mask products/recipes?!

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